Right here. Right now.

I make sure when I write to always use facts. Things that are easy to prove and readily accessible to all Americans who are willing to do their homework. Common sense guides me this way. I want to make sure I present factual information. Of course it is nice when the reader(s) want facts but regardless I know no other way. It is always truth. Recently I read two comments about one of my columns.

“Well written but how about about some references or resources?”

Please pay attention those of you who are factually challenged (Obama supporters).

When I say Nancy Pelosi said Hamas is a humanitarian organization I MEAN Nancy Pelosi said Hamas is a humanitarian organization. Resource: My own eyes and ears.

When I say the Senator from New Jersey said the White House talking points are straight out of Tehran I MEAN the Senator from New Jersey said the White House talking points are straight out of Tehran. Reference: See above resource.

When I say Maxine Waters said Sharia Law is compatible with our Constitution I MEAN…you get the picture.

How about another.

“Amazing story, for one side of the coin, now we need only flip it over, and see the rest.”

Now that, my friends, is referred to as a back-handed compliment. This is exactly what I mean when I occasionally refer to the “pseudo-intellectual”.

But I will play along. Let us flip the coin over for the “rest of the story”.

Nancy is still there.

Talking points on Tehran haven’t changed.

Maxine Waters still approves of Sharia Law.

Let’s take a better look at this side of the coin. As I focus my vision I see only one thing.


Cowards who have lied repeatedly and continue to this day.

Are these the times that try a man’s soul? Not yet. But our options become smaller each day we allow the lying to continue.

It is the strong who stand alone roaring into the night.

Your strength is needed. Right here. Right now.

Shoulder to shoulder.

This is OUR country!

Jason Kraus

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time.

The Truth will set us free

Incredulously there appears to be Americans who still believe the current resident in the White House. Bush was a “liar” but Obama hasn’t a “smidgen” of corruption surrounding him. Astonishing.

It’s almost as if the famous line “you can’t handle the truth” is correct.

Let us take a few moments and run down some stated “facts” with which Obama supporters agree. The reason I say “agree” is simple. When you choose to support someone you are tacitly, as well as overtly, agreeing.

It’s common sense.

Stated Fact: The IRS does not target Americans under the Obama administration.

Actual Fact: The IRS under Lois Lerner did in fact target American citizens based on their political beliefs.

Obama supporter: “You don’t know this for sure.”

Actually we do. Lois Lerner apologized (it’s recorded) for this behavior, trying to get out in front of it.

She then took the Fifth Amendment (right against self incrimination).

Never mind her computer(s) and emails “disappeared” or were “destroyed”. (I’m sure the NSA has copies) When you apologize AND take the Fifth you’ve admitted culpability.

Outside of the government physically harming its citizens, there is nothing more dangerous than using the power of the Internal Revenue Service to oppress American citizens while suppressing their voices and votes. Nothing.

Stated Fact: The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.

Actual Fact: Absolutely correct.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been classified as a terrorist organization by the United States Government. While Egypt has sentenced many of them to be executed, White House personnel continue to meet with members of, yep you guessed it, the Muslim Brotherhood.

For ANY Obama supporter reading this now I would LOVE to hear how you rationalize this. Please don’t give me the “friends close enemies closer” routine. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, with any common sense invites their enemies into their home.

The Muslim Brotherhood hates the United States, right along with Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, al qaeda, the Taliban…sure seems like a lot of hate coming from a particular belief system.

I know, I know Obama supporters. Even though Sunnis and Shiites have been killing each other, Christians, and Jews for centuries, it’s all America’s fault.

Stated Fact: The Affordable Health Care Act will insure 30 million of the uninsured.

Actual Fact: The Affordable Health Care Act isn’t about health care, isn’t affordable, and you cannot keep what you had or have currently if the government decides it isn’t good enough.

Furthermore the Obama talking points on this are easy to disprove. Originally it was claimed more than 30 million Americans who need insurance would be able to get it. This of course is wrong. Just using the numbers given by this administration (which is difficult because they change every month) the most they will “insure” will be around 8 million. Nice program. We should have a name for the program that ignores almost 70 percent of the people it was trying to “help”.

Let’s call it…no hope no change.

Stated Fact: Unemployment is under six percent

Actual Fact: Real unemployment is well over twenty percent.

We have approximately two hundred million Americans able to work.

47 million Americans receive Welfare/Food Stamps. That number alone is almost twenty five percent, not to mention Americans incarcerated, on disability, or unemployment insurance. Anyone believing the reported unemployment number cannot do simple math or isn’t willing to try.

Stated Fact: Obama has cut the debt in half.

Actual Fact. Obama has not only not cut the debt in half it’s been dramatically increased under his watch. The man who said Bush was unpatriotic by crushing future generations with unsustainable debt doubled down when given the opportunity. The debt accrued by Bush and Obama will only be paid back one of two ways.

Completely ridding America of all taxes on employment and freeing our economy or… war.

Your choice America. That’s why I wrote Late Bird. To give us a choice and America a chance.

Stated Fact: Barack Obama is responsible for the rise in the stock market(s).

Actual Fact: Absolutely, and please remember who did this to you when the thing comes crashing down.

When Obama kept Ben Bernanke (Bush appointee) and then followed up with Janet Yellin the markets turned into a casino. As we know with gambling those who partake rarely win and this particular game of “chance” will eventually create billions if not trillions in losses.

Stated Fact: George Bush was a horrible President.

Actual Fact: Yes he was. No argument here. The absurdity of Bush policies continue on to this day through Obama.

Perpetual wars.
Crushing debt.
Constant Lies.

