Kushner Says BLM Protests Go Too Far

by Daveda Gruber

On Thursday White House senior adviser, Jared Kushner, was asked about the violence that is happening in Kenosha, Wisconsin that followed after a law enforcement officer shot Jacob Blake.

Kushner, who is married to President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, said that Americans have seen enough protests that go too far.

In a video interview with Politico Kushner said, “This country’s seen enough of the protests and some of the negative things that can happen when the protests go too far or are hijacked.”

He went on to say, “You look at a lot of these cities, and you look at a lot of these politicians that were talking last week. They’ve done a lot of complaining, but a lot of these people have been here for decades and haven’t gotten anything done.”

Kushner has pressed for the First Step Act, which is a criminal justice reform package, and praised his father-in-law for signing it into law.

The package creates opportunity zones that incentivize investment in low-income areas.

Kushner said, “What we need to do right now is make sure we take the anger that people have, and we have to move from slogans to constructive solutions.”

Kushner also criticized NBA players who bowed out of games in protest. He maintained that they were all talk and no action.

On Wednesday night, Milwaukee Bucks players refused to play against the Orlando Magic.

Other playoff games in the NBA and some regular-season games in the WNBA and MLB were also postponed in protest over the shooting.

Kushner said, “We’re offering solutions with policy. The other side’s doing a lot of complaining. What I’d love to see from the players in the NBA, again, they have the luxury of taking the night off from work. Most Americans don’t have the financial luxury to do that.”

I happen to agree with Kushner. Firstly, when did sports become a field to protest what is law enforcement’s job to do?

The kneeling to the National Anthem and the American flag by Colin Kaepernick, is what started all sports protesting.

So now, after sports that were cancelled because of COVID-19 are beginning to come back, the players are talking time to refuse to play because this is a way to protest.

I say stop paying the players if they don’t play when a game is scheduled.

Personally, I am offended by athletes, who are paid very large salaries, getting involved in areas that they have no business in.

If they are truly concerned, let them go into the inner cities and donate to building centers that could help the children in underprivileged areas with sports, learning and yes, even meals.

One man knelt and the sheep followed. It should have stopped before it got to the point that it has.

It was time to stop the violence quite some time ago. It was time to stop the involvement in law enforcement and political issues by athletes who are paid to play a game.

Threats Against Trump Family Member Gets Man Prison Time

by Daveda Gruber:

On Friday a man from Seattle, Washington, has been sentenced for making threats of violence against President Trump’s family, members of the media and synagogues.

The individual making the threats is Chase Bliss Colasurdo, who is 27 years old.

Colasurdo was sentenced to five years in prison after he posted a photo on Instagram of the president’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, with a gun pointed at the picture.

The Seattle resident pleaded guilty to charges that he made to bomb synagogues and hurt media members in Southern California. He also pleaded guilty to making online threats to Kushner and Donald Trump, Jr.

Colasurdo had bought a bulletproof vest and ammunition and then tried to purchase a gun but his plans got foiled when he was denied the purchase of the gun when he was flagged by the Secret Service.

Authorities said that Colasurdo has a history of severe mental illness and paranoid delusions.

U.S. Attorney Brian Moran commented that the case is a “frightening intersection of mental illness and weapons.”

In my humble opinion, five years will not change this man. He has much deeper problems and needs to get treatment for that. If Colasurdo’s delusions cannot be controlled, he must not be left to go free amongst us.

Take a look at what he posted on Instagram: