America is the dream

We don’t “hope” for things. We never have. We earn. We pray. We say thank you. ‘Hope” used to have a positive connotation. It tells us much about the man who turned it into a punchline…or a four letter word.

Yet the American spirit is alive and well! Through crushing debt, societal guilt, and corruption those of us still left on the field are laser focused on love of country, sharing, and freedom. The worst in our society has mistaken kindness for weakness for far too long. We are weathered and strong like the Redwood. As iron sharpens iron our backs are strengthened from carrying the weakest amongst us. Our eyes are ablaze and piercing as we will not allow the madness to continue. Our willingness to breathe one last breath is surpassed only by our hunger to live free.

Around the world there is one word. Just one that screams through the night striking fear into the worst of human kind.

The same word brings joy to the knowing and peace to the willing.

That word is the dream…and we are the dreamers born with the responsibility that the dream continues on brighter with each generation. It is an honor to carry this torch and we do so with a ferocity only found in one place, one land, one country, one nation.

One word. We pledge our allegiance.

To her.


God shed his grace on thee.

Two Cultures: Freedom or Oppression.

For those of you who’ve read Late Bird you know the Big Fella Upstairs blessed me with a curious mind which made school (except for French) relatively easy. I remember debating teachers when they marked some of my answers wrong. “That is your perception” I told a professor once, “I see it differently”. Needless to say I didn’t get an A in that class (or a B).

In fact as I continued through my education I realized (other than math and conjugation of verbs) most subjects could be argued or rationalized to any belief system.

Both History and Psychology (my two favorite subjects) had all kinds of debatable possibilities if you were so inclined. I was so inclined.

But to be able to responsibly debate issues I began arguing both sides. I would try to poke holes in my own beliefs over and over again. Once I couldn’t poke any more holes in a subject I knew I had factual data. Occasionally I would purposely argue with friends taking the side I knew was wrong. I did this to see if I could change someone’s mind by acting as though I KNEW I was right even though I KNEW I wasn’t. When the person would vehemently argue back (as they should) I would smile and extend my hand.

“If you believe you are right, bet me,” I would say. “Put some money where your mouth is.” Most of the time no one would take the bet. Simply because I ACTED so sure I was right.

Afterwards I would tell them they were one hundred percent correct. “Don’t ever let anyone convince you that you are wrong just because they said so”.

On the rare occasion someone would extend their hand I would wait until the last second to pull mine back, laugh, and say “Good job. You were right the whole time”.

“I knew it!” one of my friends said one time. “You almost had me but I was pretty sure I was right. I heard my parents talking about it”. (Two parents in a household builds confident children).

The reason I am talking about this today is simple. We are being inundated with “information” on a daily basis. Today I was reading a financial article about Gold. The writer had an opinion. People who read the article left comments with theirs as well. By the time I finished the comments readers were calling each other names in regards to whether Gold would rise or fall in value.

Again calling each other names in regards to Gold. A shiny precious metal that cannot talk, think, or act had people going at each others throats. The reality of this is no one KNOWS whether Gold is going to go up or down. But people became nasty to each other over it. Can you imagine if we talked about a controversial subject like…Islam?

I actually have talked about this before as well as created a video. I personally believe our debt is of more importance as well as securing the border. However Islam is becoming more of an issue everyday. Notice I didn’t say extremism or radical. I am not compartmentalizing this issue. Islam is a system. Just like Communism, Fascism, Buddhism, or Capitalism. These systems fall under two types of cultures. Freedom or Oppression.

Freedom is the practice and defense of an individual’s right to live their life the way they see fit as long as they can provide for themselves and aren’t abusing others.

Oppression is the practice of abusing others to meet the needs of the oppressor.

I am sure there are many different ways of saying this but for this particular exercise we will use these simple to understand premises.

Islam is male dominated. It is misogynistic. In Islam women and children are property to be dealt with in whatever manner the husband/father deems necessary. This includes beatings and in too many cases murder. They call it “honor killings” but murder it is.

Woman have to cover their bodies. This is done to keep the MEN from having sexual thoughts. Please notice I haven’t discussed bombings, be-headings, or sexual mutilations. I haven’t discussed a little girl being shot in the head because she wanted to read or the murders of political cartoonists.

“That’s not all muslims” so say the critics. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Are all muslims running around murdering people? No. Otherwise most of Europe and the entire Middle East would be in flames. But let me pose it to you a little differently.

