Me, #MeToo, Me Me Me


Sierra College is a junior college located in Rocklin, California. A friend of mine has a daughter who recently attended and told me “the first year at Sierra College is free.”

I looked at her quizzically for a second and said,”Are you sure? I went to Sierra many years ago and it wasn’t free for me.”

She said, “I thought it was crazy too but I checked it out and all first year students are allowed to attend classes free of charge.”

I thought about it for a second. I’ve never received anything for free that had any value but I am also aware that college in California used to be free, as the kids say, WAY back in the day.

“What’s she taking?” I asked.

“She’s having a hard time getting in because everything is full. She did get into an English class.”

In my head I thought of course she did. Very few here speak English anymore, at least not anything most of us recognize.

My friend continued. “Her teacher stood up in front of the class, introduced herself and said, ‘I have a five star Yelp review as a teacher of this class, so if you give me a rating, don’t fuck it up.”

This is the perfect explanation of why free is worthless.

Today’s liberal education is packed with profanity because the “educators” lack any knowledge in life let alone the subjects with which they are teaching.

When the first thing an English teacher says to her students is “Don’t fuck up my Yelp rating,” Houston we have a problem.

Sadly this type of verbiage is used more and more everyday.

Comics, Presidential candidates, and politicians in general have continued to “dumb down” each generation until we find them dancing around with fake vaginas, cheering drunk slurring singers, or sitting on the ground braying like a farm animal.

What is the RINO response?

Ted Cruz gave Alyssa I’m such a bastion of knowledge and self-control I had two abortions in a twelve month window Milano, a nationwide platform.

He seems to be getting pretty good at this as he also found time to agree with AO My life is such a Catastrophe I want to tell everyone else how to live but I cannot figure out how to pay off my student loans.

Liberals, RINOS, Amy Fisher, and Yelp.

Where did we go wrong?

The error of our ways happened decades ago.

Too many members of the Me Generation decided that they were unique, important, special.

Apparently no one explained to the Free Love crowd that there are billions of people on the planet and more importantly that no one is “special”.

Special things can occur when the Individual embraces humility.

A humble grip opens doors to incredible things.

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

Today’s society is in full bloom of ME, ME, ME.

“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me.”

Sound familiar?

This was the tag line for a Saturday Night Live Al Franken skit. The same Al Franken who resigned from the Senate after being #MeTooed because he thought it funny to pretend to grab the breasts of a sleeping woman.

At least he didn’t write a column supporting gang rape, fantasize about running over children while driving, or pretend to be a Cherokee, then again Stuart Smalley does support these degenerates.

Still the tag line is a perfect explanation of where we are.

Selfies and self-affirmations probably make up most of social media.

It’s a flashing red light that the current population is scared, lost, and believes the only way out is to continue down the path of narcissism.

Break out the Adderall, edibles, and Rose for all.

Most under the age of forty knows what I just said, and those in the Boomer generation who don’t, have lost too many brain cells to care.

The mess we are in cannot only be addressed, but can be corrected, quite quickly.

By combining humility and ferocity a unique dawn is available to the American Individual.

It is time for a physical Proclamation.

A non-verbal Declaration.

It is time for the American to engage, with a ferocious spirit, the great task ahead, of removing the plague within our midst.

There is no time like the present.

Jason Kraus

It is Now Time to Impel the Separation

Listed below are three recents titles of columns in or on mainstream media.

“Yes, Democrats are now the Party of Open Borders.”

“Beto O’Rourke calls for mandatory assault rifle buyback program.”

“Poll: 73 percent of Republican Students Have Hidden Their Politics Over Fear About Grades.”

Of course today’s newspapers and networks release headlines much more inflammatory than these but the point here is these three are true and with that realization it is very clear that these United States are beyond “elections”.

We’ve been beyond them for a while.

When half of the voting population believes in the removal of a nation’s borders, an election will not be enough.

When half of the voting population supports gun confiscation, an election will not be enough.

When a nation’s children are too afraid to practice their God given gift of Free Will and their Constitutional Right of Freedom of Speech without fear of persecution, an election will not be enough.

