Biden Accuses Trump of Dereliction of Duty

by Daveda Gruber:

After quite some time in his basement in Delaware, Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, had his first press conference in close to three months on Tuesday.

Needless to say, Biden didn’t have anything nice to say about President Trump and his response to the reports from the New York Times that Russian intelligence operatives offered to pay bounties to Taliban linked militants who killed U.S. troops that are stationed in Afghanistan.

Trump has adamantly denied that he was briefed on any such matter before the New York Times article came out.

Biden was taking questions from reporters when he said, “The idea that somehow he didn’t know is a dereliction of duty if that’s the case. And if he was briefed and he didn’t do anything about it that is a dereliction of duty.”

Besides the report from the New York Times, the Washington Post seemed to jump on the bandwagon and reported that the Russian bounties are “believed to have resulted in the deaths of several U.S. service members.”

Further reports from the Associated Press alleged that officials said an April 2019 attack on an American convoy that killed three Marines in Afghanistan is under investigation.

Trump tweeted this on Monday:

This tweet came from Trump on Sunday.

John Bolton, who was national security adviser until he was fired recently, also allegedly told colleagues at the time that he briefed Trump on the intelligence assessment in March 2019.

According to officials who allegedly leaked the information to the New York Times, the evaluation concerning Russians and bounties to kill American military was included in at least one of President Donald Trump’s written daily intelligence briefings at the time.

So we have information from unnamed sources who reportedly told mainstream media, or as I like to call them, “Fake News” and Bolton, the man who is trying to get rich off of a book that he put out to smear Trump.

On Tuesday Biden said that it was unimaginable that Trump would not have known about the intelligence, and called into question the president’s cognitive abilities.

The former Vice President went on to say, “The president talks about cognitive capability, but he is not cognitively aware of what’s going on.”

Biden also called on Congress to investigate the matter and, come Election Day, “for the public to decide whether he is fit for office.”

Now, that’s Biden questioning Trump’s cognitive capability.

I’m not sure what my readers have seen of Biden speaking, or rather trying to speak, but I can tell you that Trump has all his marbles but from what I’ve seen, Biden doesn’t.

Biden was better off hiding in his basement but then we wouldn’t get to see his cognitive capability on full display.

Bret Baier to Interview John Bolton

by Daveda Gruber:

How many of you watch FOX News? Will you tune in on Tuesday, June 23rd, at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time? Chief political anchor Bret Baier is set to interview former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

The FOX News show, “Special Report” may have a lot of viewers because people are curious enough to tune in.

The interview falls on the day that Bolton’s book/memoir, “The Room Where It Happened,” should be hitting book stores.

The book is expected to be quite controversial. Most of us have heard that Bolton’s book contain a passage that says that President Trump once said that reporters “should be executed.”

Other controversial things include that Trump requested that his White House counsel contact the Justice Department to discuss whether jailing journalists would be possible.

An emergency injunction is being sought at this moment to prevent the release/publication of the book in question because the manuscript contains confidential information.

Claims have been made that Bolton had deliberately bypassed the necessary classification review process.

Trump tweeted out his thoughts on the matter:

Trump also re-tweeted Daniel (Dan) Scavino, who is an American political advisor, currently serving as the White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and Director of Social Media, who tweeted this:

FOX may have high rating for the upcoming segment, but then their ratings are already higher than other cable networks.