Spartacus, Soda, and Sessions

Are humans, overall, decreasing in intelligence?

Surprisingly no, but the woman who is claiming to have PTSD because of “shopping while fat” is giving me a STRONG pause. Fortunately I came across what one person called the comment of the week that stated, “she does have PTSD as in Put The Soda Down.”

With that small phrase my faith in humanity was restored.

At least until Cory Booker shrieks and releases more already released emails while calling himself Spartacus. I didn’t think it was possible to make Maxine Waters look smart, or sober, but between Booker and Kamala Harris hope springs eternal!

Still it does seem like things are heading down the wrong path because too many are simply taking up space and virtually every member of the “free press” falls into the taking up space category.

Self-proclaimed and anointed arbiters of “good” willing to dictate the destinations of others by whatever means necessary.

Those running the media prove this everyday with stories that are fantastical in nature yet have zero facts.

Because of this it feels as though things are spiraling out of control.

Are they?

Yes and no.

The reason it feels this way is that there’s simply more humans than ever on the planet and technology lets stories, good or bad, travel in the blink of an eye, where in earlier days they would have taken weeks, months, years, or were never shared.

Humans are also voyeuristic and nosy by nature.

It is the rare man or woman indeed who shies away from verbal sharing found in stories or gossip.

More humans, more stories.  Faster spreading of stories equals more gossip. Factor in the protection of doing this on a laptop in the privacy and safety of your own house, or your cell phone, (wait until 5G takes hold) and things can quickly get out of control.

Today’s “gossip” is known as the “anonymous source” as we witnessed this week with a New York Times op-ed about “resisters” working in the Trump White House. A completely fictional tale (probably written by someone at the Times) similar to most of Bob Woodward’s work, that attempts to show a chaotic scene filled with bizarre rantings of the man in charge.

The problem with this is none of it ever happened but it fits the narrative for the “unwashed masses” and attempts to weakly fall back under the protection of the 1st Amendment.

For the Liberals out there I am referring to the Freedom of the Press.

Also for the Liberals out there Lies and/or Subversive tactics are not protected under the 1st Amendment.

One may lie as a private citizen but when lies are used to target citizens through the Press, crimes have been committed.

Of course as long as Jeff Sessions is Attorney General the only Americans to be charged with crimes are Congressional Republicans right before the 2018 mid-terms.

Thanks Beauregard!

I digress.

If today’s media were required to name their sources few factual stories would ever be written. Because of this today’s media is nothing but gossip, half baked opinions and overt lies.

Yet technology allows it to spread across the world, changing fortunes, lives, and causing death.

What are we to do?

Do we embrace this way of “communicating” and pound away at the lies and gossip?

Is it even possible for us to keep up with the propaganda being fed to humans everyday?

One example this week was the choice of Nike to thrust a man who hates the United States back into the news. It appears Nike is counting on Americans to not know the history of this man, is counting on enough anti-American humans to purchase their products, or has changed their moniker from Just Do It to Just Don’t Care.

Colin Kaepernick and his muslim “girlfriend” are very closely associated with Linda Sarsour who among being a horrible person in her own right (and reportedly arrested at the Cavanaugh hearing), also wants to kill Jews. Linda Sarsour is associated with Louis Farrakhan who among being a horrible person also wants to kill Jews AND all white people.

Furthermore all three of these people support Hamas, whose primary goal, yep you guessed it, is to “kill Jews” and Western Civilization.

Yes this is the same Hamas that Nancy Pelosi said was a humanitarian organization.

Yes this is the same Louis Farrakhan who is friends with Barack Obama and attended the funeral of Aretha Franklin with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and William Jefferson Clinton while Ariana Grande was being groped.

“You make me feel like a natural woman.”

I’m sure they did Ariana.


Hang around with molesters one is bound to get molested.

Isn’t that right Pope Francis.

Now some will question what I have just written.  What are your sources Jason?

My sources are called YouTube.  You can watch or listen to these parasites say these things or see pictures of these events with smiles on their faces, except for Franny who thought it would be good to offer temporary rebates on his thirty pieces of silver.

(If this piece of excrement is anywhere in the vicinity of God, put me on the elevator in free fall, downtown.)

They might be bigots but they are proud bigots. This group isn’t hiding and of course what we know about pride is it goeth before the fall.

It seems every election cycle is always referred to as ” the most important election of our lives”.

In reality it is true because it is the current one.

The only one happening.

This election cycle will be no different.

I am hopeful the House of Representatives will remain in the hands of the inept Republicans rather than the traitorous Democrats.

For those of you who have been with me for a while you know I’ve traveled through America meeting Americans at different times on my dime and my time.