Germany’s Fascism or Nazism allowed for the murdering of Jews and Homosexuals. (Hmmm…where have I heard this recently?). Did every Fascist engage in this? No. But they stood by and did nothing. With their silence they tacitly approved. Had Germany been successful in its takeover of Europe virtually every German in the Fascist SYSTEM would have gone along. Again did everyone of them murder, rape, and pillage. No. They just provided the labor that made the tanks, guns, ammunition, and food for the one’s willing to murder, rape, and pillage. Hmmm…again I am sensing a theme.

Many guilt ridden apologists will argue that these things aren’t Islam. Just turn on MSNBC. Last night I listened to a Muslim proclaim Islam doesn’t mean peace. It means submission. Now I now the apologists will argue this means submission to God but I don’t see God anywhere in Islam.

I don’t believe The Big Fella Upstairs wants me or you to “submit” to anything. We weren’t given free will so we could submit. We were given free will to learn, create, work, and enjoy this beautiful place called Earth. Or for most of you reading this the dream called America. Where we are free. Where we embrace the laughter of children and the loyalty and love of dogs. Man’s best friend. Of course they are.

What is DOG spelled backwards?

We don’t submit to bullying. We don’t embrace oppression. Which is exactly what Islam is. Oppression. Over here if a woman is beaten for any reason we don’t call that a religion. We call it a crime.

What’s that? It’s the woman’s choice to stay in that type of religion.

Over here that’s a pathology. It’s called Battered Woman Syndrome.

I am an American. My culture is Freedom. I will never embrace or tolerate oppression regardless of what it’s called…or what I am called.

Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

America is the Lion…and Lions roar.

Roar with me.

Jason Kraus

The American Dream isn’t home ownership

Driving to work today I fell in behind a vehicle that definitely needed some attention. On the back of this dilapidated jalopy was a wide variety of bumper stickers. “COEXIST” was one of the messages the driver of the car was attempting to share. Well, to be accurate the “C” was almost gone and the “O” was covered in what appeared to be dried exhaust coming from the tail pipe. Silly people. Don’t they know the combustible engine they are using for their own selfish needs is killing their sticker! Okay…yes, yes, I know. What you really want to know is did this vehicle have an Obama 2012 label on it? Why yes it did! How ever did you make that connection?

The idea of co-existing is an interesting one…and in interesting I mean absurd. It goes completely against the genetic code of an American. Coursing through our veins is the right to pursue happiness! Not co-exist. Co-existing makes me think of Bill Clinton’s “everyone deserves the American Dream…everyone deserves a house.” Wow. The man who struggled with the definition of “is”, told an entire generation of children “oral sex isn’t sex”, and cheated on his wife wants to define the “American Dream”? Well if it’s based in narcissistic sexual dysfunction then Slick Willie is our man!

Fortunately it isn’t. The American Dream has never been about owning a home. People around the world own homes. Are they living the American Dream? Of course they aren’t. They are co-existing. The American Dream has never changed and will never change. The American Dream, the reason for us being, the one thing we must have, is FREEDOM.

Now why am I banging on the man who smoked pot but didn’t inhale? Why am I taking shots at the man who bragged he could have taken out bin Laden? Why am I pointing out this is the man who created the housing boom and bust? Because that’s what Co-existing looks like. A few people at the top dictating to the rest of us.

Co-existing is “fairness”, “wealth re-distribution”, and “means testing”. “Means testing”? This is the phrase used by politicians to explain what is going to happen when Social Security begins sending out more than it takes in. That phrase was delivered by none other than Mitt Romney during the re-election of a nightmare. Yes I know I’ve used that line before but it just fits so well:)

Yes Mitt Romney himself, is all for means testing. But this shouldn’t surprise anyone. George W. Bush believed in Co-existing as well. In fact he believed in it so much he sent out “stimulus checks” to anyone under the “co-existing” line. Yeah! Borrowing more money to spread the misery of co-existing around. Thanks W!

Bush also allowed the Clinton housing debacle to continue. To be “fair” he did quietly warn that we may have a problem and “tried” to get Congress to stop such behavior. But he had bigger fish to fry. The guy that Clinton bragged about taking out, but didn’t, just killed thousands of Americans.