I’ve grown tired of the rhetoric, of the threats, of the taxation without representation.

I’ve grown tired of the tough guy profanity, the rationalization of drug usage, and the justification of crime.

I’ve grown tired of the media suppression of our thoughts and beliefs.

Greek terminology such as Molon Labe will no longer suffice as we don’t have the luxury of waiting for them to come and take them.

Latin verbiage such as Carpe diem will no longer work as the day should have been seized long ago.

It is time to remember who we are, accept what we are seeing, and remove the noise.

We are the People of the UNITED STATES.

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

Our children are afraid to speak freely.

This can no longer occur.

That is our cause and it has been declared.

It is now time to impel the separation.

Jason Kraus

We Represent the Lollipop Kids

Seeing as though the Progressives love to live in the Sixties I thought it appropriate to ask the question,”Liberals, huh, yeah, what are they good for, absolutely nothing, say it again y’all.”

Then again it appears for one Democrat the Sixties weren’t far enough as Bilbo de Blasio channeled the Thirties and burst out with his version of “We represent the lollipop kids.”

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Warren Wilhelm Jr., willing to represent fictional characters and Criminal Foreign Nationals.

What a can, what a can, what a can, what a mighty good can.

You tell him Salt and Pepa.

We don’t need to pull the curtain back on the Wizard to know Progressives haven’t any heart, courage, or a brain among them, not even a left one at that.

We believe the left brain is responsible for logic, science, mathematics.

Three things with which we know Progressives have absolutely no concept.

I could list hundreds, nay, thousands of examples but one should suffice.

Liberals believe the Earth is dying due to human consumption, especially consumption in the United States. They’ve blamed everyone and everything they can, including our bovine friends.

Thinking logically would eventually bring their theory to a simple solution.

If human consumption is killing the planet, especially in America, the only way to stop this “12 year AOC bartending apocalypse” is to reduce the amount of humans in the world, especially in America.

The Liberal fix?

Allow tens of millions of CRIMINAL FOREIGN NATIONALS to not only stay and consume, but open the gates for millions more.

This is hypocritical, idiotic, and “highly ILLOGICAL” as Liberals continue to ignore Spock and take their cues from Tupac who so eloquently “rapped” “I ain’t got no motherfuckin friends, That’s why I fucked yo’ bitch”.

Sounds like ANTIFA or Gavin Newsom.

Speaking of Newsom-like qualities Joe Groper Biden continues to stagger down the political road strengthening the resume of his burgeoning comedic routine soon to be titled Barack Likes Me…He really really likes me.

His current “I’m not nuts,” when no was asking screams “The guilty flee when no man pursueth.”

What’s nuts is the idea that Bonehead Biden is possibly being overtaken by Cherokee Cheekbones Warren.

After watching Papaw’s granddaughter’s Elaine-like dancing it is clear her one sip from the White Mans whiskey was more than she could handle.

Put down the bottle and step away Fauxcahontas before you think your eye shape makes you an Apache.

Lizzy Warren took a flask, gave herself a sip of Jack, when she saw what she had done, she screamed it’s time to take the guns.

Some will say she was drinking beer Jason.

How do we know?

Her “plan” to save America can only be explained in one of two ways.

She’s completely hammered on some STRONG “medication” Hillary-style or she’s cuckaloo crazy.

Okay let’s be fair.

It’s a combination of both.

What’s amazing is her jump over Gang Rape Sanders.

I’ll bet ol Bernie didn’t fantasize about a woman in that position…at least not one woman.

Oh the Corn Kernel.

Lover of Communism, Castro, Kink, and Clinton cash.

Completely illogical.

Twelve years might be too long.

Jason Kraus

The Most Powerful Weapon on Earth is the Human Soul on Fire

Contrary to popular belief few facts are shared anywhere in today’s media.

As the new saying goes “It doesn’t matter what is real, it only matters what you think is real.”

It may end up being the curse of the Internet.

Everyone has a say, yet few have anything meaningful, to say.

