Blagojevich Goes Home to Chicago

by Daveda Gruber:

President Trump has a fan in former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who had his fourteen year sentence commuted after serving eight years in a Colorado prison which he entered in March of 2012.

Blagojevich, whose political affixation has always be Democratic, has expressed gratitude to Trump and commented by saying Trump saw a “wrong and corrected it.” He also called himself a “Trumpocrat.”

Trump had openly said that the punishment imposed was excessive. Trump went on to say, “so he’ll be able to go back home with his family. That was a tremendously powerful, ridiculous sentence in my opinion and in the opinion of many others.”

Although Trump claims that he didn’t really know Blagojevich who was a one-time contestant on Trump’s reality TV show “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2010, before his first corruption trial started.

When Trump “fired” Blagojevich as a contestant on Trump’s show, he praised him for how he was fighting his criminal case and told him, “You have a hell of a lot of guts.”

Blagojevich faced a trial in 2011 on 18 counts, which included trying to sell former President Obama’s old Senate seat. His first trial ended without the jury able to reach a verdict on all counts but they did convict him over one count which was lying to the FBI.

There is a famous wiretap recording in which Blagojevich said about former President Barack Obama’s Senate seat, “I’ve got this thing and it’s f̶  ̶  golden. And I’m just not giving it up for f̶  ̶  nothing.”

Blagojevich had resided in Chicago and was headed back home last night and bombarded by reporters at the airport where he arrived after taking a commercial flight home.

He walked through O’Hare airport shaking the hands of travelers who welcomed him home.

At O’Hare airport Blagojevich said to Chicago’s WGN-TV  “I didn’t do the things they said I did and they lied on me.”

He also signed a few autographs when he exited the airport doors and got into a white SUV  which drove him to his Ravenswood home where he told reporters, who were waiting for his arrival, that he was happy to be home with his wife and children.

Blagojevich revealed that there would be a Wednesday news conference.

During his time in prison Blagojevich said that he was drawn closer to God and claimed, that the hours of FBI recordings were the ramblings of a politician who liked to think out loud.

Blagojevich said, after being released, “There is divine intervention in all of this.”

He also said, that he learned how unfair the criminal justice system can be during his time in prison, especially for people of color.

The former governor declared, “I’m going to fight against the corrupt criminal justice system that all too often persecutes and prosecutes people who did nothing wrong, who over-sentences people, show no mercy, and who are in positions who have no accountability. They can do whatever they want. They can put you into prison for things that aren’t crimes.

On Tuesday evening Blagojevich said he’s made mistakes but never broke any laws.

He insisted, “I crossed no lines. And the things I talked about doing were legal and this was routine politics and the ones who did it are the ones who broke the laws and the ones who frankly should meet and face some accountability.”

Not everyone is happy about Trump’s decision to commute Blagojevich’s sentence but then not everyone is happy about whatever Trump does. The Democrats will always find fault with the president’s actions.

Trump believes he did the right thing and felt bad that Blagojevich couldn’t be close to his children, I’ll back my president in his decision to commute the sentence.

Corn Pop Say What!

Most weeks for me are filled to the brim.

I like it this way.

This seven day window was a bit more than normal and the time to write started to escape.

Sadly, the Liberals will not stop talking, so my job didn’t take as long as I thought it would, as they continued to provide ammunition for the gun.

DNC Chair Tom (La Raza) Perez stated “We cannot change the rules midstream” while changing the rules midstream.

If everything goes well in November, Perez will again be unemployed and begging MSNBS for Al Sharpton’s old job.

They can both give President Trump an NAACP award and then call him a racist.

Michael (Mini Mike) Bloomberg continued to support “Diversity” as he stated minorities needed to be thrown against a wall and frisked.

Go ahead and personally try it Tiny Dancer but before you do make sure you put in your lifts.

Your fall to the pavement will be much greater and well deserved.

Furthermore it appears the pressure is getting to the little lad as it seems he is attempting suicide by courting Hillary What Difference Does it Make Clinton.

