From a Place You Will Not See. . .Comes a Sound You Will Not Hear

The headlines presented this week from the propaganda, err, media were laughable without the comedic break.

Comparable to watching Saturday Night Jive.

Speaking of a walking joke Lebron Farrakhan James stated that an accused rapist/convicted felon who held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach while threatening to murder her and her baby “changed the world”.

George Washington helped to change the world.

Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and for better or worse Steve Jobs, changed the world.

Donald Trump gave the world a breather.

The death of George Floyd did one thing.

Protect women and children from his future abuse.

It’s called addition by subtraction.

Speaking of addition by subtraction, Alexandria Hamas-Cortez proclaimed to be a combat veteran and is currently suffering from PTSD a la Brian Under Fire Williams and Hillary What Does it Matter Now Clinton.

With Memorial Day tomorrow her attempt at stolen valor is disgusting.

At this point anyone still supporting this cancerous tumor is no better than the Russians who supported Stalin and we should meat hook every single one of them Benito Mussolini style.

The current mayor of the Windy City was not to be outdone by these leeches and told the media that Chicago is out of control, at the same time the carbon copy of Beetlejuice announced she would only talk to colored people.

Apparently it’s a “black” thang, but that would be a start.

Head on down to the South Side and tell all the “colored” people to stop shooting each other, selling crack, and abusing children.

While you are down there Lori maybe ask around about who murdered Hadiya Pendleton.

I know the Obamas have used and abused the children there as they carpetbagged their way in and out of Chicago but some of us still care about the kids.

Call it Casper Care.

Let’s make it a twofer, while you are inquiring about MURDER, give Donna Brazile a call to see if she’s ready to tell us who executed Seth Rich.

Another example of Caucasian persuasion.

Moving west to the land of the “fruits and nuts” Gavin Newsom, probably high, when is he not, fell apart after multiple people were shot in California and whined into the camera “What’s wrong with us?”

Whoa whoa whoa!

What’s the US stuff?

Gruesome switched gears almost simultaneously, the mark of a sociopath, and announced with a big smile that he’s giving out over one hundred million dollars, as a perk, to anyone not vaccinated, to bend over and get the spark.

According to bigoted reports almost 60% of the “Hispanics” have not been vaccinated while roughly 60% of the “Whites” have.

The Honky numbers would probably be closer to the “Latinos” but we know the ones with any common sense left California a while ago.

Jason, don’t you live in California?

No, I live in NORTHERN California where we believe in trees, forest management, growing food, eating beef, training with multiple calibers, and Freedom.

In NORTHERN California (not the Bay Area) we actually paid attention in school.

We’ve read Adam Smith, can explain the difference between a Constitutional Republic and a Democracy, and appreciate Shakespeare, Socrates, Louis L’Amour and Vince Flynn.

We know viruses don’t kill humans, aren’t willing to inhale our own carbon dioxide, or remnants of others fecal matter, and will put the 2nd Amendment to work before we will allow anyone to assault us with either hands or needles.

Think of us as Texas with better weather.

We can and do create our own energy when necessary, appreciate the abundance and power of oil and gas, are generous with those who need a hand not a handout, support our military and have had enough of the madness.

We are now working, waiting and watching as we’ve been prepared for years, just like our Brothers and Sisters located in every State across the greatest country in the history of Man.

From a place you will not see. . .comes a sound you will not hear.

Personally, I’m a little different.

I am hoping the last thing Liberals ever see is the whites of my eyes.

I’ll consider it a privilege.

Jason Kraus

Just Tell Em the Truth

Recently I read an article titled “When did the left accept racism?”

It’s technically bigotry but when have they not?

Hamas, La Raza, BLM, Antifa, Liberals, Nation of Islam, Anti-Semites/Self-Hating Jews, Progressives and Democrats, otherwise known as the “left” believe in one thing.


It’s difficult for me to comprehend why Conservatives, Independents, Republicans, etc., don’t get this.


I once asked a “Conservative” why they continue to speak with Liberals.

“I’m hoping I can get through to them,” was the answer.

“How are you going to do that?”

“By telling them the truth.”

I just started to laugh.

Let’s try some “truth” as provided by the Liberals this week.

American pipelines are bringing about the end of the world but Russian pipelines through Asia and Europe are just fine.

Fascinating how the “climate” changes from country to country, continent to continent.

How about this doozy?

The homeless population has GROWN worldwide while the “deadliest virus” in the history of Man has “wreaked havoc”.

Fortunately “vaccinations” have been approved as we can’t have the homeless living forever.

Let’s line em up, along with everyone else too afraid to live without a mask, and give them all a Hunter Biden Special.

Clean needles be damned.

Recently the media re-floated the story of the creator of the fictional “1619” scam.