Today’s American society has information at their fingertips but would rather watch YouTube videos.

We listen to talk show hosts, comedians, porn stars, fired FBI agents, and a plethora of selfish, worthless, genetic miscreants carping about anything and everything, that continue to lead us in the opposite direction of Freedom, of Peace, of Happiness.

Still, facts are facts, whether people like, or search for them, or not.

(1)  The United States is not a Democracy.

Never has been.

Those of you proclaiming to be Democrats are simply wrong.

Just stop talking.

(2) Climate Change, Weather, and Pollution are three very different things.

Humans have control over one of these items and it isn’t Climate Change or the Weather.

Whether you believe that or not is irrelevant, nor does that change it from being the truth. Furthermore this collection of gases that we call the Earth ebbs and flows on its own time table.

A time table that no one truly understands or has any say in. Those who cannot control their own emotions, yet believe that their behavior somehow controls the Earth, are imbecilic at best, and psychotic at worst.

(3) Humans in the United States illegally are not Immigrants.

Immigrants by law have permission and Federal documentation to be in America.

All humans in the United States illegally are Criminal Foreign Nationals.

This is what and how they need to be referred to.

Birthright citizenship is fiction that has been forced on the Citizenry by both Parties and upheld by a corrupt Judiciary.

For example if an American is traveling in Mexico and a baby is born, that child is NOT a Mexican. That child is an American.

Mexicans, Guatemalans, Chinese, or Russians that are traveling in the United States, when a baby is born, does not make that child an American.

These are common sense things that billionaires, politicians, and the clergy, have all colluded on to strengthen THEIR pocketbooks, power, and collection of souls.

To complete this issue nations are not made up of immigrants. Nations are made up of CITIZENS.

(4) United States Tariffs are not taxes, rather are an indication of an overwhelming imbalance in international trade. Furthermore unlike taxes, where productive citizens have no choice, if a tariff is causing an item to increase in price (which is currently not happening) that the American consumer believes to be too expensive, they have the option of NOT purchasing that item, again unlike the forced concept of most taxes.

The United States has devolved from a productive nation to a consumptive one, screaming for cheaper food that is harming our health, cheaper medications that are killing our bodies, and more drug usage that is reversing the evolutionary process.

All nations that continue down this path fail.

Statements like “Live for the Now,” “YOLO,” and “What do I care I won’t be here to see it” should be emblazoned on incredible statues on both coasts for all to see as a reminder to future generations of what greed, narcissism, intoxication, and fornication bring to a society.

America has been living Woodstock for fifty years.

What a mess.

As if all that wasn’t enough, and it is, Americans are now being indoctrinated into the concept of devaluing our money also known as the reduction of interest rates.

This practice is taking place everywhere in the world as struggling oligarchies attempt to hang on to their ill-gotten gains.

On this concept President Donald Trump is right AND incorrect.

His attempt to make the Dollar provide zero income to foreign nations such as China is a correct thought, but at the same time is poisoning the well from which Americans need to drink, and that Clinton, Bush, and Obama almost sucked dry.

A better move by Mr. Trump would be to NOT allow the Chinese to purchase the Dollar in any fashion and remove the worthless Yuan from circulation by its removal from the “basket”.

Some may proclaim this to be over the top or an Act of War.

Donald J. Trump is exactly the right person to be delivering this message, as he has recognized and acknowledged for over a decade, the harm that Communist China has been doing to America and her Allies.

Make no mistake wars are taking place.

Many countries inside Europe no longer want to be annexed by the EU. The citizens of Hong Kong are fighting for their lives. Putin is rich while Russians are broke, Sharia now sits in the House of Representatives, not to mention the despair found in too many parts of the Western Hemisphere including but not limited to rodent infested Los Angeles.

Billy Joel once wrote a song called “We didn’t start the fire”.

Maybe, maybe not, but there is no doubt the Liberal Democrats and RINOS in America did everything they could to bring it to a screaming inferno.

“The most powerful weapon on Earth is the human soul on fire.”

It’s time for the soul of America to light her flame and send Oppression up in smoke.