Now let’s work together to get rid of America’s nightmare and make sure we don’t replace him with another disaster like Bush’s brother or Clinton’s wife.

Last but not least.

Fact: The United States yearly economy (GDP) is around sixteen trillion. Currently the United States government owes almost eighteen trillion.

Fact: This won’t go on for too much longer without incredible damage to our way of life.

Fact: America is filled with millions of citizens who require freedom.

Fact: Our lives are in our hands.

Fact: Time to go to work.

Jason Kraus

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time.

A Falcon will lead us

Over the last month a friend of mine, Matt Branson, has been reading the first half of Late Bird to his children. He sends me comments about how much they are enjoying the story. Last night he recorded his reading to them and sent me little snippets. I’ve lost track of how many people have read Late Bird but hearing from all of you each and every time is truly a wonderful experience. Thank you brother and congratulations again. Matt and his wife just had a little girl.

Lyla Joy.

Although Late Bird is meant to awaken America and show a better way I gave some thought to the process of telling stories to children. The more thought this was given the more I decided to write a story today that could be read to children and hopefully entertain adults…who love America.

With that said let me introduce…Sam.

Now Sam was a good man. Always worked hard and looked out for others. In fact Sam was so successful people started calling him Uncle.

“Uncle Sam is the best!” “We love Uncle Sam!”.

When trouble landed on others around the world the call always went out to Uncle Sam. Sam, ever the stalwart, always answered those calls. Even when he was sick or tired. Or both.

Even when busy helping others Sam always kept his nose to the grindstone. He became so successful he couldn’t do all the work himself. So he brought people in who were willing to work and appreciated the opportunity Uncle Sam created. Sam also spoke differently than some of the people. He told them it was important that they learned to understand the things he was saying for safety and security. He also told them whomever understood him would have the best opportunities.

This made sense to all the new people. They looked around at how successful Sam was and decided the smart thing was “to be like Uncle Sam.” This worked great for everyone who was willing to work hard, be generous, and learn Sam’s language and ways.

In fact it worked so well, and Sam became so popular, “Uncle Sam’s” became the place where everyone wanted to be. But he didn’t have enough time to oversee everything personally. Because of this he knew he needed help.

Now this wasn’t the first time Sam had reached out for assistance. Many years ago he’d had two great friends named George and Abe. They gave Uncle Sam quite a hand when things were a little rocky.

Through the years he’d also received help from a rough rider named Theodore (Sam called him Teddy) and a quiet man named Harry.

Sam always liked Teddy. Teddy was responsible for setting aside beautiful parts of Sam’s land to always be enjoyed and beneficial to Uncle Sam. Sam thought highly of Harry too.

Harry had been called when Sam was going through a tough time. Harry squared up the problem, made some tough decisions, and then went home.

Through the ups and downs of Sam’s life he continued forward knowing the most important ingredient in life wasn’t popularity, good looks, money, or even intelligence. It was perseverance. Not that Uncle Sam wasn’t good looking. He was the best looking fellow on the block. He was popular, wealthy, and very smart. But he knew his success was always because he was willing to work hard and be kind to others. As everyone knew, Sam was a good man.

But eventually with success comes challenges. As much as Sam wanted to be everywhere, he couldn’t. So he hired some new help. He hired a Jimmy…but that didn’t work out too well.

He replaced Jimmy with a Ronnie and for while that seemed like a dandy idea. Sam met with Ronnie one day and they talked about Sam’s one rule set in stone.

“If you give a man a fish Ronnie, he may eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, my friend, and he may eat for a month. But require a man to fish and he will take care of his own family.”

Ronnie nodded and smiled. “But Sam we have so many fish already…wouldn’t it be compassionate of us to give them to others?”

Sam shook his head. “No Ronnie. You don’t help someone by giving them fish. You help them by giving them a job.”

“I agree Sam but sometimes people get sick. Shouldn’t we take care of them?”

Uncle Sam again shook his head. “You know Ronnie you seem like a good guy but you should know by now nothing is free.” Sam pointed to a strong towering Redwood standing close by. He walked over and a patted the tree. “This is a California Redwood. One of God’s greatest creations. The combination of beauty and strength is amazing. But even this incredible force will come crashing down if enough pressure is applied. You may be able to hit her ten thousands times. Over and over again. You may think nothing can hurt her. But if you weaken her enough she will collapse and because of her size will crush everything around her.”

Ronnie nodded. “I understand Sam.”

“Good Ronnie”. I have to be away for awhile. Your job is to make sure we take care of OUR Redwoods.”

But Ronnie didn’t listen. Ronnie had a good heart and nice hair and decided to ignore Uncle Sam’s Redwoods. While Sam was gone Ronnie was replaced by a George who was replaced by a Slick Willie, who gave way to a Bush, and eventually a Barry.

Finally Uncle Sam returned, dog tired, from his trip around the world trying to help others. As was his custom he strode over to the California Redwoods. They still appeared strong but had signs hammered into their trunks.

“For sale,” they read.

“For sale?” Uncle Sam muttered bewildered. “These are mine. You can’t sell these.”

Barry walked up from behind. “We have to Sam. We don’t have any money.”

“What do you mean we don’t have any money. I’ve worked my entire life, taken care of others, dealt with evil in the world…where is all my money…and who are you?”

Barry smiled, “I’m the guy they brought in when you were gone trying to save the world. I’m the guy they brought in after Bush.” Barry smiled. “You know Bush’s don’t like trees,” laughing at his own joke.

“So why are you selling my trees?”

Barry leaned in close and gestured for Sam to come closer. “I need some flexibility. I’m trying to make everything fair. I’m not going to sell them. I’m just borrowing against them.”