It made a difference to Seth Rich.

“Amy Klobuchar’s Rise and Elizabeth Warren Solidarity: New Hampshire Showed Women Can Win”

Punchy Amy came in a distant third (somebody had to) and Cheekbones wasn’t even on the reservation but this is what “winning” looks like to those who struggle with their own gender and whether to sit or stand in the restroom.

Joe Biden decided to parrot Hillary and tell us he didn’t feel no ways tired.

I wonder when they’ll snatch him up and throw him head first into a van.

Probably right after they find the hot sauce in his pockets.

Corn Pop say what!

Windbag Warren struck again with her attempt to use the term “redlining”.

One would think she would be careful with her “colors” but no, Pale Face Lizzie will forever be known as the ultimate Washington Redskin.

Bill Barr continued to disappoint those who believed he was an upgrade at the Attorney General position as he disregarded his boss and let the criminal McCabe off the hook.

The only people being indicted, tried, and imprisoned are President Trump supporters.

Let’s call Barr what he is.

Jeff Sessions 2.0.

Oh Jason wait for the Durham Report.

Yes we waited for the Mueller Report, the IG Report, Q, and a wide variety of promises floating through D.C.

Barr isn’t stuck in the muck.

He’s firmly entrenched as part of the Swamp.

Whether Republicans or The President admit this or not is irrelevant.

Facts are facts.

Here’s another fact.

We are with you Mr. President!

Bring US in and let The People clean up this mess!

Let us return to our current programming.

The Democrats are continuing to allow a Russian supporting Communist sympathizer to lead their Presidential race.

Even the #METOO community has nothing to say about Fantasy Rape Sanders as Katie Kouric spent more time showing us her posterior than follow up questions on Bernie who dodged her ask by saying, “Well it was a long time ago”.

If Bernie is going to be the Democratic nominee then it’s only “fair” that Cosby and Weinstein are released so Meryl Streep can take a knee, Kunta Kinte Kaepernick style, at the feet of her God.

Finally, AOClueless admitted Socialist Sanders doesn’t have a “magic wand” to create Medicare For All.


Come on Liberals!

At least be consistent!

All we’ve heard is this is what the People want and YOU are going to get it for them by taxing the White Privileged One Percent.

What’s that?

You cannot figure out a way to get your hands on TWENTY-TRILLION dollars?

Finally a reality check to you clowns.

While you are temporarily connected to the real world let’s give you one more fact.

You don’t control the climate either.

No you don’t you lying dog faced pony soldiers.

Jason Kraus

No Criminal Charges for McCabe

by Daveda Gruber:

On Friday the Justice Department has indicated that it will not indict former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe on criminal charges.

An investigation into accusations from the agency’s independent watchdog that lasted almost two years found that McCabe lacked sincerity when he was questioned about leaking information to the media.

McCabe’s attorneys Michael Bromwich and David Schertler, received a letter from Justice Department attorney J.P. Cooney and Assistant U.S. Attorney Molly Gaston which said that the criminal investigation into McCabe is now closed.

Cooney and Gaston wrote, “We write to inform you that, after careful consideration, the government has decided not to pursue criminal charges against your client, Andrew G. McCabe. Based on the totality of the circumstances and all of the information known to the government at this time, we consider the matter closed.”

In statements given to media, Bromwich and Schertler confirmed that they received a phone call from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington, D.C.

The call in question was followed by the letter notifying them that “the criminal investigation of Andrew McCabe has been closed.”

Bromwich and Schertler  added that “This means that no charges will be brought against him based on the facts underlying the Office of the Inspector General’s April 2018 report. At long last, justice has been done in this matter.”

The two went on to say, “We said at the outset of the criminal investigation, almost two years ago, that if the facts and the law determined the result, no charges would be brought. We are pleased that Andrew McCabe and his family can go on with their lives without this cloud hanging over them.”

McCabe served at the FBI for 21 years. He became the acting director in May 2017 after President Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey.

The Attorney General at the time, Jeff Sessions fired McCabe in March 2018. That came after the inspector general found he had repeatedly misstated his involvement in a leak to The Journal regarding an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a report in 2018 that showed McCabe lacked candor with FBI Director James Comey, FBI investigators, and inspector general investigators about his authorization to leak some allegedly sensitive information to the Wall Street Journal that revealed the existence of an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Comey said he did not permit McCabe to tell the media. Horowitz wrote that McCabe’s actions were “designed to advance his personal interests at the expense of Department leadership” and “violated the FBI’s and the Department’s media policy and constituted misconduct.”

McCabe’s legal team, on the other hand, said McCabe’s story changed because he was surprised by and unprepared for the question during his May 2017 interview. The attorneys also said that he was preoccupied with other major events. They went on to say that once Comey was fired later that day, he didn’t think about his answers again as he dealt with leading the bureau for a time.

Horowitz concluded that McCabe misled his team too.

Horowitz said, “It seems highly implausible that McCabe forgot in May what he recalled in detail during his November inspector general testimony. In our view, the evidence is substantial that it was done knowingly and intentionally.”

McCabe has maintained his innocence and said the inspector general’s conclusions relied on mis-characterizations and omissions, which included information that was said to be favorable to McCabe.

McCabe also known as Andy was allegedly the “Andy” who former FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page texted about in the famous texts between the two lovers, at the time.

Honestly, I have believed that McCabe was going to be indicted. I have alleged that Strzok, Page and McCabe were in a big part of backing the “insurance policy” that turned out to be the Russian Witch-hunt that came from the Dossier written by Christopher Steele.

Can I say that I am deeply disappointed that the people who I see as potentially guilty are all going free so far?

Why is it that most people who were investigated for being on the side of President Trump are usually indicted and some have been found guilty of crimes that are similar to the allegations against people on the left?

It appears to me that there is a distinct two tier judicial system in play here.

I can always be reached on Twitter to discuss political views.


White House Staff’s Reaction to Vindman’s Departure

by Daveda Gruber:

On a radio show “Geraldo in Cleveland” which is a Fox News Radio affiliate WTAM, President Trump made some remarks that enlightened the public as to the reaction of how people inside the White House reacted to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman being removed.

Vindman, who was one of the key impeachment witnesses in the House impeachment inquiry, was escorted out of the White House last Friday, February 7th, along with his twin brother Yevgeny Vindman, another Army lieutenant colonel who worked at the NSC.

Yevgeny Vindman worked as an attorney who focused on ethics for the NSC and did not testify in the inquiry.

It appears that White House staff applauded as the brothers were removed.

Trump told the radio show, “Vindman was the guy that, when we took him out of the building, the building applauded. I don’t know if you heard that. The whole building, many people in the building started applauding.”

Trump went on to say that he had never met Vindman but thought his actions were “very insubordinate.”

While referring to Vindman’s complaint about the president’s phone call with Ukraine Trump stated, “First of all, that’s very insubordinate, why wouldn’t he go to his immediate – he went to Congress or he went to Schiff or he went to somebody.”

He added, “I’m not a fan.”

Vindman’s lawyer, David Pressman said in a statement that his client was escorted out of the White House complex, told to leave in retaliation for “telling the truth.”

Well, if telling the truth is allegedly fabricating a recollection that he had no firsthand knowledge of to others is “telling the truth” I’d have a lot of stories to tell.

In the meantime a handful of the House’s 17 witnesses still remain in their posts.

I can always be reached on Twitter to discuss political views.


House Republicans Boycott Intel Hearing

by Daveda Gruber:

On Wednesday Republicans decided to finally not stand for Democrat biased agendas and they have boycotted a public hearing.

In a powerful move of rebellion Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee accused Chairman Adam Schiff of ignoring Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse.

