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A friend asked me today if I could explain America’s problems in Iraq using Twitter’s rules of only 140 characters. “You’re a bright guy and always saying nothing in life is complicated. Either you understand what you’re talking about or you don’t.” It’s always nice when your words of wisdom ...
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Author, entrepreneur and leader, Jason Kraus, uses the narrative in ‘Late Bird’ to write a bold prescription for America’s return to freedom. Fusing a story of love and passion with a very real wake-up call about the state of the nation’s political and social unrest, Kraus calls all readers into ...
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The El Dorado Hills author started writing "Late Bird" days after the 2012 presidential election. By telling an entertaining story, Kraus outlines what Americans need to do to get the country back on track. Courtesy photo “Late Bird” by Jason Kraus 532 pages 3L Publishing “We all have things that ...
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