If this cycle goes down the wrong path my guess is Freedom will require me to again move through these United States.

I’m not coming to give speeches or talks about America, our Constitution, or Adam Smith.

I’m not coming to break bread or consume cocktails.

I will be coming to look you and yours in the eye so I will know who will be standing next to me shoulder to shoulder, to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.

We will not have any failure to communicate.

Words may not even be necessary.

Handshakes and head nods will suffice.

Ones and twos, threes and fours, tens and twenties.

Prepare to gather.

To whom much is given, much is expected.

We’ve been given the greatest country in the history of Man.

We shall fulfill those expectations.

In for a Penny, in for a Pound.

Jason Kraus

The week of the Dead

Markets hit new highs, trade deals were redone, and President Trump’s poll numbers continued to climb while the media decided to feed the masses many levels of death.

From a McCain to a Mollie to the mayhem and murder at a gaming conference the only thing that could pull them from their morbid trend was to work in the word Impeachment.

“Good evening and this is your five o’clock news.  Tonight we will start out with a murder, a rape, men on their knees and the Impeachment of Donald Trump. Thank goodness the NFL is back. Film at 11:00.”

It is truly amazing what comes across the internet, television, or radio these days.

The clickbait media took full advantage of the death of John McCain. From “patriot and hero” to “liar and traitor” the life of McCain was bandied about trying to milk as many comments, positive or negative, as possible.

The daily double was found in the attachment of Mr. Trump and the “Songbird” in the same article.

If you listen closely you can almost hear the editors at Yahoo and Google gleefully watching the comments stack up.

It even appears, according to the media, that McCain planned his own funeral, with Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Joe Biden being some of his choices as eulogists or pallbearers.

A treasonous trifecta to be sure.

I’d add that humans are typically judged and remembered by the company they keep but in today’s 24 hour news cycle John McCain will be gone before Labor Day arrives, not to mention until this week, the overwhelming majority of Americans couldn’t tell you who he was, what he did, or in which State he resided.

In retrospect “Thumbs Down” McCain should consider himself lucky that his “legacy” will be non-existent.

If a statue is ever built he won’t have to worry about it being torn down.

No one will care enough to bother.

Once McCain was no longer pertinent to the media it was a girl named Mollie’s turn. The media struggled a bit with this case as they weren’t sure whose side to take.

A Liberal woman or a Mexican national here illegally.

It was a tough call for the media after the Asia Argento fiasco.

They decided to play it safe and support the “poor struggling migrant” that stalked the Liberal and then stabbed her repeatedly to death.

I’m pretty sure Americans were expecting this but what was a bit of twist, and went unsurprisingly underreported, was Tibbetts support of Hillary Clinton, her belief in no borders, and her Twitter statement that she “hated White People.”

This was followed by her father saying he doesn’t judge Hispanics by one guy’s actions and that the Hispanics he knows are “Iowans with better food”.

It’s good to see he doesn’t judge “Hispanics” by the guy that murdered his daughter but rather the way “they” combine their calories.

Never mind the absurdity of the Tibbetts family in general it is a classic Liberal statement to not judge a “group” by the actions of one individual to then immediately judge a “group” by the actions of another individual.

Liberals make a strong case for the consumption of the Day After Pill everyday.

Of course at the rate they are going their White Guilt and allowance of crime will continue to be the reason many of them die as more and more illegals from all over the world crash land into these United States leaving thousands of victims in their wake.

For those who need more proof two dozen MS-13 members were just arrested in California, for among other things, 12 murders, and yes this was after Gavin Newsom promised them all free medical care.

Some psycho lost his mind at a gaming conference in Florida and started killing people because he reportedly “lost”.  Also “reported” (yes I use that term loosely) was his hatred for Donald Trump.

The “NeverTrumper” lost his match and then started shooting people. The only thing missing was his KKK/Antifa hood.

This week was wrapped up by CNN attacking President Trump by “covering” the funeral of Aretha Franklin and MSNBS attempting to partake in a spelling bee.

R-E-S-P-I-C-T pretty much says it all.

I’d like to leave you today on a positive so I will reiterate Markets hit new highs, trade deals were redone, and President Trump’s poll numbers continued to climb.

We continue forward, citizens of the greatest country in the history of Man, cemented in our beliefs, free with our speech.

Locked and loaded.

Jason Kraus

White Paper

For a while now I’ve continued to receive two questions.

The first one is When?

When do we come off the sidelines and overtly correct the problem in Washington D.C.?

Currently I believe we stay the course with President Trump and allow the possibility of the “peaceful transference of power” to occur through voting.

This doesn’t mean we don’t prepare and I’ve yet to receive a question from anyone on “how to prepare”.