Jason Kraus

Time For the Individual

Tariffs, tumbling markets, interest rates and an Epstein.

Regardless of the subject the absurdity of the propagandized Press continued this week.  Statements made in print and on television ranged from conspiracy theories and medical terminations made by non-physicians, to rationalizations and even justifications, depending upon the issue and the network.

One published statement decided to apply two completely opposite possibilities by stating that Jeffrey Epstein’s “autopsy results reportedly revealed he had multiple breaks in his neck bones, consistent with suicide by hanging or homicide by strangulation.”

Talk about covering all bases and horrible writing.

Let us help them with some editing.

“Reported autopsy results reveal multiple neck fractures. Further investigation is needed to assess whether subject’s death was suicide or homicide.”

I even heard a “medical doctor” attempt to explain how it was “possible” that an older man could break certain bones in his neck while committing suicide.

It’s also possible, and highly unlikely, that I might swim through a school of sharks, bleeding profusely, and never be attacked.

The reality is closer to one of these three.

(1) Through very powerful and wealthy accomplices Jeffrey Epstein was smuggled into a non-extradition area such as Morocco or the Vatican.

I’m sure he and the Pope could compare notes on sexual abuse and human trafficking.

(2) Epstein is now in witness protection with the greatest cover story ever created waiting to testify in future cases.

(3) Epstein was murdered.

These are the probable possibilities with a HEAVY leaning towards number three.

Predators such as Epstein feel zero guilt or remorse. The odds of this type of fecal matter taking his own life are exceedingly low.

We have prisons filled with this type of tripe, with access to “sheets,” and they all awaken each morning to line up for their tax-payer funded breakfast.

The issue here isn’t the Clintons, conspiracies, or even Epstein.

The issue here is the American Citizen has lost all trust in any and all forms of Government.

It’s been coming for a while.

From Carter to Clinton to Bush to Obama we’ve been continuously lied to from the Bully Pulpit.

For the last four decades criminal foreign nationals have invaded the United States and been given free water, food, shelter, medical care, education, and even citizenship all while the American is punished with higher taxation and less and less representation.

Multiple members of “Law Enforcement” have not only covered up too many crimes to mention but brazenly stand in front of the country and explain how laws were broken, but about it, nothing will be done.

In other words receiving a Comey.

Our Tech companies are choosing to help China rather than America and with the creation of 5G will make it even easier and faster for the Communist State to steal from us and endanger our way of life.

Citizens in Hong Kong are flying our Flag while Liberals in the Great Experiment burn, spit, and stomp.

That famous phrase attributed to the human condition that asked the simplest of questions.

Can the Individual not only grasp Liberty but push Freedom forward.

It is now very clear that most in America cannot handle this Adam Smith-like responsibility.

The combination of those who vote Liberal and those who don’t vote at all make up the majority of the people living here currently.

Fortunately we are a Republic.

Specifically a Constitutional Republic that protects the Individual.

It’s time for the Individual to decide whether or not they will protect their Constitutional Republic.

Jason Kraus

God Made All Men – Samuel Colt Made them Equal

In order to form a more perfect union there are very specific things that must continue to occur.

Freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and freedom to defend one’s self are the three keys.

Some may argue for the freedom of religion and the press.

They are wrong.

There is nothing that can be done to me to change my belief in God.


Furthermore the aforementioned three cover this as well.

For the press to have any positive usage at all it must provide facts.

This hasn’t happened in a very long time and it is easily argued that it never did.

These United States are again based upon three things.

The freedom to speak our minds without fear of persecution or prosecution, to move freely within our country’s perimeter under our own parameters, and the freedom to procure and maintain the tools necessary to permanently stop any other person or government attempting to harm us, our loved ones, or our property.

The pen is a fine tool made even finer when it is supported ferociously by the sword.

As the saying goes God made all men, Samuel Colt made them equal.

In a country filled with wealth, wonderment, beauty, grace, and the joy of untapped and unknown potential, the American citizen is being bombarded with the flip side of the coin known as apathy, hate, and grotesque decisions that always seem to return from human history.