A Justice Department inspector general report disclosed substantial misconduct of FISA applications brought about the boycotting by the GOP of the House Intelligence Subcommittee on Strategic Technologies and Advance Research or STAR, as it is referred to, to refuse to attend the hearing.

Republicans did not attend and called it a “publicity” event.

It appears that Representatives Devin Nunes, R-Calif., ranking member of the committee and Chris Stewart, R-Utah, the ranking member of the subcommittee joined their Republican colleagues in collectively standing up to Adam Schiff, D-Calif., for not holding hearings on the FISA abuse.

Republicans claim that under Schiff’s chairmanship the House Intelligence Committee has strayed far from its mandate of overseeing the Intelligence Community.

They are saying that there have been months where there has been inadequate oversight and that numerous critical issues pertinent to the Committee’s jurisdiction were ignored.

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz issued his FISA report on December 9th which identified seventeen serious shortcomings related to the conduct of the surveillance of former Trump campaign foreign policy aide Carter Page.

Republicans have argued that the committee is exclusively in the position to consider the serious legal and policy questions that arose from Horowitz’s report.

There is a letter, written by Nunes and Stewart stating their demands and was signed by Republican Representatives Michael Conaway, Michael Turner, Brad Wenstrup, Rick Crawford, Elise Stefanik, Will Hurd, and John Ratcliffe.

Until the committee gives priority to the important issues in the Horowitz report, Republican Members feel that they cannot support distractions from core responsibilities.

Horowitz had confirmed in his report that the FBI’s FISA applications to monitor Page heavily relied on the unverified Trump dossier and news reports rooted in dossier author Christopher Steele’s unverified research.

Still, under Schiff’s chairmanship these issues and errors have not been investigated although Schiff had acknowledged the misconduct at the time and stressed that bureau leadership was moving to implement the IG’s recommendations.

It has become evident that Democratic lawmakers are more interested in staying on their own agenda of investigating President Trump and his associates rather than dealing with more prevalent issues.

Laws have been broken by people in high positions in the FBI and DOJ and Democrats with Schiff at the helm are simply ignoring it.

I can always be reached on Twitter to discuss political views.


California Bill to Ban Stays at Trump Hotels

by Daveda Gruber:

California lawmakers, in the eyes of many, do not appear to be doing very well on lawmaking. A new bill that is being proposed will not disappoint those who think that the laws being created are not very good ones.

Democratic state Assemblyman Evan Low introduced a bill that would prohibit state agencies from spending taxpayer’s money at any hotel that is owned by President Trump or his family.

Low has given a statement which declares that employees of any state agency, the legislature, the judicial council and the University of California and California State University systems could not spend money at any Trump owned hotel while traveling for work.

Low’s statement said, “Public officials, at any level, should not profit off the constituents that they were elected to serve and represent. No branch of government is above the Constitution, and this legislation will ensure that California taxpayers are not further exploited by Donald Trump’s violations of the emoluments clause.”

The bill refers to President Trump as the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and does not mention the president by name but Trump happens to be the only president in American history who owns hotels.

The bill reads, “This bill would prohibit a state agency, as defined, from paying, reimbursing an employee, providing a per diem allowance, or contracting for the cost of lodging, procuring a good or service, or any other expense at a lodging establishment where the owner, as specified, is the President of the United States.”

State employees are allotted $90 per night for hotel stays and quite honestly, Trump hotels and resorts exceed that amount. Of course, if lawmakers wish to spend more of their own money, they could stay at a Trump hotel.

Only one state worker, since 2016, has booked a stay at a Trump hotel.

Other states, other than California, have lawmakers who have stayed in Trump resorts. Forty-seven state officials that include twenty Republican governors made sixty-four visits to Trump owned properties since Trump took office. At least ninety members of Congress visited Trump properties one hundred and eighty-eight times since January of 2017.

It is not the first time that California has put restrictions on travel by state employees.