Americans know how and are currently at the ready.

The second question that occurs is How?

If the powers that be push us beyond this point, and voting no longer works, “how” do we fix this?

I get this all the time.


There is a term referred to as a White Paper.

A White Paper takes a specific issue, concept, or possibility and provides among many things a hypothetical solution to the stated problem. Institutions, Universities, and Governments request White Papers be written on a plethora of subjects, usually highly controversial, and many times are not signed by the author or authors, because of the material.

PREMISE: The United States House of Representatives impeaches Donald Trump and sends the Impeachment to the Senate. The Senate then Convicts and Removes President Trump.  Enough of the American Citizenry decides the current government is no longer viable or acting with Constitutional authority as Mr. Trump did nothing that qualified as Treasonous, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors and wants to remove all members who voted in the affirmative against Mr. Trump.

Waiting for the next election is no longer an option as too many don’t trust the system anymore.

Question: Without voting or recall how do Americans remove all members of Congress who voted to Impeach/Convict Donald Trump?

(1) Lawfully every County Sheriff in these United States has the power to “deputize” any and all citizens in their County by asking them to raise their right hands and repeat after me.

Thirty-seconds later each County Sheriff could potentially have as many deputies as humans located in their selective counties.  In a country of 300 million it would take very little time for a couple dozen Sheriffs across America to put together five hundred thousand armed deputies and march to Washington.  Upon the arrival of such a force it is statistically presumable that local law enforcement in Washington D.C. would step aside.

Some out of agreement and solidarity, some being practical, and some out of fear.

(2) In the absence of the County Sheriffs, armed American Citizens gather in groups all over America and march on Washington D.C..

Lawfully every American carrying a weapon would be protected by the 2nd Amendment.

In a country of 300 million, specifically these United States, once the “call” rang true it is foreseeable that hundreds would start the trek, picking up thousands, and within a 24-hour media cycle millions would be on the way. Upon the arrival of such a force of Americans it is again statistically presumable that local law enforcement in Washington D.C. would step aside.

Some out of agreement and solidarity, some simply being practical, and some out of fear.

Topography, Logistics, and Timing.

One of the greatest barriers to moving large groups of Humans has always been topography.

The United States has a wide variety of locations with very distinct settings and weather. Furthermore those in the Western part of the country would need more time to travel to the East Coast. Assuming that could be scheduled properly the logistics of that many Humans moving towards one destination across America would be staggering. Many would arrive within 24 hours. Others in 48 hours and even more coming in at the 72 and 96 hour mark. Water, food, shelter, bathrooms, and trash would all have to be dealt with never mind fuel and communications. Again having that many bodies traveling in one direction would clog and possibly shutdown many roads and highways and leave bare many small stores and gas stations along the way.

Even if all this “political” upheaval didn’t slow down or stop the point to point almost out delivery cycle of goods that has been created in America (and it probably would) the delivery trucks would have a very difficult time getting through the jammed roads, some of the delivery drivers would themselves be headed to Washington D.C. and looting would invariably take place.

Adding in stress, stupidity, criminal activity, and the lack of law enforcement able to respond to such a large group, injuries and deaths, would occur.

Due to these overriding factors, and a few more left uncovered because of time constraints, it is my estimation that regardless of which type of group were to march to Washington D.C. that group would have to be at least one hundred thousand in strength but no more than three hundred thousand because of logistics. Furthermore the time frame for arrival should be five days, no longer than seven, as logistics, locus of control, and the ability of the Congress to flee would increase with every hour.

A secondary force could be created with the rest of the Americans to allow reinforcements in at fifty-thousand at a time if needed. Many of them could also be used to locate any and all members of Congress who fled as most of them would head back to their home States, Cities, and Towns. Humans are very predictable.  Most Members of Congress will prove to be no different.

It cannot be stressed enough how important the help of Americans across the nation will be to their fellow Citizens to get them through the United States as quickly as possible to their intended location.

Assuming enough Americans make it through with their personal logistics in place and arrive at the right time, as stated earlier, the overwhelming show of force should move law enforcement off the grid. From there it is but a simple walk into the House and the Senate where most of the politicians will be found crying, apologizing, and begging for their lives.

This is where the rage currently found in America could be unleashed onto a few members of Congress that are undeserved.

Because of this the Leaders of this Citizen Army MUST be at the front in order to identify the traitors and protect the patriotic.

It is difficult to assess injuries/casualties in this manner due to a wide range of uncertainties and unknowns but it is highly likely both will occur.

It is highly unlikely many current members of Congress will survive.

A famous quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson states, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

I look forward to the day when no more blood need be shed but until that day comes let the tyrants bleed until they have no more blood to give.