Bush gathered all the Intel, learned how to pronounce Osama bin Laden, and then proclaimed to the world it was time to kill…Saddam Hussein. Maybe the vowels and consonants were too much for him. Or maybe he couldn’t read a map. bin Laden was a Saudi who’d set up shop in Afghanistan. I guess that could be construed as an Iraqi named Hussein. He did get one thing right. They were both Sunni.

But I doubt if that figured into the equation as Bush probably just figured all Muslims were the same. That they “co-exist”. Who knew Sunnis and Shiites had been killing each other since their existence? Maybe that crazy war between Iraq and Iran might have provided a clue? Nah…don’t pay attention to history…or facts. Mission Accomplished!

Because Bush and his crew either didn’t understand human behavior or simply didn’t care, the Clinton housing fiasco blew up on his watch. So if you are keeping score at home.

Boomer Presidents 2. America 0.

Oh but if that wasn’t enough. The White Guilt and Liberal self loathing was just starting to bloom. Eight years of Clinton’s debauchery, lies, and drugs opened the door for eight more years of Bush’s wars, debt, and frankly the worst public speaker the world has ever seen. George, the word is Nuclear. Not “Nucueler”.

What’s crazy is I say these things as someone who voted for Bush twice! I know I know. The only way I can talk myself off the ledge for these decisions is to remind myself of the other options:

Al (I scared enough people into thinking I’m brilliant about Global Warming…I mean Climate Change…I mean I don’t know…let me sell my network to al jazeera then complain when they don’t pay me) Gore.


John ( I will say anything at anytime to anyone as long as people keep asking me questions knowing full well I don’t have any answers to anything except Global Warming…I meant Climate Change…I meant why won’t Al jazeera pay Al Gore) Kerry.

Talk about the definition of “co-existing”.

But finally the dawning of a new day. A new man. An American who was raised by two loving American parents in everyday U.S.A…err

Okay. An American who was raised by one loving American parent in everyday U.S.A…well…

Okay, okay. An American who was raised by…forget it. Can we get a woot woot for a guy raised by his grandparents in Hawaii surfing and snorting?

Awesome! He is bi-racial! Yeah! It’s time for America to heal her wounds! We’ve found a new leader! A man who will bring us together! Who will stop all the wars! Free health care for all! Open the borders! Fly them in from the Middle East! Free abortion on demand! Everyone is welcome! Tears of joy for everyone! Ding dong the wicked Bush is dead!

We have an Obama! A man who…what’s that? He wants to spread the money around? What does that mean? Come again? What’s an Obama phone? Whoa Whoa Whoa! What do you mean we will be at war every second of his presidency? Twenty trillion in debt when he leaves office? How many zeroes is that? What about all that free college? No? If I’m a college student I have to borrow even more money and pay a higher percentage than the low income housing people do? Why are they getting free housing? Where’s my free housing? Where’s my Obama phone?

No wait! Obama just said if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon! Yeah that should fix everything! What? Not guilty? Cops are pigs! Trayvon wasn’t killed by the cops? So what? Obama and that white guy in New York keep telling us America is a racist country. Yeah! Let’s march in the street and scream about killing cops! That should fix everything!

Wait a second…you said that health care was going to be free and I could keep my doctor! What’s this? Not only am I not getting a tax refund but I owe the Fed’s money? You said it was going to be free!

Where’s Bush? At least he sent out stimulus checks and told us to go spend the money. “Don’t save it” he said. “Spend it! We’ve got to get this economy moving! Jobs? Don’t worry. That’s what welfare is for. Just go spend that money. I need to prop this economy up until I leave this mess for the next guy. What’s his name? Barack Hussein Obama? Hussein. heh heh heh. That’s funny. Stupid Democrats”.

How am I going to pay for that Obamacare without a job? Don’t worry. Obama will keep changing the law until the next President repeals it. Huh? The Republicans just signed a trillion dollar spending bill that funds Obamacare and his idea of Amnesty?

What’s that? You don’t like this “co-existing” very much. Let’s just re-brand it! Isn’t there something else we can call it?

Yep. The French called it appeasement.

That didn’t work out very well for them did it?

No, it did not.

Abolish Income Tax

If used properly Facebook and the internet can be powerful positive forces. In my last post I requested my words be shared everywhere, all across the land:) I thank all of you who’ve done so and will do so in the future. One voice at a time is exactly how we will make a difference and restore OUR country.