There are other states that are restricted from state employee travel. Attorney General Xavier Becerra in 2017 added Texas, Alabama, South Dakota and Kentucky to the list of North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee, which were already on the list. The states which are restricted because of claims that those states have laws that discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

I don’t know how you, my readers, project yourselves when traveling or just going about your daily routines, but I don’t wear a sign on myself that says that I am a straight woman.

I’ll assume most gay people do not wear signs that show their sexual preference so why is this law needed?

I assume some states are not crazy about gay rights parades but then I don’t believe that those parades are actually appropriate for children to see.

In my opinion, what is done behind closed doors between two consenting adults, is their own business.

I can always be reached on Twitter to discuss your political views.


You Get a Delegate and You Get a Delegate!

The Kick Off to this week was found on Super Bowl Sunday as one of the San Francisco 49ers decided to proclaim, before the game started, that he wouldn’t be going to the White House.

You are correct Richard Sherman.

The Chiefs will go instead.

No Elizabeth Warren, you are not invited.

President Trump sent congratulations to Kansas, and many who cannot read a map, or read in general, jumped all over Social Media to proclaim his choice of State to be incorrect.

For the record Kansas City is the third largest city in KANSAS but don’t let the facts get in the way of Progressive piggishness.

The halftime show was billed as Latino and Hispanic women of strength.

I’d ask which one, Latino or Hispanic, but by the time the gyrating and humping was over one of the women of strength had become a Columbian and then an Arab because of the way she used her tongue.

I’m sure Ahab was thrilled.

I guess the other one didn’t have any new moves so she remained Jenny from the Flock.

You cannot make this stuff up!

The collective absurdity of the Democrat-Liberal-Progressive is monstrous and apparently without end. I read a comment on a post recently that stated “If you are still voting Democrat you are either stupid beyond hope or horribly evil.”

Yes and yes.

Between coin flips and a broken app the only thing left for the Democrats in Iowa was for everyone to take a victory lap, proclaim they all shocked the world, and head to New Hampshire.

Punchy participation trophies for all.

It appears Common Core math has struck again.

As this was happening Mini Mike instructed his paid propagandists at Bloomberg News to write more garbage about President Trump and then proceeded to purchase many millions more of television and radio ads.

Bloomberg and Tom Steyer.

Billionaires spending hundreds of millions trying to be as tall as The Donald.

Someone get those two a booster seat and a sippy cup.

Throw Putin in there and it appears Little Man Complex is a real thing.

I’m sure Obama would do nicely in this group due to his “flexibility”.

The State Of The Union became front and center but before it was given, everyone from the Press outlets, except CNN, was invited in for an off the record briefing.

The White House didn’t want to say it but that move had to be made to guarantee Hillary didn’t see it first.

During the SOTU the collective IQ of 24 known as Democratic Congresswomen broke out in cultural misappropriation wearing all white while trying to understand President Trump’s usage of facts, history, and polysyllabic verbiage.

The only thing missing was their hoods.

Even with the Pelosi Paper Tantrum and the I’m Taking My Toys And Going Home Bartender, the classic Progressive moment came when the Governor of Michigan stood up and stated that the roads in her State were so bad they needed a child to fill the potholes.

She said this with PRIDE.

This behavior supported and brought to you Chipotle, Nike, and Kunta Kinte Kaepernick where you are one burrito or a pair of shoes away from projectile vomiting, child labor, and/or the Coronavirus.

Finally, the Senate finished with their melodrama and got down to business.

Everyone including VoMit Delecto Romney voted as expected and the latest shot in the dark by the Liberals was cast aside like Ilhan Omar’s husband when her brother became available.

Oh Jason you cannot say that!

I just did.

Jason Kraus

Vindication: Two for the Price of One?

by Daveda Gruber:

On Friday a man who stirred up some controversy during the impeachment hearings by the House of Representatives was fired by the National Security Council and escorted off of the White House grounds.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who was on detail to the National Security Council from the Department of Defense may go back there.

