Bigotry: Judging a book by its cover

I just love it when other humans try to explain the United States Constitution to me.  I’m always open to discussion but the speaker must have an inkling of credibility, at least on the subject, with which I am about to be “enlightened”.

When someone engages in this type of manner I quickly ask one question.

What form of government is the United States?

Most of the time I get a blank stare. I guess this could be happening for a couple of reasons.

Maybe they didn’t pay attention in school.  Maybe they weren’t taught this in school.  Maybe they didn’t go to school.

Maybe they aren’t American and don’t care.

If the blank stare continues the question is phrased a bit differently.  It is possible they don’t understand what I am asking, or are suffering, from analysis paralysis.

What type of government does the United States of America practice?

Many times the blank stare is still present.

I can only imagine what the answer will be in ten years, if Common Core, is allowed to continue.

Sometimes I get a response, and that response is, “Democracy”.

Of course we know this is wrong (for any Liberals the answer is a Constitutional Republic; Article 4 Section 4) but it makes perfect sense why bigotry is so prevalent in the Progressive movement these days.

If one doesn’t know and understand their own government, the concept of bigotry I’m sure, is quite stunning.

Now, let us first deal with the term, Racism.

Very few if any humans are actually racist.  To be so they would have to hate humans, all humans, just for being human.

I’m sure we can all think of a few nasty souls on the planet, that this description might cover, but we don’t call them racists.

We call them Liberals, or as they are professionally known, Antifa.

Just a little humor.

You see, I like humans.  Most of them anyway.

Racism and Bigotry are two different things. As stated earlier very few humans are actually racists.

There are tens of millions of bigots though.

How do we know this?

Hillary Clinton received tens of millions of votes.

Another joke Jason?

Nope.  That is actually true.

Okay Jason.  Prove it.  Why are Hillary voters bigots?


Probably because they are incredibly insecure humans who belong to nothing and feel the need to denigrate others to make themselves feel better.  Misery does indeed love company.

Okay Jason we get that, but what are they doing, that makes them a bigot?

They categorize humans based on the color of their skin and facial structure/features and then give them labels.

For example Hispanic and Latino.

These are labels based on skin color (brown) and certain facial features, not to mention ridiculously repetitive.

Bigotry does love repetition.

La Raza has been behind this movement for a while.

Another form of bigotry is the usage of Native American.

Recently on Twitter and Facebook, trolls used that terminology, on my pages.

I told them both to stop being bigots.

They didn’t like that very much.

Go figure.

I’m just a “White” guy, or so I’ve been told.  Of course this is more bigotry but what do I know?

I know there is no such thing as Native American.

First, the humans here before the creation of the United States, were here BEFORE, thereby making it impossible for them to be “Native Americans”.

Secondly those humans have a very specific designation.

They are Cochise, Apache, Arapaho, Kickapoo, Seminole, Yurok, Karok, Hoopa, etc.

Grouping humans based on their skin color and facial features is absurd but then I guess “they all look alike” to a Liberal.

That is bigotry.

Stop calling them Native Americans.

If you truly care about them, learn which sovereign nation they belong to and address them accordingly, or if you are too lazy, call them by their other sovereign nation status.

That would be AMERICAN.

What is really fascinating about all of this Hispanic, Latino, Native American Liberal bigotry is the rationale that all these people with certain skin color and certain facial features were “here first” as though they sprouted from the ground like trees and plants.

The humans here BEFORE the creation of the United States emigrated from somewhere, and that somewhere in today’s world, would probably be called, the continent of Asia.

Yes humans, not from Europe, travel too.

They emigrated by both land and sea, technically the Pacific Ocean.

I know some still think the Earth is flat (a lot of these people also think the moon landing was fake) but it isn’t.

Maps can be deceiving but globes are wonderful.

Odds are the humans that migrated from Asia to the New World probably came from China.  Of course it wasn’t called China when this migration was happening, nor was it called the New World, but this was also long before Columbus sailed for “India” and landed well off course in what would eventually be referred to as the Americas.

No, this didn’t stop him from calling them Indians which later would be a problem for United States Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.

She couldn’t keep track of which “Indians” with which she wanted to express her bigotry towards, so she gave the “woo woo” with her hand over her mouth, hoping that would make it all better.

We call that Obama Hope and yes, Loretta La Raza and her crew, probably have the more stupid bigots.

Of course let us give credit where credit is due.  Black Lives Matter isn’t too far behind and that Nazi/Antifa group is definitely making up ground although Aunt Nancy Pelosi’s tongue lashing should slow their funding.

I cannot quite figure out Antifa.  It’s not that I don’t understand their stupidity.  It’s just every time they are “unmasked” (where’s Susan Rice when you need her) my only thought is how many limbs did these people hit, with what must have been a gargantuan fall, from the tree known as ugly.

Then again I’m now understanding the masks.

I digress.

You see when facts are presented bigotry falls apart.

Using terminology like Hispanic, Latino, or Native American is based solely on the color of one’s skin and facial structure.  This of course is detrimental to Freedom and poison to the Individual.

We as humans cannot control the color of our skin or our facial features…unless you were Michael Jackson.

Most labels in general are unproductive but using labels to pigeon hole humans based on things we cannot control is the definition of BIGOTRY.

Only a Stupid Human would willingly hoist it upon themselves.

Still Liberals, if you are going to use this absurd terminology, at least have some consistency.

Based on skin color, facial features, and migration patterns Hispanics, Latinos, and Natives, according to you, would all be called Asian-Americans.

I’m sure the Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc., would all correct your stupidity, as they do not appreciate having their nationalities mistaken, never mind all the White Humans in Asia, living in a place called Russia.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

That’s the place where Obama promised “flexibility” to Putin’s right hand man while Hillary allowed the gathering of more uranium.

Yes yes I know.

It was all Trump’s fault.

Probably because of his red hair.

You bigots will never stop.

By the way, speaking for all “red heads” it’s strawberry blonde, and you better leave us red heads alone.

Haven’t you heard?

We’re crazy.

Just ask Rocket Man.

Jason Kraus

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