Uncle Sam stood up straight towering over Barry. “Borrowing!” he almost shouted. “You don’t borrow against our trees!” They are the backbone of everything! Who gave you this idea?”

Barry smiled wanly while stepping back. He realized although he’d been hired by Sam’s people these same people could fire him, and he wasn’t done creating his “fair” society.

“Well…it was first started by Slick Willie.”

“What’s a Slick Willie?”

Barry laughed to himself. Poor Sam. If you only knew.

“Then I watched Bush borrow against the Redwoods”

“How long has this been going on?” Uncle Sam wanted to know.

Barry ignored the question as was his wont. “Then it was my turn. I’ve borrowed as much as I could, and if everything goes well, will continue.”

Sam looked at his Redwoods. They still stood strong, but as he put his hand on one, the Redwood creaked in pain.

Barry laughed at the groaning of the Redwood and walked away saying over his shoulder, “It’s okay Uncle Sam. We don’t have anything to worry about…right now.”

Uncle Sam stood amongst his Redwoods as they swayed and teetered with the wind. “Hang in there,” he told them. “I’m going for help.”

As if on cue movement came from the forest and millions of Lions stood at the ready. Uncle Sam nodded. He hadn’t called on them for a while, and as usual, he didn’t need to call them at all. But he knew he needed a leader and as he had in the past with George and Abe, Teddy and Harry, he knew he needed strength.

He looked to the sky as a large shadow cast itself over the forest. The Lions didn’t bother to look up. They knew who it was. They’d sent for him. Uncle Sam smiled at the leader who now appeared when needed most.

The Lions met shoulder to shoulder ready to roar.

Uncle Sam tipped his cap to the sky, “Time to go to work.”

“A Falcon will lead us.”

Jason Kraus

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time.

White House talking points straight out of Tehran.

If we live enough years and have enough experiences we are bound to hear just about everything.  Right, wrong, fact, or fiction, eventually “everything” comes into play.  A few days ago a Democratic Senator chimed in with an amazing statement.

“The White House talking points on Iran are straight out of Tehran”.

Well, well, well.  The Democratic Senator from New Jersey actually had an epiphany.  Thanks for joining the party Bob.  For those who are unaware Barack Obama has been trying to “negotiate” with Iran for quite a while.  As with every “negotiation” we’ve seen so far with Obama it appears we receive nothing, while the other side laughs and says, “please send John Kerry back.  What’s that? He’s busy with climate change?  Okay…how about James Taylor?”

It also appears we traded 5 enemy combatants (terrorists) of the United States for a guy who is about to be put on trial for desertion. (I know liberals, “Faux News Facts”.  Your usage of French is impressive.

As this story unfolds it also appears that everyone involved in this decision making was well aware this man had deserted his post and were also aware members of our military were killed searching for him after his desertion.  Another Obama legacy. Boy, this Hope and Change stuff never ends.

Now some people (rightly so) might be asking “I didn’t think we negotiated with terrorists or terrorist organizations?

It is the official policy of the United States Government to not negotiate with terrorists.  It’s also the “official policy” of the United States to enforce our borders, but that hasn’t been done in well…decades so I guess none of this matters.  Laws, rules, and regulations were made to…be broken?  Not followed?  Ignored?

Well the ignorance of the Obama thought process is plain to see.

Or is it?

Just recently we were told by Obama’s minions that the Taliban aren’t terrorists.  Really?  Well that’s good to know.  If they aren’t terrorists then why are we still there?

What’s that Obama supporter?  Didn’t I hear the President tell the world the war in Afghanistan was over?  I did hear him say this but I’m sure our brave soldiers, still in harms way, don’t agree.

What’s that?  Obama wouldn’t lie on national TV?

Of course he wouldn’t.  But wait didn’t he say  dozens of time that because of him the war in Iraq is over?  It is?  No kidding? Have you heard of ISIS?

Yeah but that war isn’t happening in Iraq…Obama said that was over.

Fair enough.  Where is it happening?

It’s happening in… “You be talking too much s*%$ Jason Kraus.”  (Direct quote from my facebook page)

Yes, I guess I be.  The truth is funny that way.  The truth “be” talking too much.

But I want to follow up on Obama’s train of thought.  (I know.  That was kind of funny).  It appears that neither Iran nor the Taliban are terrorists or terrorist organizations…to him.  Interesting…hmm…let’s see where this is going.

We’ve been told by Nancy Pelosi that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.  Maxine Waters gave a speech on how Sharia Law is compatible with our Constitution.  ISIS calls itself the Islamic State.  Many Imams will tell you there is no parsing of their belief system, that there aren’t any radicals or moderates.  They are all Muslim.

In our attempt to understand Obama and the parties listed above we may be trying to force a square peg into a round hole, which is silly and irresponsible because it will never work.

Maybe it’s time to take Obama, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, ISIS, the Imams, and the billion followers of Mohamed at their word.  Maybe it’s time to simply stop appeasing a belief system that treats women and children as property and call it was it is.



But never forget the truly daunting issue facing America right now.

$18,000,000,000,000.00 and growing.

Debt appeases no one.


Jason Kraus



“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus

Restoring a nation one voice at a time.






Late Bird lay down

I’ve received many questions about Late Bird.

“I know it’s a novel but is this you?”

Yes. It is based on my life. Because it ends in 2016 I couldn’t call it an auto-biography or a memoir. For those of you who’ve read it, you are now part of the Freedom Train and know (with the Big Fella Upstairs willing and the American Voter) why it ends in 2016.

“You talk about protection of children quite a bit. Were you bullied?”