One Facebook friend made me laugh and smile. He copied and pasted my column onto a page that was extolling the virtues of California Governor Jerry Brown. The people on this page don’t usually enjoy facts or my literary sense of humor. Silly people. Don’t they know Trix are for kids!:)

The group page was called “” The “thinkers” were excited because “Governor Moonbeam” (their words) was “calling” for 50% renewal energy in the next couple of decades in California.

Jerry Brown’s quote was this: “the challenge is to build the future, not steal from it”. Wow…that was deep, and if you actually read the sentence again you’ll see how absurd this mindset really is.

Never in my life have I thought it a challenge to “build” the future. The future is coming one way or the other. Besides, common sense tells me (rather than “calling” for things) to work hard, save my money and be generous. Things will be just fine. Did you hear the word “steal anywhere in there?”

The “thinkers” were excited about something that was being “called for”. Universal health care has been called on for years. Now that it’s here it’s neither universal or providing the promised health care. 30 to 40 million Americans supposedly didn’t have health insurance before the unaffordable “Affordable Care Act”. The “thinkers” loved this program.

How many uninsured Americans will be covered after billions if not trillions of dollars have been wasted. Maybe 6 maybe 7 million (less if we take out dental work) out of the 30 to 40 million who “needed” it. Good job “thinkers”. For the cost we probably could have put a clinic in every town across the nation.

Rather than “subsidizing” the individual, then practicing the bait and switch with out of control monthly premiums they cannot pay, we could have offered $10.00 co-pays for 95 percent of the people who show up at the emergency room for the flu! Good job thinkers!

Let’s get excited about a politician “calling” for something he will have no control over nor has any inkling of the scientific process. Let’s get excited about a train no one in California will ever ride.

To all public retirees in California: Your money is being spent on a choo choo train.

Don’t take my word for it. Go ask Stockton. Go ask San Bernardino.

While the “thinkers” were patting Governor “Moonbeam” (again their words) on the back for pontificating, the public retirement systems are barely hanging on due to poor management and promises that can never be delivered.

As we speak right now the public retirement systems are underfunded.

The only reason they have any money is the over leveraged stock market. Borrowed money on borrowed time. Or in other terms. Obama bucks on Yellin lies. To be “fair” it could also be called Obama bucks on Bernanke lies. Heaven forbid the “thinkers” stop screaming “hands up” and go back to the “war on women”. But let us return to our regular programming.

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword, the other is by debt.” John Adams.

The “thinkers” believe in “big or centralized government”. In Russia and China this is called Communism. In Germany it was called Fascism. In Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc., it’s called Islam.

They also believe in a consumption economy. They believe in debt. Barack Obama made a statement (yes there is video “thinkers”) that currently our debt isn’t a problem but in ten years it will be. He said this as he added trillions more while screaming the government was being shutdown. Wow.

Ladies and Gentlemen. I actually laugh at things like this now. “Thinking” economists will tell us we have to borrow and spend more money to get out of debt. A five year old will tell you this is ridiculous.

“The economy is about to boom!” Well of course it looks like that to the “thinkers”. When you borrow trillions AND manipulate our currency the items in your “mirror” may appear much larger than reality. Any economy based on consumption will always be joined by debt and will eventually succumb.

The “thinkers” have given us massive over consumption at every level. Drugs, sexual promiscuity, and debt. Sound familiar? “Tune in, turn on, drop out”.

Freedom will always be accompanied by production and equity. To solve serious problems we need serious people. Sober minds will tell you we have a debt crisis that is almost here. Actually, it is here.

The politicians just keep feeding the beast knowing full well the monster they’ve created will consume us all when it isn’t fed (currency crisis via the debt amid eventual rising interest rates).

Paraphrasing Albert Einstein. The organism that created the problem can never be the organism to fix the problem. We all know this to be true and yet we continue practicing insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

But there is a better way and it starts right here. For those of you who’ve read Late Bird you know I detailed specific systems that have to be put in place to derail this oncoming crash. The most important will be to abolish all income tax.

Any and all Federal income tax must be removed including, income, payroll, corporate, inheritance, etc. It is replaced with a consumption tax.

Let me just say this right now. For any of you “thinkers” don’t bother with a long diatribe of wasteful verbiage about how a consumption tax is regressive and hurtful to poor people. It’s you and your lack of ethics that is harmful to poor people! Take your guilt and your race to the bottom Eeyorish mentality back to

First off all taxes are REGRESSIVE.