Factual bigoted actions such as Affirmative Action, Fannie May and Freddie Mac, and numerical credit for testing based on skin color have poisoned all branches of government, levels of education, and the economy as a whole.

Unaffordable housing debt initially layered on the backs of Black Americans was then legislated and opened to all by the removal of Glass-Steagall creating the largest case of economic fraud the world had ever seen.

Citizens and criminal foreign nationals, mostly through their own fault of ignorance and greed, piled in by the droves, lapping up the words of a President who changed the American Dream from freedom to four walls and a roof.

Diversity, the concept that the color of one’s skin is more important than the content of one’s character, ripped through the Great Experiment like a ravenous plague devouring neighborhoods, communities, and eventually cities.

New whispered Progressive terminology sprang from Tom’s to Tokens from Negroes to DAN’s.

Lyndon Baines Johnson’s horrendous statement came true, and the dream of a King died, only to be replaced by the past, in the role of Sanger Eugenics known as Planned Parenthood.

Martin said, “I am too tired to hate so I choose to stick with love,” yet America finds herself surrounded with vitriol and loathing.

With criminality and corruption.

With abuse and abomination.

There are those that are comforted with the sweet words of love conquering all.

Others preach that hate begats hate.

Love begats love.

I’ve experienced hate.

I’ve felt love.

They have nothing to do with one another.

It’s time for the preachers to get their hands out of the pockets of their flock and its time for the flock to take their hands away from their eyes.

It’s time for the politicians to fall to their knees and beg for a forgiveness that will not come, and it’s time to shelve the fantasy of free for all and get back to work on the real American Dream.

I will pay no toll to those who attack the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave nor will I suffer the consequences of the cowardly.

“I am too tired to hate so I choose to stick with love.”

I am not too tired.

It’s time to close Pandora’s Box and let the chips fall where they may.

Where they may.

Jason Kraus

No Smoke All Fire

“Just another manic Monday…whoa whoa…wish it were Sunday.”

Another Sunday has arrived and as usual the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/La Raza/Diversity Democrats gave us more than “one man could ask for” as if an actual man would talk to any of these knobs.

Detroit decided to invite the exact belief system that ruined its city back to “make more promises that’ll never be kept”.

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me.”

Oh, I think we know, you Farrakhan fools.

What is it with Detroit?

Must be something in the water.

Furthermore what is it with the collection of eggos and uggos on stage?

“Don’t you forget about me.”


It’s as though they share the same family tree with one perverted branch.

Are they trying to re-create the famous bar scene in Star Wars?

Speaking of Star Wars it appeared that Tulsi Gabbard attempted to channel Princess Leia with her all white ensemble.

Tsk tsk Tulsi. That was one PRIVILEGED outfit.

I had to laugh at the “Hawaiian Democrat” when she started on about black and brown people in America.

This pinko is whiter than I am then again so was Michael Jackson…at the end.

Hey Tulsi…Just Beat It you canard card carrying Stalinista.

Apparently CNN thought so too because by the time the “show” was over they had her down as a Putin plant and if anyone should know it would be Don I am a Lenin..err…Lemon.

House plant maybe, but why would bad Vlad bother with Clapback Gabbard when Obama, who promised to bend over at the waist and touch his toes, still has John Kerry running around Iran.

Oppression doesn’t care if you are “Black or White,” do things for “Love or Money” or “slip out the back Jack” there will always be “Some people that did something”.

Hillary leaked Uranium, Barack leaked hate, and James Comey leaked to the Press.

Interestingly enough and according to reports, Comey the Clown will not be indicted for his crimes.

Hmmm…Bill Barr.

A smoother version of Jeff Sessions?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Speaking of mindless drivel another actress decided to jump into the Twitter fray with a shot at Kamala Harris.

The shot was calling Harris “overconfident”.

Apparently that “triggered” some people who “if they had son would look like Trayvon”.

Don’t you just love Barry-Barack-Leader of the Choom Gang-Soetoro-Obama.