Yes I was and hated it. As I grew stronger, older, and more confident the bullying still continued but the outcomes changed dramatically. Humans appear to fall into three categories. The oppressors, the protectors, and the meek (which it’s been said shall inherit the earth).

I am a protector whether I want to be or not (so much for my inheritance). It is ingrained in me and I know America has millions of Protectors amongst us. It’s why we have the strongest military in the world. Nothing replaces ethics. Nothing.

“These stories seem very personal and you seem very private.”

They are and I am. The purpose of Late Bird is to provide a difference making path. A better way. I am offering to serve the people. I am offering to serve America. To do this I had to be willing to share my life with America, whether it was painful or not.

With that said…welcome to another small portion of Late Bird.

God Bless America.

Jason Kraus

Excited and revved up for kickball, Falcon ran toward the playground. Rounding the building he noticed a half-dozen larger boys encompassing a kid crouched on the ground. Falcon had witnessed this scene once in first grade, and along with the other children hustled by like a herd of animals leaving the weak behind. He never forgot it as it filled his mind that night with disturbing dreams that disrupted his sleep. From then on he realized he could never again pass someone in trouble. If Falcon didn’t stand up, he wouldn’t be able to lie down at night and for that reason he inherently understood he was different from his peers. Had Falcon been bigger, tough, and more mature, he might’ve joked or talked the problem away. But at the moment, he was a Late Bird and only six.

Taking a deep breath, he approached the gang and muttered, “Leave him alone.”

The half-dozen boys spun around as if controlled by a puppeteer.

One kid snarled, “What’d you say you red-haired little freak?”

The Late Bird blinked and swallowed hard. His courage intact, he lacked the skill and experience to handle such a situation. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the little kid on the ground scramble to his feet and run away.

“I meant, why don’t you leave him alone? What’d he do to you?”

The third-grade mob surrounded Falcon and spewed a flurry of obscenities.

Their threatening voices created a crescendo in his head, his body trembled, and he could barely breathe. Realizing there was no way out desperation took hold. Wait! He spotted a teacher several yards away. No not a teacher…a recess monitor. It was her job to keep this very thing from happening. Falcon lost vision of the monitor as the biggest third grader he’d ever seen stepped forward, towered over him, and blocked the sun.

“Tell you what, freckle face,” He flicked Falcon’s forehead hard.

Falcon flinched.

“Let my kid brother beat you up and we won’t touch you. But if you fight back we’re all gonna kick your butt!”

Late Bird looked at the little brother. They were in the same class. He was an Early Bird.

“Go on.” The huge third grader shoved his brother. “Jump him!”

The two victims stared at each other, neither one knowing what to do.

The little brother slid his hands into his front pockets, and then looked up at Late Bird who was taller.

“Lay down!” screamed the bully. “Let him jump you!”

A mass of kids gathered and started chanting “Fight, fight, fight!” while the bully and his buddies closed ranks.

“Get on the ground!” Two of the bullies grabbed Falcon and slammed him into the dirt.

Late Bird remembered the playground monitor. Where is she? He lifted his head and scanned the blacktop.

She stared straight at him, their eyes locked as she pressed the whistle to her lips.

Fists began to pummel his head and back. The words please help me stuck in his throat. To this day Falcon can’t explain what happened next. It’s a puzzle he’ll never have an answer to because there was no excuse. The recess monitor let her whistle fall, turned, and walked away.

Defeated the six-year-old child had no choice.

Late Bird lay down.

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time

Fairness equals two losing teams

A few years ago I listened to an individual try to explain why some Americans don’t hate Communism and Communist propaganda as much as they do Nazism or Fascism. His view was the media during World War II covered the atrocities done by Hitler, and the world was given the truth, through the Nuremberg Trials. On the other hand because certain parts of the Allied leadership didn’t want to deal with the other evil (Stalin) negotiations took place.

His point was the American media never completely dissected Communism allowing it to survive and morph into other labels. “Fairness”, “Equal Societies”, “It takes a village” are all types of terminology that negate the individual and trumpet the “group” or “commune”. Even as a child I knew the idea of everyone being equal was a lie. I watched adults who worked hard and saved their money get ahead while others squandered their lives, and their opportunity, to pursue happiness.

On athletic fields I competed to win, hated to lose, and never contemplated the idea of a “tie”. When occasionally a baseball game would be called because of darkness the overwhelming feeling on both sides was disappointment. There was no outcome.

The winners couldn’t celebrate and the losers couldn’t regroup and plan how to get better. It was the classic case of everyone gets a ribbon for “participating”. We didn’t do participation ribbons or trophies too much in my generation. The one time I did get the dreaded “I was here” ribbon I threw it in the trash.

Yet this type of belief system has not only permeated but flourished. Over the last three decades America has implemented racial and gender “fairness” programs to make things “equal”. Through housing, employment, and education, programs that were sold as “societal checks and balances” became a free for all (literally in some cases) and created our current debt structure. In many cases similar to Russia where their economy is cratering and the Ruble is teetering on disaster.

Regardless of the color of our skin or our gender, successful Americans have one thing in common. The belief in personal responsibility. Not “communal rights” or “village idiocy”. The basic premise that we have “free will” as individuals. That we are required to take care of ourselves. We don’t need and won’t take a hand out or a hand up. We will pass, as we say thank you though, and God bless.

It is because of this “American” individual belief system that we are the strongest, most vibrant, successful nation in the history of nations.

The reason I am covering this today is because of the importance of the truth. As the ignoring of Stalin’s behavior took place it was allowed to survive and now thrive in our own country. Stalin, Communism, Oppression…these are all the same thing and unfortunately these types of systems have taken over our government.