Jason Kraus



Many years ago I worked for a large corporation. My title was General Manager. For those of you who’ve read Late Bird some of this may sound familiar.

Through a six month process, negotiations for my compensation took place. At the end of the “negotiations” all the promises that had been made to me were unkept.

I advised my employer that unless the things that were promised were delivered, I would no longer be available for them to negotiate with.

Twenty-four hours later I was told that nothing would change. Ten seconds after this was shared with me I informed them that I was giving my two week notice.

That was on a late Friday afternoon.

Monday morning I was greeted in my office by an individual asking for my keys and anything else I may have in my vehicle that was the property of the company. I was politely informed my presence was no longer wanted, given whatever amount of time I needed to pack up my belongings, and was watched while doing so.

Once this was completed I was followed to the front door and then exited the premises. I have no doubt the security code on the building was changed IMMEDIATELY.

I didn’t take any of this personally.

The powers that be wanted to secure their business.

I thought it a bit dramatic and a little silly due to the fact that they’d trusted me with their business for a while and I’d produced well beyond their goals but humans tend to treat other humans the way THEY think.

Liars, cheats, and thieves believe everyone else is as well.

Of course this was a private business locking down their perimeter.

No one was going to die if they didn’t, unlike the United States Government.

I support President Trump and just like every human on the planet there is a learning curve in new situations.

The first thing done, when the Trump Administration took over, should have been the removal of all security clearances from anyone in the Obama, Bush, Clinton Administrations, still in place.

Emergency NEW clearances could have been issued on a case by case basis in need to know events.

With the Chinese, Pakistanis, and the Muslim Brotherhood inside the Senate, the DNC, and the White House it’s very clear some of our enemies are inside the gate.


Pakistanis/Clinton, Wasserman-Shultz, Xavier Becerra.

Muslim Brotherhood/Jarret, Obama, Van Jones

Just in case you Liberals don’t want to believe your “heroes” are traitors.

The RINO’s aren’t without blame. Bush Junior said something ridiculous about finding a soul in Putin’s eyes.

Obama must have seen it too as he practiced his “flexibility” for the Russian thug by doing his favorite yoga pose.

Downward facing dog.

My apologies to Man’s best friend.

We also know the RINO’s lead by Ryan and McConnell don’t want border security otherwise it would have happened by now.

The infamous Chris Matthews, ye of the tingling leg, once said the Democrats want the border open for the votes, the Republicans want it open for the cheap labor.

He’s not right about many things but he’s not wrong about this one.

We have enemies to Freedom everywhere in our government.

Removing their security clearances should be the first step followed by telling them to put their hands behind their backs as they are perp walked into the light and then thrown in the clink and released into General Population.

Let’s make the regulars in jail earn a living by taking care of our light work.

We have foreign nationals running amok in America that need our attention.

Treason is punishable by death.

Foreign nationals on our soil, uninvited, killing our citizens, is an act of war.

Let’s enforce the law and then as the saying goes “let God sort them out”.

Jason Kraus

Perverts, Pelosi, and Politicians

Liberals see what they want to see.

Years ago a junior Senator named Barack Obama gave a speech at a convention (probably written by Aaron Sorkin) and the Progressives discovered their new “It Girl”.

Obama without a teleprompter is George W. Bush without the drawl or the creepy “he he he”.

Just another babbling, stuttering idiot that drank, smoked, and snorted (fill in the blank here) but Liberals saw what they wanted to see.

A non white face.

Never mind that Barack is friends with someone who bombed the United States, (“What does Obama and Osama (bin Laden) have in common?  They both have friends who bombed the Pentagon.”) is friends with a raging bigot who called for the killing of all white people and Jews, and sat in a church that hates the United States so much the pastor called for “God to damn America”.

Bill Ayers.

Louis Farrakhan.

Jeremiah Wright.

There you go Liberals, just in case you wanted to say this was “fake news”.

I’m sure you can go to Snopes and they’ll make you feel better about the second coming of James Earl Carter.

Your New Normal Messiah Twins.

They of zero intelligence and overt anti-Semitism.

Nobel Peace Prizes for all.

Then again it doesn’t really matter anymore.

They see what they want to see.

They’re like the welfare queens or baby daddies that ignore, molest, assault their children then show up at courthouses, jails, and prisons and blame the “Man” for keeping their “sweet, never hurt a fly children” down.

“He be a good boy.”

He be something alright.

They’re the Democratic Socialists screaming how Trump is getting rich off the little guy while The President has paid more in taxes than 90 percent of their voting base COMBINED.