He created an entirely new language.

Ebonics has been replaced by Obonics!

Who be down wit sum dead Presidents, red lines dat everyone crosses, and health care and doctors dat nobody can keep…period.

I be, you be, we be, just aks me!

I digress or is it diverse or inverse or reverse or Converse.

I know it isn’t Nike.

You’ll never find me on my knees, unlike the cancer named Colon, who lives off the slave labor of Chinese children.

The aforementioned bigoted actress and White Guilt apologist named Ellen ended up being ripped by supporters of Criminal Harris also known as Black Lives Matter Unless They Are Killing Each Other In Chicago, Detroit, or Elijah’s Baltimore.

As I was only willing to spend sixty-seconds on this stupidity I never found out whether or not the white actress unfurled the ultimate Liberal line and said, “I can’t be a bigot, my husband is black.”

I just love it when Liberals play the race card on each other.

No you’re a bigot! No you’re a bigot! Why can’t they all be bigots?

They are.

Can’t you just envision these clowns sitting at a table playing gin.

Someone would play the Ace of Spades and Corey Booker would go all Spartacus screaming at the women and old men with his inverted chest and spineless back.

Someone else would flip up the Queen of Hearts and Kamala would wig out (Yes her hair “style” is “cultural appropriation” and might now be illegal in California. Let me check with Rachel Dolezal) by ranting that she did love Willie Brown at one time.

Well, maybe one time.

Well, she did something to him, at least one time.

Not to be outdone both Buttigiggy and Bernie would start moaning that the deck is stacked and that everyone needs a new deck, their own deck, free of charge to all, for as long as the deck is stacked against gay, white, communist men who proclaim to speak for God and also know that women like to be gang-raped.

Over in the corner is Hillary on her eighth gin being propped up by Huma as Weiner updates his MySpace profile and announces every five minutes “Epstein is still in the clink, it’s time to drink.”

Some would ask why Hillary is even in the room.

As everyone should know by now she holds the “suicide King”.

How very Seth Rich of her.

All propaganda, all lies, bleat the sheep.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire,

It’s time to build an American pyre.

Jason Kraus

Liberals Claim the Word America is Non-Inclusive and Should be Avoided

Recently I was talking with a friend who said they were disgusted with Liberals. “We are all Americans,” my friend said.

I agreed with their disgust and then said, “I’m an American, you’re an American.  I’ve heard plenty of Americans say that they would give their life for their country.” I paused for a second and then continued, “I’ve never heard a Liberal say that.”


My friend said, “You know you’re right. I’ve never heard that either.”

I finished with, “And you never will.”

Just like we have Freedom versus Oppression we have Americans versus Liberals.

I can hear the “middle of the road” Liberal-RINOS using their worn out lines and verbiage.

Prove it Jason.

Why should I bother?

You don’t care about the truth.

It apparently isn’t in your “purview”.

You’ve decided your feelings are facts, that you can hide in your cars and behind your laptops, and have now convinced yourselves that the only truth out there is YOUR truth, otherwise known as a lie.

That’s because you don’t have anything Jason.  Prove it. Just give us one thing from the academics that we cherish. Give us something from the intellectuals. Stop giving us the Trumpisms and the White Privilege.

Give us just one fact from the UNIVERSITIES.

There are thousands of absurdities coming from you Liberals but you are asking for one so I will give you the most current insanity coming from your beloved UNIVERSITIES.

“Colorado State Inclusive Language Guide Says Avoid Words America and American.”

“Colorado State University claims that, “American” is a non-inclusive word that should be avoided.”

Of course this isn’t new and neither is their Bernie Sanders-like excuse “that it was only a draft”.

You Liberals have been calling yourselves Africans, Asians, Latinos, Hispanics, Progressives, Socialists, ANTIFA and of course Democrats.

Anything but American.

Just so you are aware “America” is nowhere near the continents of Africa, Asia, or the fictional fairytales of Socialism, HispanicLand or Latinoville.

There’s no progress found in Progressive, ANTIFA is synonymous with the plague (coming soon to Los Angeles and their growing rat community) and, stay with me here, the United States is NOT A DEMOCRACY!

You tell Americans with White skin they are Nazis and racist Crackers.

You tell Americans with Black skin they are Uncle Tom’s and dumb Niggers.

You tell Americans with Brown skin they are Spics and stupid Pendejos.

You kneel during the Star Spangled Banner, burn and spit on the Stars and Stripes.

You promised flexibility to Putin, increase(d) terrorism through Iran and Hamas, support(ed) La Raza at every turn and embrace(d) Farrakhan and his threat to “kill all White people and Jews”.

You’ve decided to remove America and American from yourselves, your lexicon, and your way of life.

From this day forward let it be known that your decision, made of your own “intellectual” and “academic” volition, will be honored by America, and as such you will be treated, for as many days as you have left, as the traitors that you are.

Pray tell and please pay attention to the irrational, illogical, and delusional stare of your hero Robert Mueller.

This will soon be you as we rip your Marx/Mohammed masks off your head and return you from wherever your kind came.

The second to last thing you pathetic souls will hear will be the sound of your own whimpering voices begging for mercy.

A mercy that, due to your own hate, no longer exists.

The last thing you will hear will be the cry of the Citizen who when called answered,

Freedom First. Freedom Only.

America First. American ONLY.


Of course you keyboard warriors will continue to convince yourselves that you and your fellow cowards are on the “right side of history”.

You aren’t but let’s stop screwing around.

Time waits for no man and men you are not.

Stop hiding behind the skirts and stupidity of the “Squad”.

As a writer once stated, “if you want some come get some.”

“If you need some come bleed some.”

It’s time to find out how deep the Liberal river runs.

Puddle or piddle.

Jason Kraus

Freedom: Love It or Leave It

The propaganda filled headline that Yahoo helped to find an audience read “Donald Trump is on an Orwellian mission to redefine human rights.”

Liberals/Progressives really are Stupid Humans and they love to reference George Orwell.

My guess is they’ve not read a single Orwellian creation in their sad little lives.

They also love to quote Marx with the understanding that his first name is Harpo.

Again, stupid, Stupid Humans.

Just like the United States is NOT a Democracy, Human Rights do not exist.

Thank goodness and God that they don’t.

The concept of a Human Right is of course defined by, wait for it, HUMANS.

These concepts or “Rights” can change at any time depending upon the strength or weakness of the aforementioned Bipeds.

In this theory “health care” could become a Right.

So could government run “Assisted Suicide” whether one asks for an “assist” or not.

How Hippocratic Oath of them and yes that was part of ObamaDoesn’tCare and will always be a part of any “government run” (see Oppression) system.

The Dems and RINOS like to call it “rationing”.

Some would refer to this as murder, others as “Late-Term Abortion”.

It simply depends on the Humans creating the “Rights”.

Mao, Stalin, and Hitler all created their own Human Rights.

So did Castro, Chavez, Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

Some Humans were deemed to not be Human enough which can and does happen when Homo Sapiens-sapiens give up the greatest gift known to Man.

Free Will.

Millions of Humans have gone along with the theory of “Human Rights” only to be raped, murdered, set on fire, mutilated, starved, or watch their countrymen and women be run over by tanks.

The only thing that stopped these atrocities were the Humans who engaged in Free Will and decided they would not go quietly into that good night.

From the practice of Free Will, Freedom was born.

Freedom is a living breathing creation that unlike Human Rights cannot be codified.

Freedom is alive and well, and its greatest genesis is known, as the American.

The American is the reason the Land of Free, the Home of the Brave even exists and all who stand proudly and proclaim to be an American (hyphen free) have at the very least, inherently sworn to defend her, from enemies foreign and domestic.

Our domestic enemies are allowing the invasion of these United States by foreign nationals.

They’ve even codified or legalized their entry by allowing criminality to occur to gain entrance but then require the citizens of America to follow laws or “Human Rights” to deal with foreign illegality.

There is a famous question that has always been asked without ever receiving an answer.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

From a Human Rights perspective it currently depends upon the gender of the chicken or the color of the egg.

From a Free Will perspective it is time to smash the egg and kill the chicken.

Welcome to Animal Farm.

Jason Kraus

Every Day of the Week and Twice on Sunday

On one side we have the Dems, the Libs, the Progressives, the KKK, Antifa, La Raza, Hamas, the Climate Changers, Kamala’s Reparation-Harris Transportation program, the open border bunch, the Democratic-Socialists, the LGBTQer’s, Black Lives Matter, the Clintons, the Bushes, the Obamas, MSNBC, CNN, ESPN, most of FOX, YAHOO, GOOGLE, RINOS, too many in the Justice Department, and the majority of the pathetic Judiciary.

On the other side we have the American People and the 2nd Amendment.

Almost doesn’t seem fair.

It isn’t but it was never meant to be.

Besides, we Americans have yet to brace the traitors, by embracing our right to not only bear arms, but fire at will.

Shouldn’t be too much longer.

Strangely enough the Liberals are doing everything they can to hasten their demise.

Had they actually been able to place Hillary the Horrible in the Oval Office there is no doubt interest rates would be around ZERO, the stock markets would be in free fall, the national debt would be beyond 25 trillion, and one-third of the country would be on food stamps, never mind the millions of illegals who would have arrived.

Donald Trump bought Americans a little breathing room and at the same time gave the Liberals a chance to see the error of their ways.

Unfortunately they’ve decided to double-down on their losing hand and are now staring at Aces otherwise known as bullets.

Traitor McCain left us with ObamaDoesn’tCare which has continued to drain the pocketbooks of taxpaying Americans. As if that wasn’t enough every Democrat who flaps their gums now wants to give free health care to criminal foreign nationals.

I find this bizarre as Ronald Reagan already did this in 1986.

I know Libs are brutal when it comes to history, reality or math, so allow me.

Any and all hospitals that have taken Federal Funds (virtually all of them) have been mandated to give care to ANYONE who walks through their doors.

Reagan gave the Liberals a twofer, and made all CRIMINAL FOREIGN NATIONALS in the country, citizens.

Thirty plus years later we now have Somalians, Nigerians, “Palestinians,” Mexicans, the DNC’s Pakistanis and Feinstein’s Chinese anywhere and everywhere in the Federal Government.

Some because of elections.

Most because of appointment or employment.

It’s so bad a simple thing like the Census cannot accurately be taken because the truth will not be allowed to be found.

American neighborhoods have been overwhelmed with decades of criminality, due to the fact that consequences for any action, have all but disappeared.

Traffic/molest/rape children?

Plenty of protection from the muslims, the billionaires, and the Pope.

Murder American citizens in the streets?

Found not guilty and cheered.

Claim to want to kill all white people and Jews?

Stand on stage with Bill Clinton and hug Barack Obama.

Recently I was talking to a friend, and as always I get the same question.


When will America decide enough is enough?

This time I gave a truthful yet brutal answer in the form of a question.

Are you ready to execute all traitors?

The answer was yes.

I then added a caveat.

As with all traitors and cowards, once they realize they are on the wrong side, they will cry and beg for their lives. Are you willing to execute them as they do this?

My friend struggled with that question.

“Once you are prepared for that, Americans will be back in charge,” I said.

Are you prepared for that Jason?

Every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

It isn’t just me.

The rage roiling through California is palpable. The criminal issues in the Golden State can be laid at the feet of the Libs and “compassionate Republicans” otherwise known as Progressives who have allowed the corrupt Judiciary to thwart any meaningful will of the citizenry. Those decisions can be traced directly to the support from the United States Supreme Court.

Dear Chief Justice John Roberts,

You’ve chosen the wrong side, are personally responsible for the implementation of The “Unaffordable” Care Act and now the treasonous voice that halted one of the few chances America had left to correct our issues without more bloodshed.

Your past decisions have directly been the cause of American deaths.

What happens next is all on you.

Assuming you have one, may God have mercy on your soul.

I won’t.

Jason Kraus