Second. Read the book! Everything is spelled out in there. Do your homework before you open your mouth. Otherwise you will be “BBDed”. Blocked, banned, deleted. I don’t do free therapy anymore. We have a nation to restore.

Abolishing income tax fixes two main issues.

(1) By removing these regressive and oppressive tax systems corporations all over the world will race each other to be in America providing tens of millions of new jobs. This will increase the value of our soil and allow us to rebuild our neighborhoods.

We will lead the world in innovation and production on OUR land. By harnessing our natural resources, specifically natural gas, an energy system can be created where eventually after the debt is paid off we could abolish the consumption tax as well. I will explain this at a later date. I digress.

Real Unemployment (not fraudulent numbers like 6%) will disappear as we free the American entrepreneur, business owner, and hardest working labor force on the planet. Yes we will have to pay a little bit more for our products or services we use, but it will be our CHOICE. That money will also be spent locally by our own hands. Not ripped away from us by politicians who treat our labor as a game of Monopoly that crushes us with debt and sends our bravest around the world fighting and dying for countries who aren’t willing to pay the price to be free.

(2) Belongingness. Again for those of you who’ve read Late Bird you know how important this is to a free society.

In America we get our belongingness need met through our families and jobs. Currently we have more people on Welfare than ever in our history. The “thinkers” will point to the Depression (I will not call it Great. There is nothing great about a Depression) and surmise things were worse.

The only reason we aren’t seeing at least 60 million people lining up for food in the streets on a daily basis is technology. The EBT card replaced the soup lines.

To be a productive member of society and get your belongingness need met you have to have a purpose. Our first purpose is to take care of ourselves and our families. When you do not work you cannot take care of yourself or your family. You have no purpose. You are simply taking up space and our families suffer for this. Our communities suffer for this. Our children suffer for this.

The “thinkers” will tell you all life is precious. It simply isn’t. I’ve dealt with rapists, child molesters, and murderers. They’ve ruined and or taken innocent lives and will do so again given the chance. They are only precious to the “thinkers”.

Talk about progress.

Shoulder to shoulder brothers and sisters. Keep spreading the word. I am ready to serve you. To serve America. When we have enough we will serve her together.

Jason Kraus

Einstein, Twitter, and American Freedom

A friend asked me today if I could explain America’s problems in Iraq using Twitter’s rules of only 140 characters. “You’re a bright guy and always saying nothing in life is complicated. Either you understand what you’re talking about or you don’t.”
It’s always nice when your words of wisdom are returned to you. I believe in Einstein’s theory, if you cannot explain something to a six year old and have them understand then you don’t know what you are talking about. “Well?” he asked.
I thought about it for a minute. How do I explain centuries of people killing each other while blaming it on their “religious” beliefs? How do I explain a “religion” broken into two groups, Sunnis and Shiites and the hatred they have for each other that only stops for brief moments when the opportunity to kill Americans or Jews arrive?
“Well?” he said again.
“I don’t need 140 characters” I told him, “only eight…Insanity.”
He shook his head. “That’s not going to do it. I need something better than that.”
“Okay, do you remember that commercial ‘this is drugs, this is your brain on drugs, any questions’?”
He nodded.
I continued. “Sunnis equal Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Shiites equal Iran and Hezbollah. Any questions?”
He nodded, “Just one. What in the hell are we doing in the middle of it?”
I shook my head. “These are the decisions we get when an entire generation of American politicians are on drugs.”
He looked at me for a moment counting out the characters to my statement about Saddam and Osama, Iran and Hezbollah in his head. “Less than 140. Okay smart guy how do we fix America’s problems at home in less than 140 characters.”
“It’s in my book,” I said.
“We need help now,” he replied.
I stared at him as my anger started to take over at the abuse of our great country.

“Sober minds and patriotic hearts must rise to the occasion. We’re only free until we aren’t. The decision is ours.”

Late Bird: New Novel Calls on Nation to Unite, Quash Political Corruption and Restore America’s Greatness

Author, entrepreneur and leader, Jason Kraus, uses the narrative in ‘Late Bird’ to write a bold prescription for America’s return to freedom. Fusing a story of love and passion with a very real wake-up call about the state of the nation’s political and social unrest, Kraus calls all readers into action through a unique blend of education and entertainment. One critic describes Kraus as “an author who truly understands not only what makes America great, but what it will take to keep her the great nation she is.”