Vindman’s attorney, David Pressman stated, “There is no question in the mind of any American why this man’s job is over, why this country now has one less soldier serving it at the White House. LTC Vindman was asked to leave for telling the truth. His honor, his commitment to right, frightened the powerful.”

It has been reported that Vindman’s twin brother Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman has also left the National Security Council. Yevgeny Vindman had been assigned to the office that vetted publications such as books, such as former national security adviser John Bolton’s book.

Vindman has maintained that he was not involved in the vetting of the Bolton manuscript.

When questioned about the Friday reports President Trump told reporters that he was “not happy with him. You think I’m supposed to be happy with him? I’m not.

Trump added that a decision would be made soon.

There were reports that the White House was juggling their options to dismiss Vindman from the NSC in an effort to downsize its foreign policy bureaucracy and the action had no bearing with retaliation.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said, “We welcome back all of our service members wherever they served to any assignment they’re given. As I said, we protect all of our persons, servicemembers from retribution or anything like that. We have already addressed that in policy and other means.”

We all know what Vindman testified to during the House impeachment hearings. His twin brother was in the room listening in support of his brother.

My own thoughts are that if the Vindman brothers were in Russia, they may have been sent to Siberia.

I believe that explains my views of the twins.

I can always be reached on Twitter to discuss your political views.


Federal Appeals Court has Good News for Trump

by Daveda Gruber:

On Friday over two hundred Democratic congressional lawmakers got some bad news but on the other hand, it was great news for President Trump.

A Federal appeals court ruled unanimously that the lawmakers do not have a standing to sue the president for allegedly violating the Emoluments Clause over foreign payments to his businesses.

In its ruling, the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said, “Because we conclude that the Members lack standing, we reverse the district court and remand with instructions to dismiss their complaint.”

The ruling went on to say. “The [House] Members can, and likely will, continue to use their weighty voices to make their case to the American people, their colleagues in the Congress and the President himself, all of whom are free to engage that argument as they see fit. But we will not –indeed we cannot – participate in this debate.”

Added to the document was “the Constitution permits the Judiciary to speak only in the context of an Article III case or controversy and this lawsuit presents neither.”

The Emoluments Clause is appears in Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution and states that “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title of any kind whatsoever, from any King, Prince, or foreign state.”

It appears that the two hundred Democrats were certain that Trump had broken the law when they filed the complaint.

Trump was on his way to North Carolina for an event when he held the papers that showed that he won the case. He was outside the White House going to board Marine One.

He stopped to chat with reporters and told them, “It was a total win.”

I can always be reached on Twitter to discuss political views.


Rand Paul Reads Question Blocked by Roberts in Senate

by Daveda Gruber:

Last week I wrote an article that showed that Senator Rand Paul R-Ky., tried to submit a question to Chief Justice John Roberts during the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump in the Senate.

Roberts rejected the question and it was disallowed.

The question was tweeted by Paul after it was blocked by Roberts.

On Tuesday, after describing his question and the fact that it was blocked by Roberts, Paul announced that he would read his question on the Senate floor.

Paul said, “Now during the proceedings, I asked a question that was disallowed. And I’m going to ask that question again this morning, because the Constitution does protect debate and does protect the asking of questions. I think they made a big mistake not allowing my question. My question did not talk about anybody who is a whistleblower. My question did not accuse anybody of being a whistleblower.”

Paul is known as a leaning Libertarian type of Republican and he’s also known to be well versed in the Constitution.

He went on to say, “And you say, well we should protect the whistleblower, and the whistleblower deserves anonymity. The law does not preserve anonymity. His boss is not supposed to say anything about him, he’s not supposed to be fired. I’m for that.”

The reasoning behind Paul naming the two name was that of concern of a plot to take down President Trump.

Paul continued, “My point is, is by having such protection, such overzealous protection, we don’t get to the root of the matter of how this started. Cause this could happen again.”

Here is Rand Paul telling the Senate his question:

I can always be reached on Twitter to discuss your political views.