Liberals are the Nazis of today with their support of Hamas, (Nancy Pelosi called them a Humanitarian Organization) whom hate the Sons and Daughters of Abraham, while “Hitler” Trump moved our embassy to Jerusalem and resumed the sanctions removed by Barry Soetero on Iran, a country that funds Hamas.

Furthermore under Trump policies reported statistical unemployment in the United States is at all-time lows for humans whom the Press judge by the black and brown color of their skin.

Adolph called these humans “mud people” and murdered them.

The President calls them Citizens and through deregulation has created an environment that empowers them.

If Donald Trump is a Nazi he sure has a funny way of showing it.

They’re the bonafide morons screaming about Democracy and how “majority rules” while demanding the Individual Rights of a Constitution they’ve never read, and a Republic, they don’t understand.

They don’t want to work.  They now want “guaranteed jobs” and a “basic income”.

They don’t want to take care of themselves.  They now want “free healthcare”.

They don’t want to learn.  They want “free education”.

Give em books and they eat the pages.

The sad thing is, at this pace, it won’t be too much longer before they will be provided with a “free education”.

Just like anything that’s free in life, it always comes, with an incredible cost.

A cost most of them will not be able to bear.

I guess the good news is they won’t be needing the “free healthcare” anymore and they’ll be plenty of “shovel ready jobs” or jobs ready for a shovel.

They see what they want to see and they hear what they want to hear but I guarantee they won’t be ready for the “touchy feely” part of the program.

The one eyed man is king among the blind.

They don’t even have a one eyed man.

They have perverts, a Pelosi, and politicians.

Synonymous stupidity also known as an abomination of abusive alliteration.

The deaf, dumb, and blind crowd kneeling for Allah and on the neck of the Red, White, and Blue while under protection of these United States.

They see what they want to see.

It’s time we see them for what they are not.


We hold these truths to be self-evident.

The evidence is clear.

The duty is ours.

Seek and ye shall find.

Let us do unto Liberals as they have done unto us.

Jason Kraus

Fire Jeff Sessions

It’s time Mr. President.

It’s well past time.

Your stewardship of the economy, our military and the nation has been exemplary. Your pride, passion, and continued leadership from the front has been enjoyed and respected. Finally, your energy is something to be recognized and applauded.

I say this with respect Mr. Trump.

Jeff Sessions has to be removed.



Post haste.

Furthermore your new choice for Attorney General must remove a good portion of the FBI, most of the Justice Department, and not only shut down the Mueller investigation but also indict anyone connected, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush for abuse of power and crimes against these United States.

The longer Jeff Sessions is in power, the more cover he provides, for the aforementioned yet to be indicted criminals.

The longer Jeff Sessions is in power the more difficult it becomes to convince many out of touch Americans that the criminals involved with many illegals acts, including benefiting Russia and Putin, were the DEMOCRATS.

Rightfully so many Liberals use the excuse “if Hillary had done anything why hasn’t Trump done anything about it?”

It’s a logical question coming from illogical minds.

There must be consequences, or the practice will repeat, over and over again.

This is Human Behavior 101.

It’s time President Trump.

I remember the night you were elected to serve We the People.

I remember watching you walk out onto the stage realizing the enormity of what was in front of you.

I remember the change in your physical appearance as humility took over.

I said then “we are going to be just fine” realizing that YOU realized the immense responsibility given to you.

Hiring Reince Preibus was a mistake that you were able to correct but not before he did damage to you and America.

Allowing James Comey to stay on as FBI Director was a grievous error, that you were able to correct, but not before he did incredible damage to you and America.

Damage that continues to grow to this day.

Some are talking about “Q”.

Others are talking about “20,000 sealed indictments”.

Don’t want to hear it.

Unless you are working the greatest subterfuge known to Man, Jeff Sessions is harming you and America at tremendous proportions, known and even worse, unknown.

It’s very clear that Sessions isn’t willing to indict anybody above a certain security clearance.

I abhor the traitor Eric Holder but even he had more intestinal fortitude than Jefferson Beauregard Sessions The Third.

Sessions is a cancer and the longer cancer is allowed to spread unchecked, the greater the damage, until the damage is so severe it kills the host.

You are the host.

We are the host.

America is the host.

We’re done hosting the Democratic Party.

We’re done with the RINO Party as well.

It’s time to pull the pin and throw this grenade.

You may receive some flak from the Liberals, but with them you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


Your greatest protectors are the People of these United States, ready and at the waiting for the call should you feel our presence necessary.

What is immediately necessary is the removal of Jeff Sessions.


Right now.

A free society must have its best, its bravest, its brightest at the front.

Jeff Sessions is none of these things, is harming you personally, and more importantly, harming this country.

The greatest threat to America is not Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea.

The greatest threat to America is coming from within.

We put you there for a reason Mr. President.

Drain the swamp and drop the hammer.

Plenty of nails to pound.

Too many think they are “untouchable”.

Time to reach out and “touch someone”.

Jason Kraus

Just Stop Talking

President Trump had quite a week. Markets soared, the economy roared, and the EU was shaken to their core.  While the Red White and Blue surged forward the Blue Wave circled the drain and continued to screech unintelligible things.

After a reporter from CNN was “banned” from a White House function because of poor behavior, Lou Dobbs posed the question “who the hell are you” to CNN. I thoroughly enjoy Lou but we all know who they are.  They are the network that fed Hillary Clinton the debate questions, and presumably the answers, as we all know Hillary was struggling while having to be carried and thrown into a vehicle.

The question should have been when did Hillary graduate from her Chairman Mao outfit to a full blown moo moo.

Maxine Waters stated “The Democratic Party is not a Socialist Party.”  The “Sharia Compliant” supporting Farrakhan loving Waters finally got something right. The Democratic Party is the Party of La Raza, Hamas, and greed.

Mad Max isn’t “sharing” her ill gotten gains with anyone.

Speaking of Socialism’s current flavor of the month, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t sure where Israel is actually located, but she is one hundred percent sure the Jews are oppressing the Palestinians.  Free medical, free healthcare, and Free Hamas. Sounds like the “protestors standing guard” outside of the aforementioned Waters office in Southern California as they ripped an American Flag off of a moving vehicle, and burned it in the street while chanting “black power, brown power, union power”.

I’m familiar with nuclear power, gas power, and the Tower of Power but the other three….oy vey.

Cortez proclaimed to be for women’s rights standing right next to Bernie Sanders. I wonder when someone is going to ask her if she “fantasizes about being raped simultaneously by three different men while having sex”.

A well known singer was apparently rushed to the hospital after “partying” all night. Someone in the music industry overdosing on drugs isn’t really news until you realize this singer was on the election trail and stage stumping for Hillary Clinton.

Yep, Demi Lovato was “with Her”.

Due to Hillary blaming EVERYONE and EVERYTHING for her “loss” one has to wonder whether the singer finally took the heat. Of course this was probably just your garden variety rockstar overdose as the woman didn’t die, unlike too many people, too close to the Clintons over the years.

We still don’t know what happened to Seth Rich but I feel quite certain Donna Brazile has an idea.

Apparently the 150 BILLION Obama gave the Iranians wasn’t enough to quiet their nerves. A “special forces” Iranian decided to threaten President Trump and America with our complete destruction. They can’t handle women walking on the streets with their heads uncovered but they are going to wipe out these United States.

Sounds more special needs than special forces but that’s Barack. Throwing our money down a Shiite rat hole.

Thanks Valerie Jarrett!

I know Progressives (see idiots) will say that it was “Iran’s money” and we were just “holding it for them”.

Using this logic we should allow criminals to rob banks, arrest them, and then “return the money” to the robber.

Mark Hamill thought he would be funny on Twitter pretending to not dismantle Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. He reminds me of someone who didn’t get enough attention from Daddy and spends too much time playing with his light saber.

I am hoping Trump tweets him with “Luke I am your Father. Just call me Big Papa.”

I could continue on with stories of the Stupid Humans but why bother. Due to the inanity and insanity shown daily by Liberals I think it is time for a new moniker.  Rather than Stupid Humans we will now refer to them as Just Stop Talking.

From this point further for the survival of Humanity anytime anyone crosses the path of a Liberal point directly at them, and state for all to hear:


Finally, like an almost born baby the NFL continues to labor with our National Anthem.

We shouldn’t be surprised as Stupid Humans will always struggle with the most basic of concepts. To ensure that I am understood I will explain myself using one syllable words.

Get off your knees mo rons.

Jason Kraus

In God We Trust

Trust but verify?


If someone is trusted then verification has already happened. If verification is now happening there is no trust. Let’s take for example the United States Government.

The NSA has been eavesdropping on us for years.

The CIA has been spying on us for years.

The FBI has been lying to us for years.

These are undisputed FACTS.

Of course President Trump doesn’t trust them.

I don’t either.

Many years ago I worked in Law Enforcement.  The “front line” staff was a collection of good and bad, hard-working and lazy.

I had co-workers I enjoyed and trusted and I had co-workers I disliked and “verified” when necessary in order to do my job safely and to the best of my ability.

The further up the food chain one went the worse the stench became.

The fish does absolutely stink from the top and the fish in Washington D.C. are rotten to the core.

We don’t trust ANYONE in government which is why we sent Donald Trump to VERIFY.