El Dorado Hills, CA — (ReleaseWire) — 10/22/2014 — Many authors release books to provide readers with nothing but a quick thrill. However, author, entrepreneur and leader Jason Kraus has a very different mandate; to restore America’s greatness and let freedom once again ring. His statement has hit the shelves as a masterfully-crafted book that melds an uplifting story of patriotism with a call-to-action for all Americans who want to reclaim their nation from corrupt politicians and their self-serving special interests.

‘Late Bird’ is the story of the author, his readers and the 300,000,000 citizens who can band together and let their voices roar through the corridors of Capitol Hill. It’s a bold mission from a man who has a passion for helping at the very core of his being.

Source: Piece of Cake PR
Posted Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 3:44 PM CDT

Late Bird Promises Americas Best Days Ahead

The El Dorado Hills author started writing "Late Bird" days after the 2012 presidential election. By telling an entertaining story, Kraus outlines what Americans need to do to get the country back on track. Courtesy photo

The El Dorado Hills author started writing “Late Bird” days after the 2012 presidential election. By telling an entertaining story, Kraus outlines what Americans need to do to get the country back on track. Courtesy photo

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
532 pages
3L Publishing

“We all have things that turn us into who we are,” El Dorado Hills author and entrepreneur Jason Kraus said about the premise behind his new novel “Late Bird.” By chronicling protagonist Falcon Sane’s life, Kraus is really explaining his own strong convictions about freedom, truth, personal responsibility and above all love of country.

“Everything you read in 400 out of 500 pages actually happened to me,” Kraus said. Yet because the book is set up with Falcon Sane running for president of the United States in 2016, “I couldn’t call it autobiographical and also because I couldn’t get into the head of all the characters from my past.”

In the style of Ayn Rand, Kraus’ main character stands as a metaphor for what the author believes America needs to thrive. At a young age, Kraus didn’t like the idea of societal labels; for instance, in school when he and his classmates were separated by “early” and “late birds.” He also shares how standing up to a much older schoolyard bully was a pivotal point during his formative years. To this day Kraus believes in standing up to bullies in all forms, including people and programs he believes erode various freedoms. As a nation, “We can’t stop turning our heads,” Kraus said. “I’ve never turned my head in my life.”

While at first Falcon Sane resorts to his fists, a turning point comes once a revered history teacher tells Sane his mind is his greatest weapon.

There is love, adventure and plenty of lessons for Sane. At times he becomes disillusioned, but never bitter. His love for America and his belief in its potential are too strong. Still, he believes America stands at a critical crossroad and that years of inept leadership and citizens losing countless freedoms are why our nation has weakened.

“Late Bird” clearly outlines how to get America back on track and it starts in the home.

“For any child, the most important thing is to have two loving parents,” Kraus said of the supportive parents he credits for much of his success and the neglect he sees occurring to many of America’s kids. “The second most important thing is being born in the United States of America.

“We have to change a few systems to free the American people,” Kraus continued. “First we have to change our tax code.”

He said he’d like to see a consumption tax, but no federal income or corporate taxes.

“I believe in giving and sharing,” Sane says in the book. “I also believe in right and wrong.”

Kraus’ inspiration to write “Late Bird” came after the 2012 presidential election. “I wasn’t a Bush fan, though I voted for him twice because he was better than the alternatives,” he said. He does respect Romney, however, summing him up as “a job creator,” and Kraus said he was disheartened by his defeat to president Obama.

“Jobs are so important to our culture,” Kraus added. “Don’t tax hard work.”

Through many of Sane’s ordeals we see Kraus’ equal concern about American culture and the moral decay that’s chipped it away. “President Clinton changed an entire generation,” he offers as one example. “When the President of the United States said oral sex is OK he corroded away at our ethics.”

A true independent and one who defies labels, Kraus doesn’t consider himself a Democrat or a Republican, but an American. When Falcon Sane runs for president as an Independent, and is likened to Ross Perot, people take note when he says he would never run for two terms. Anything more than one term isn’t about service, but about ego.

Party lines ignored, it’s a lifetime of experiences and a strong moral compass that prepare Falcon Sane to be the kind of leader America hasn’t seen for decades. The question is: Will Jason Kraus himself follow Falcon Sane’s lead and one day run for higher office?

For more information visit

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