It’s why I return to Clinton and Bush as much as I do. To show regardless of party, oppressive systems have been implemented and continued. This isn’t a conspiracy. These people and their ilk want POWER and will do whatever is necessary for it to be obtained.

But there is a better way and it is within our grasps if we are willing to stretch, to believe, to require a better path. I know we can and I know we have it in us to restore and reclaim our country. Over the last couple of months I’ve received thousands of comments, notes, and emails.

Out of every hundred I receive, about eighty, are in agreement, fifteen in defense of Obama and five in defense of Bush.

I’ve yet to see anyone defend Clinton.

Hang in there Obama supporters. When he leaves you’ll still have Sharpton.

Never fear Bush defenders. Jeb is right around the corner with his love of Common Core and Amnesty number two. I’m sure W will endorse him soon.

The exciting part is the eighty percent! You want OUR country back as much as I do! But it isn’t going to come without work. I received a comment from a “concerned” citizen:

“You sound great! Now put your money where your mouth is.”

Apparently he hasn’t read Late Bird or any of my columns about not accepting campaign contributions. I’ve been doing this for two years.

Who does he think is paying for all this?

Silly liberal. I guess it didn’t occur to him that someone would love their country so much they would spend their own money to restore her.


I earned it and I spend it in service to America. It is an honor, a duty, and a privilege.

But that’s where the money spending stops. With me. I don’t want or will ever accept your money. But as I said previously I need your time. As our message is spread across America new ideas and energy unfold and the greatness of America, YOU, want to help. Amen and God Bless. I have two small requests.

First, go to my website and type in your email.


This will allow you to receive each column I write directly. This will also allow you to forward it on to your friends, family, acquaintances, business contacts, everyone. We need to spread the word.

Second. We are in the process of building a network within Facebook. We are currently looking for ten people in each state on Facebook. We are looking for these people to join fifty like-minded groups and then share each column I write into the groups every time. Laura Watts Ruiz has graciously offered to oversee the network. Please contact her with your information and for any help you may need. As always I am here as well.

Joining groups on Facebook is easy and there are thousands of them. It takes exactly five seconds to join. It also takes about ten seconds to share my columns off your page into the groups. the math on this is even easier.

10 wonderful Americans per State joining together equals 500.

500 people sharing into 50 groups each is 25000 shares…and that is just the beginning.

Facebook has over one billion active accounts around the world. Theoretically we can never leave our homes…and change the world by showing a better way for America.

I am constantly being asked “how can I help?”

Or, “America is in trouble but I am only one person.”

One person is the only way anything ever changes and technology has changed the rules. It’s time to make technology work for freedom rather than against it.

You, me, the next person and so on. The beauty of this is it will not cost you a single penny, can be done from the comfort of your couch, and will only take twenty minutes. Now for those of you who love America and have the time press on!

Join as many groups on Facebook as you can and keep sharing. Don’t bother with follow up or comments. There will be plenty of good…and a few bad. Let it all go. You are the messengers. The message speaks for itself. You just spread the word one share at a time. We have about ten months. Other wonderful things are happening as we speak and I will update you as these things unfold. But for now, I need your help.

In service to your fellow brothers and sisters.

In service to Freedom.

In service to America.

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time


“We aren’t coming to take part…we are coming to take over”

As a child whenever anyone told me something couldn’t be done it always made me angry. I thought it a cowardly thing to say. Not to mention they were wrong. As a teenager and an adult I cannot remember ever being told I couldn’t accomplish my goal or dream.

Maybe it’s because I never asked permission to live my own life.

We have to stop asking permission of our government. They work for us. But to do this we have to be willing to serve; to put ourselves on the line. We have to stop saying “it will never change, they will ruin anyone good who steps up”.

Let them try.

We aren’t being asked to storm Normandy Beach or land on the Moon. We live in the freest country in the history of man. Technology allows for millions of like minds to come together in the blink of an eye from the comfort of our own homes. The cost of this is simply our time.

Just in the last month tens of thousands of shares, likes, and comments have arrived to columns I’ve posted. Ninety nine percent of these things were extremely positive (there’s been a few that had me laughing. I will share in a bit). America is full of wonderful people who have had enough. It is heartening, exciting, and humbling.

God bless you all.

This is what we need! Wonderful, freedom loving Americans clicking and sharing with each other. For those of you who’ve read Late Bird you are aware of the systemic changes needed to restore America. As many pontificate we continue to build our platform.

Shoulder to Shoulder.

One voice at a time.

The key to success isn’t education or intelligence. It isn’t personal appearance or who you may know.

The key to success is perseverance.

Every single day moving in the direction of our dream.

To restore a nation.

Two years ago I sat down with a mission to offer America a better way. To move outside my normal circle of giving and sharing and extend my hands as far as I could reach knowing there were millions of my countrymen and women who would extend their hands in return. I was right:) You’ve blessed me with your voices, your spirit, your passion.

A friend of mine (Tony Ruiz) said recently:

“We don’t need millions of dollars to elect a president…we need millions of voters”.

Amen brother. Amen.

That is why I started this mission and why we are all here now. To choose a different path. To embark on a new day for America through ethical leadership.

No campaign contributions, no salary, only serve one term, abolish all forms of income tax and close the border.

Free the great citizens of America to make our own choices.

To not be hobbled with crushing debt, overwhelming corruption, and never ending wars. To elect a leader who will make the hard choices none of these politicians will. To choose someone who will “grab the third rail of politics” and the fourth, fifth, and sixth until the “railing” is extinguished and the excuses stop.