Dear President Trump.  You need only call and we will be there IN PERSON exercising our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights in protection of these United States, Freedom, and your personal safety.

In God We Trust.

All others must be verified.

You see God is easy to trust. The Big Fella Upstairs granted Free Will to each and every one of us. No expectations.  No requirements. Each and every one of us has the power to make our own decisions.

It is the greatest gift given to Man. It is the ultimate example of Love.

Giving to others without expectation.

Trusting us to do better, be better, without verification.

Politicians are NOT God(s).

We’ve given them our trust to only be betrayed.

There is nothing left to verify.

The only thing left is pursuit.

Pursuit of  the Truth?


We already know the Truth.

If you don’t know our government is corrupt at all levels then you are part of the problem.

Pursuit of Justice?

It’s too late for Justice.

The supposed blindness of Justice has been joined by dumb and deafness as well.

Million of Americans have suffered, and continue to do so, while tens of thousands of Americans have died, and continue to do so, due to the lack of the enforcement of Law.

Justice is long gone.


Too late.


Too late for that as well.

We hold THESE TRUTHS to be self-evident.

No verification required.

From this day forward in order to guarantee that current and future generations of these United States, known as Americans, will have the opportunity to pursue happiness, a transformation must occur.

Though the usage of the energetic quill and the strength of sound has been practiced, we find ourselves able to go no further with only these tools, as they have proven too easy to ignore.

The power of the Pen no longer protects the Righteous, the Free, the Brave.

As a point of fact the Pen is now doing more harm than good.

This should have happened years ago but we shall spend no time on the past until the present is steadfast.

Sight in your swords.

Be judicious with your actions and true to your mark.

Make the call Mr. President and then HOLD THE LINE.

We will take it from there.

Freedom First. Freedom Only.

America First.


Let the Reckoning begin.

Jason Kraus

Abortion: The New World Order

We live in a time where facts do not matter.

Where documents written hundreds of years ago with clarity and precision, that created the greatest nation in history, are now called lies.

I’ve dealt with humans like this before.  There are only three things, with which individuals like this, will respond.

The first is fear.

Fear is a very real thing, and for the overwhelming mass of ignorance on display today, fear is the most powerful check in place.

The second is a “cage”.

Jails and prisons actually work and today’s America needs a lot more if the violence happening all over the country is to be stopped. Furthermore the longer “chain migration” continues, the greater the need for more jails, prisons, and “cages” will occur.

The third is death.

A human no longer breathing loses the ability to further harm others, although the damage already done, can last decades for some and a lifetime for others.

For those of you who have been with me for years you know I live my life based on three rules.

Work hard, save my money, be beneficial to others.

I know it can seem a bit strange to have this philosophy and then explain the only way to deal with what is happening today is to either scare them so badly they don’t dare cross the line anymore, throw them all in prison, or remove them from the planet completely.

Sadly, as I mentioned previously, too many people don’t care about facts.

Obama pledged “flexibility” to Putin, Hillary hit the “reset” button then auctioned off Uranium to Russia, Angela Merkel of Germany does billion dollar deals with the Kremlin but it’s Donald Trump that is in bed with the Commies?

President Trump factually pointed out that the Germans are doing deals with the enemy, something they are historically known for (See Hitler and Stalin) while we pay and send our military to protect their country.

By the way Germans, we aren’t there, at your invitation.

We are there because you were conquered.

I digress.

Somehow the media, and tens of millions of Democrats, take this information and formulate the absurd premise that Mr. Trump is a Putin Puppet.

There is no one on the planet with a modicum of intelligence that believes this.

Only STUPID HUMANS have these thoughts, and every day as they are allowed to formulate/copulate, our Constitutional Republic gets a little weaker.

I know many are against abortion but the Democratic Party makes a pretty strong case for its continued practice.

What if we came up with a different meaning for abortion?

Rather than allowing the mutilation and profit off of babies still in the womb, we change the concept of late-term abortion to stretch, indefinitely, through one’s lifetime.

Instead of it being murder we can now call it our “right to choose” to not live with those who mean us harm.

Obama friend and supporter Louis Farrakhan calling for the killing of all Whites and Jews?


The sickening doctors who were caught on tape drinking wine and laughing/bragging about how much baby parts are worth?


Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, and Kamala Harris are all for killing six, seven, eight, and nine month old children but will not put to death adults that have killed children OUTSIDE the womb?

Abortion! Abortion! Abortion!

The incomparable Sharia compliant criminal traitor known as Maxine Waters who called for mobs to attack members of the Trump Administration?


Doesn’t sound so good now does it Progressives, but hey, “it’s my body my choice”.

We may be able to finally get on the same page with Abortion for All, Abortion on Demand, and paid for by the American TaxPayer.