To do this we have to continue communicating.

Please go to my website www.aleadernotapolitician.com and enter your email addresses.

This way you will receive each column in your inbox. This makes it easier to simply forward to the millions of others we will need for our journey to be successful. For those of you who’ve read Late Bird you know I will never ask or accept a single dime. But I will request your time. I need your voices and your fingers to share here on Facebook and to forward through your email. One voice at a time. The Big Fella upstairs will take care of the rest.

As referenced earlier I will now share some “comments” that had me laughing. As you can imagine these are from the ever loyal Obama supporter.

“I disagree with everything you said and will not even bother with a response”.

Well my friend…you just did. God bless and thanks for reading:)

“Why is it I searched through hundreds of comments and couldn’t find anyone who disagreed!”

Maybe because everyone here loves America and appreciates the truth…or maybe because I blocked, banned and deleted the occasional Obama supporter. This isn’t a propaganda page. This is a TRUTH page. Know the difference.

“Obama’s been great. The debt’s been cut in half.”

I know I know. Deep breath everyone. I can feel all of you shaking your heads. It’s okay. You should actually laugh at a statement like that. I know I did:)

“Just like you have a constitutional right to say what you feel, I have the right to tell you how I feel as well!”

Well…let’s provide this person with some knowledge.

First of all it isn’t the constitution that allows you to “say” what you “feel”.

So many things wrong with that sentence:)

You were given free will at birth…by God. Easy liberals…I know those three letters scare you. Is that why some of you don’t like dogs?

Back on point, your tongue allows you to “say” things. For the record it’s your skin that allows you to “feel” but I digress.

There is no constitutional requirement for me or any private citizen to have to listen to you.

I struggle to listen to the droning of lies on and on while facts are ignored.

Save it for your CAIR meetings.

Or maybe call in to all of your liberal talk radio shows across America and ask why Nancy Pelosi called Hamas a humanitarian organization or why Barbara Boxer was so surprised to hear about the “mass rape and sexual violence” happening in Iraq and Syria.

What’s that? There aren’t any liberal talk radio shows?

Hmmm…I wonder why?

Last but not least for your entertainment:

“Mr. Kraus, you really do have a talent and gift with the written word (why thank you) but it’s your facts I have trouble with (of course you do) and it’s because of this I will not be reading anymore of your columns”.

Wait a minute…did the uninvited just say they wouldn’t be coming back? Wow, now that’s what I call…progressive.

Finally I will finish with this.

Those of you out there who continue to behave in oppressive manners…let me be very clear.

You’ve pushed us too far.

You’ve mistaken kindness for weakness for too long.

The mistake is yours.

You may believe you handle the Lions of America.

You are very wrong.

So pay attention politicians in both parties.

As an illustrious “poet” once said:

“We aren’t coming to take part…We are coming to take over”.

Jason Kraus

Debt, Pimp, and Fruit Loops

When Barack Obama met with “Pimp with a Limp”…we were working.

When Obama met with Al Sharpton…we were working.

When Obama met with a woman who bathed herself in milk and Fruit Loops…we were working.

As stated previously those who’ve been with me for a while know how I feel about Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Disgust isn’t a strong enough word for these two.

Bill Clinton put us on this path with his deregulation of Wall Street and overtly racist housing programs. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd anyone?

Bush was even worse. Over the years America has counted on the “Republicans” to be the “adults” in government. Those days are over. Bush knew about the harm and the fraud taking place across America known as “ninja” loans. No Income No Job.

He also knew these things were being “packaged”, re-branded by ratings agencies and sold as “quality” investments around the world.

He knew about these incredibly real dangers to our economy, banking system, and currency and did nothing. Yes he gave a cursory warning and was ridiculed by Dodd and Frank. So what?

Do your job!

Protection of America from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Bush rolled the dice (as Obama is doing now) and figured he would be out of office before the Clinton Housing Bubble burst. He also believed most Americans would realize this mess started with Clinton.

As we know (and with so many other things) he was wrong.

It landed directly in his lap and many uninformed Americans believed and still believe this economic “crisis” was created by Bush.

Anybody willing to read knows this isn’t true. He may have been forgiven for his Ostrich approach had he not “mistaken” Saddam Hussein for Osama bin Laden.

To every Bush apologist left: Wake up. He was a horrendous President.

It is important to realize this for one reason. In fact I can explain to you in one sentence why anyone left supporting Bush or Cheney is hurting America.

They opened the door for Barack Obama. Not once but twice.

America was still so jaded from Bush’s policies she re-elected a NIGHTMARE. We couldn’t have asked for a worst penance.

I will completely ignore Obama’s outright lies about Afghanistan and Iraq.

I will ignore his usage of the IRS.

I will ignore Brian Terry, Cheryl Atkinson, and the wire tapping of AP reporters.

I will ignore the brutal murder of a young girl from Chicago who was gunned down in the streets after sharing her beautiful voice with the man who promised to make those streets safer.

I will ignore that Obama made famous habitual criminals while inciting violence through various sources towards the men and women in law enforcement who help keep us safe.

I will ignore his almost doubling of welfare/food stamps.

I will ignore his proclivity to talk about the color of Americans skin.

I will ignore his tacit approval of the Federal Reserve to artificially inflate the stock market and housing.

In my lifetime I’ve experienced two stock and housing market booms and busts. We are experiencing number three.

I will ignore his changing of the way employment and deficit numbers are measured to improve his talking points.

I will NOT ignore the debt. I will not ignore the debt for one reason.

It will not ignore us.

It will not take pity on America.

Debt is economic slavery and when it is pervasive will “transform” any society. The only thing more dangerous to a society is outright mayhem.

Murder, rape, and pillage.

Just look to Iraq, Venezuela, or many countries in Africa for an example of societal despair and destruction.

Debt is America’s killer. Clinton left us with a manageable amount. Bush was worse.

The debt allowed to accrue under the leadership of Obama is beyond dangerous. Obama supporters: you ignore the truth at your own peril.

Although the pain of debt will hit everyone, except Clinton, Bush, and Obama and their friends, it will not pick and choose amongst the rest of us.

The difference will be all Federal programs will be crushed or eliminated. The millions of us financially responsible private sector Americans will get hit with mind numbing taxes (which is already happening now).

The irresponsible will lose most or all of their government entitlements. Even if the government continues to send housing subsidies, food vouchers, and medical insurance promises, it won’t matter. The eventual stagflation that will take place will dramatically lessen your ability to buy anything. As is happening already private business will stop “accepting” certain types of payment.

Still not convinced? Let me try it a different way.

When Obama leaves office our debt will be around twenty trillion dollars. $20,000,000,000,000.

The Federal Government receives in taxes from those of us involved in Capitalism around four trillion a year.

If the government stopped spending right now it would still take us 5 years to pay off the debt, without even factoring in the interest.

This means no social programs, no medicare, no social security, no MILITARY.

God bless our wonderful soldiers. The overwhelming amount would probably volunteer to protect America for free. But it wouldn’t matter. There wouldn’t be any money to house, feed, or provide them with weapons.

I can hear the liberals now. “This will never happen”.

It’s already started.

Obama explicitly warned and threatened that social security and military wouldn’t be paid during the last fight over raising the debt ceiling…if it wasn’t raised.

Please pay attention Obama supporters.

Your wonderful leader who lies to OUR faces on a consistent basis told everyone that the government would shut down without a debt ceiling increase.

Those are his words not mine.

Although I don’t believe him on virtually anything else he is right.

Had the debt ceiling not been raised every single Federal program would have taken a financial beating. Why is this? Because we don’t have the money to fund all of these things AND pay just the interest on the debt.

Again his words not mine.

When you have to borrow to survive what will you do when no one will loan you anymore money? It’s simple. You either take care of yourself…or you die.

Barack Obama stated George Bush was unpatriotic for increasing our debt. He was right. Obama makes Bush look like a child in this regard.

Barack Obama also said “we don’t have a problem with debt right now but if we don’t do something we will in ten years”.

He then stacked on trillions more.

He’s playing the Bush card.

He doesn’t think all of these economic forces will land on him.

The difference in this regard is Bush ignored Clinton’s fraudulent creation.

Obama is repeating it and “hoping” he will be out of office
before this house of debt comes crashing amongst us all.

His “hopes” may be fulfilled.

Regardless, when that last piece of straw hits the camel…the camel is going down.

Now you may hear some “intellectuals” blather on about how the Fed and Obama saved us. They couldn’t be more wrong. The government created the avenues for this to happen.

When the sheep dog sleeps the wolves will eat.

You don’t get to rob me and then sell me a “security” system.

But that’s exactly what has happened through three presidents and two corrupt political parties.

When politicians start using words like “Quantitative Easing” (something most of them cannot coherently explain) or “Government mandated affordable subsidized health care” (something none of them believe; Gruber anyone?) your brain should immediately warn you. Your amygdala should be sending serious messages to the rest of your body.

Now…we do have a way to fix this.

But we have to really grasp the seriousness of this issue.

Cancer can be removed if caught early in most people.

But when it spreads (like debt) to too many sections of the body, (economy) doctors start talking about making the patient “comfortable” (QE) because they know there is nothing they can do.

Our current leadership thinks this way. Just keep them “comfortable” (voters) until it is the next person’s turn.

We’ll call it Hope and Change.

Right now “comfortable” looks like tens of millions of Americans receiving some kind of check from the government. Many of them are doing an excellent job. Our military, FBI, and CIA are paid from the government. But when the money runs out…it runs out for everything. In fact it already has.

To fix these issues we have to do two things.

Abolish all income, capital gains, corporation, and inheritance taxes. There is a detailed plan in my book. Late Bird. This will be replaced by a consumption tax. Once the debt has been paid off the consumption tax will be lessened and eventually removed with the creation of an American energy policy based in large part on natural gas. A policy that will benefit every American and still work within the Capitalistic system that must stay in place. Don’t bother arguing with me liberals. Just read the book.

The border must be closed. No society can allow the weakest amongst us to be abused. Any society allowing for this will collapse. The border is a magnet for murder, rape, and slavery. It must be closed for American safety and prosperity. It must be closed on a humanitarian basis. Once America has restored her shine we will gladly offer our help to Mexico and other pro-freedom countries in our vicinity by rebuilding their ecosystems through responsible trade agreements. Not NAFTA.

It’s up to you America. New systems offered by someone who loves our country, will not accept any campaign contributions, will only serve one term, and not take a salary.

Or crushing debt while Democratic and Republican politicians lie straight to our faces continuing to steal money from us through negative interest rates, per inflation, on our savings accounts and egregious tax policies that follow us after we no longer draw breath.

We can do this. You just have to believe and then take each step with me one day, one voice at a time.

I am ready to serve you.

Are you ready to serve America?


Jason Kraus

Roar With Me

I love these United States. I thank the Big Fella Upstairs everyday that I was born in America. It is the greatest home field advantage known to man. So while I am on the planet I demand of myself to always have the American experience.