We can start with abortions for the sitting members of Congress in the Democratic Party.

Don’t worry RINOS you’ll get your turn.

What’s good for one Liberal is good for another.

My guess is it wouldn’t be long before “abortion” was illegal in all fifty states.

Fifty-seven if you are an Obama supporter.

Then again they may not be here anymore.

Jason Kraus

Egomaniacs or Americans

There is no such thing as Socialism.

It is a ruse, a lie, a misdirection of hand.

As the infamous quote states, “there is a sucker born every minute”.

It appears the minutes pass much faster in Liberal Land.

The concept of Socialism is based in apathy and laziness which is why oppressive souls use this verbiage.

Everyone is the same.

There is no competition.

All occupations have equal value.

In Socialism there is one pie from which everyone gets an equal piece.

Heart surgeon to farmer, trash collector to teacher, all get an “equal” share.

There are multiple problems with this theory.

First, someone must decide what “equal” means and there will never be a time when everyone agrees on “equal”.

Second, there will always be humans who will not work and will still “take” their “fair share”.

Finally, the pie never grows.

It actually shrinks until there is nothing left.

Kind of like the now defunct U.S.S.R.

In case a Liberal is reading this, that acronym stands for the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.

Yep the U.S.S.R. fell apart and reverted back to being known as Russia.

Again for the Liberals this is the country Obama pledged “flexibility” to and Hillary allowed access to our Uranium.

Of course the Russians were never “Socialists”.

They are Communists lead by dictator(s) who over the years sided with Hitler in the beginning of World War II and have manipulated weak elected “leaders” of other countries.

See Angela Merkel, the Clintons, John Kerry, George W. Bush, and again Barry Soetoro.

Because of these issues Socialism doesn’t exist anywhere in the world and anyone who actually thinks so is wildly ignorant and/or lying to themselves.

Even Bernie “women fantasize about being raped by three men simultaneously” Sanders KNOWS the things he says are false.

He just doesn’t care as he’s making quite a “living” living off the hard work of Americans and the stupidity of too many voters in Vermont.

By the way Medicare and Social Security are not “Socialism”.

They are forced “insurance/retirement” plans that in many cases result in redistribution of wealth due to an apathetic and/or corrupt Federal Government at all levels. Furthermore both of these “programs” will indeed collapse when the Federal Government can no longer borrow or “print” the U.S. Dollar.

“Free college, free healthcare, free housing and food” are all myths.

Nothing is free.

Someone is paying for all of these things and in today’s America that someone is the American Taxpayer, and the current and future generations that will have to deal with the ramifications of tens of trillions in government debt, and hundreds of trillions of retirement promises that will not be kept.

What is happening is theft.

First they were Democrats, then they became Liberals, followed by Progressives.

They’ve now landed on Democratic Socialism.

It’s all Oppression whatever they want to call it and it moves around the world attacking Freedom at every turn.

Evil exists where good humans do nothing.

La Raza, Hamas, BLM, and ANTIFA are all found in the “Democratic Socialist” camp.

In other words the Democratic Party.

Of course some out there will ignore the truth or continue to provide their own “facts”.

Let’s use two particular individuals to explain how Freedom is egoless and Oppression is complete narcissism.

During the nightmare of Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was approached MANY times about retirement. She was begged, cajoled, and even guilt was attempted by members of the Democratic Party.  The concept was simple. Get out now while we are in charge and can name your replacement giving the Democrats a better chance at control with a younger even more “progressive” Justice.

Time after time she sent them away declining to retire.

Thankfully she did refuse but she didn’t make this decision in protection of these United States.

She made this decision in protection of her own ego, her pride, and her pathetic desire of self-importance.

Pride goeth before the fall.

On the contrary Anthony Kennedy took a look at the country and his roll and is willingly stepping aside allowing President Trump the opportunity to replace him.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Kennedy’s rulings over the years is irrelevant.

He is removing himself at the right time in protection of Freedom.

In protection of America.

Momentum has SLOWLY turned in our favor. This is not a time to relax rather we must push harder, faster, more diligent in our action, more forceful in our response until there is nothing left of the “left”.

One side is gnashing their teeth, digging in their finger nails, calling for mobs, and trying to hang on to their putrid cowardly ways.

The other side has planned, prepared, and matured through life and now willingly evacuating power so that others may step in unencumbered for a clean pass of the baton.

On the side of Oppression we have Democrats.

On the side of Freedom we have Americans.

Freedom will always prevail.

Freedom First.  Freedom only.

America First.


For all of those out there that are starting to #Walkaway you best get moving.

The lines have been drawn.

You better start running.

Jason Kraus