The founders of our great Constitutional Republic (we are not a democracy) knew exactly what they were doing when they created the 1st Amendment and ranked first the freedom of speech. I’m sure I will hear from some attorney that the amendments all carry the same weight and legal importance. Just another reason we don’t need anymore attorneys in any level of government. The important things always come first. That’s why dessert is last.

Yesterday I posted a column about the State of the Union speech given on Tuesday. America was ready and you roared! Just in the first twenty four hours the Lions of America took the column and shared it over four hundred times. Amen brothers and sisters! Let the truth be known!

Of course I did hear from a few Obama supporters. It’s okay. As I’ve said in the past everyone is welcome to comment. But just because they are welcome doesn’t mean the things they are saying are factual. They aren’t. One seemingly well intentioned Obama supporter asked “can’t we all just get along?”

Well…that’s kind of how we got here in the first place.

For those of you who’ve been with me for a while you know I wrote a column on CO-EXISTING and you know how I feel about it. For those of you interested just scroll down the page. Co-existing is the same as “can’t we all just get along?”

Well sure. I and millions of Americans like me are nice, hard working, personally responsible people. We work hard, save our money, protect our neighborhoods, donate to charities, etc. We are easy to get along with until…

You call us racists, homophobes, or bigots. We don’t take kindly to these terms. Not because we care what you think. We don’t. We don’t like it because it isn’t true. Most of us are live and let live people, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone or yourself. But when you decide to harm others…we aren’t going to get along.

If you think pedophiles and rapists deserve a second chance…we aren’t going to get along.

If you think treating women and children like property under the guise of religion is okay…we aren’t going to get along.

If you think elected leaders crushing us with debt and lying to us is okay…we aren’t going to get along.

If you think Barack Obama is doing a good job…we aren’t going to get along.

If you think George Bush did a good job…we aren’t going to get along.

And if you think criticizing any American Soldier while they put their lives on the line serving our country and following orders is okay…trust me…we will never get along.

For those of you out there who believe it’s okay to “get along” with this type of belief system…well…that’s a You problem…and a big one at that.

I’ve been fighting bullies my entire life. I will never “get along” with oppression. I and millions like me will defend others against the things listed above and even though our American Soldiers don’t need protection, as the Big Fella Upstairs has our backs, we will have theirs.

God bless the greatest nation in the history of man!

Roar with me.

Leadership by moral default

Over the last few years I’d stopped watching the State of the Union address. Listening to a man reading words written by someone else was uninspiring. Never mind the distortion, disinformation, and dishonesty.

But even if I was willing to go with Obama’s facts (I know…an oxymoron. No Obama supporters I didn’t call him a moron. Break out the dictionary) I was saddened by his tone. Not surprised, or even angry. By now we should know what we have in this man. If it walks and talks…you know the rest.

Sad, because of the incredible opportunity he has had for the last six years. Any moral human being would have made so many different choices. Even a decent person with horrible aim will hit the target once in a while.

It makes one wonder.

I cannot think of one thing he has done to benefit the poor. Not one.

Increasing welfare/food stamps? This actually hurts the poor.

Raising taxes on everything imaginable hurts the poor more than the wealthy. The wealthy simply cut back when necessary lessening their consumption. Consumption (and debt) is the driving force for our economy. It shouldn’t be but this is the system in place right now. When you lessen consumption you slow job growth which creates, yep you guessed it, less jobs.

Forcing poor people to purchase health “insurance” that they cannot afford? What are they insuring? Right now if they go to the emergency room they are given care for free…whether they are a citizen or not.

Allowing and encouraging the inflow of illegal aliens? The overwhelming majority migrate to the “poor” communities. Crime increases in these neighborhoods as “third world” problems are brought to America. Drugs, gangs, slavery (sorry, let me politically correct that for you) “human trafficking” are all on the rise in America. We know for a fact every day the border isn’t shut women and children are being beaten, raped, sold, and murdered.

Why does he not care? Are the women the wrong gender? Do the children not matter because they don’t “look like his son if he had one?”

We hear from him when a street thug attacks a police officer (racism) but he is silent when political cartoonists are murdered at their place of business. He has plenty of time for Iran and Al Sharpton but none for Israel or Andrew Tahmooressi.

Last night as he continued I kept hearing “America is better now than we were before I arrived”. “We are better because of the things we’ve done”.

We really means “me”.

“America is better because of me. It’s what I’ve done that saved the planet from destruction! Now listen to me you stupid people. Don’t worry about the almost doubling of the debt or the lowest participation rate of American workers ever (please liberals don’t talk to me about the retiring Boomers). Those things don’t matter. And don’t worry about bombs going off in Boston, “workplace violence” at Fort Hood, or be-headings around the world…ssshhh! If I don’t talk about it then it didn’t happen in Oklahoma. No no silly people. Our biggest problem aside from you losing me in two years is…climate change!”

Truly, truly sad.

But what stuck out the most was the boasting.

Those that can…do.

We don’t talk about it. We get things done.

Those that can’t…brag.

How many times have you heard someone telling you how tough they are, or how rich they are, or how nice they are to only find out you’ve been talking to a whiny, broke, jerk.

Leaders give credit and take blame. Not the other way around.

Had he stood up there and said “You did this America, and you did that America and we will make sure it continues on” his credibility would have increased.

His facts would still be wrong but everyone likes a pat on the back.

That’s what leaders do. Give credit, inspire, make the tough calls.

They don’t announce they won’t be running again and then make a snarky “I won” comment to the crowd.

Was the applause from the Republicans childish when he made his announcement? Yes…and then he jumped in the pool with them yelling cannonball.

This kind of leadership is found in Pakistan.

It’s not suppose to be found in America.