Her entire life’s “work” is comparable to the last twenty years of Saturday Night Live.

Yawns, lies, and Pete Davidson.

Talk about redundancy.

The premise of the 1619 charade is simple.

America is racist, white people suck and the Revolutionary War was fought to protect slavery.

Furthermore, law enforcement was created to track down slaves and keep black people in line.

Never mind the United States didn’t EXIST until the late part of the Eighteenth Century or that humans with black skin owned slaves, isn’t that right Kamala, the statement that the enforcement of law only happened when America was created has got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard a Liberal vomit and that’s saying quite a bit as Nancy Pelosi has been around for a very LONG time.

The media tried to paint her as a misunderstood genius who was treated unfairly because she didn’t receive tenure.

If America is so “racist” why would she want it?

In fact if these United States are so “racist” why is there more millionaires and billionaires with black skin inside America than any other country?

Why are humans all over the world, especially from countries dominated by dark skinned people, begging to live here?

They either love racism, a progressive fantasy, or they clamor for a shot of Moderna with a two-mask chaser.

Welcome to the new tagline for tourism in California.

Come to the Golden State where we’ll spark ya, drug ya, feed ya, and give ya a doggy bag of cash, debit, condoms, alcohol, a hotel room and a case of KN95 Chinese masks that only cost us a BILLION dollars.

Don’t worry about the power staying on or the fires going off, Newsom is under recall, those things will be kept to a minimum.

Just bring your kids, grab your goodie bag, and smoke em if you got em.

It’s like a really big Portland.

The only things dying here are Freedom. . .and the cops.

Jason Kraus

Obesity and Vaccines: The New Body Positive

The chances of catching The Rona/ChinaVirus/Covid-19 over the last year are the same as catching one of billions of viruses always circulating.

These viruses are referred to as the Flu.

According to the Mayo Clinic, some of these most at risk from the Flu, are listed below.

Residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

People with weakened immune systems.

People who have chronic illnesses, such as asthma, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease and diabetes.

People who are very obese, with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher.

Old people, humans who already have debilitating problems, and porkers who eat too much.

Interestingly enough, we are also being told these are the same types of people, more susceptible to the Rona.


It almost defies logic that these two lists would be carbon copies of each other, yet the world has never been shut down for the Flu, which has miraculously disappeared, while Covid-19 “related” has become the new manic depressive diagnosis in that all behavior, outside the norm, starts and ends with “Bipolar”.

The odds of getting the Rona were and are incredibly small, and the odds of having more than “flulike” symptoms are so minute the panicked response to this definitely defies logic.

In a world that now celebrates obesity, known as body positive, the Mayo Clinic is telling us that obesity makes one more susceptible to viruses, not less, yet no one is discussing nutrition as a fix for all that ails us.

We are simply trapped in a cycle of pill popping, Lizzo is a role model, and it’s okay if you cannot walk up a flight of stairs as long as you’ve had your vaccine, wear a mask, and are woke.

The vaccines, which have actually killed people, are your savior for all things.

What the heck, get two, and make sure after, to wear your mask and social distance because….


Why do you care?

You aren’t asking for any proof or explanation as to what is going into your bodies through the vaccine.

Famous people who are in horrible shape, drug addicts, alcoholics, and sexual predators are telling you to take the jab and in record numbers you are lining up.

Taking medical advice from the propagandized media is comparable to listening to Bill Gates about how to sustain a marriage or practice monogamy as the “man” reportedly had a once a year weekend tryst with his “ex” girlfriend written into his marriage “contract”.

This is the guy who is paying and telling doctors what to say, and report, that YOU are believing as gospel.

It’s the same as listening to Andrew Cuomo on how to treat women with dignity and keep the elderly alive.

The same as listening to Joe Biden about anything, yet here millions of you are, believing you’ve protected yourselves when in reality you haven’t.

In fact through viral shedding, it is possible the next “breakout” of the Rona will be because of you, as it may mutate and spread, creating a real problem that didn’t currently exist.

I know this does not fit in with what you are hearing overall in the world but that changes nothing.

The truth is still the truth and the truth is the odds of getting the Rona have now increased because millions, who’d never had any problems, are now willing carriers.

Well done.

I can hear you now.

Jason, I know people who’ve died from the Rona.

No, you don’t.

Viruses don’t kill humans regardless of how many times you hear this stated as fact, and for Covid-19 to be responsible SCIENTIFICALLY for the deaths of thousands, it must be redefined as a man-made biological contagion, otherwise known in this particular case, as an act of war.

All you had to do was go on about your lives and the overwhelming mathematical probabilities would have the Rona pass you by, but alas you’ve chosen to trust the government, athletes, and actors with your sustained health.

The Nazis forced the Jews onto trains at gunpoint.

What’s your excuse?

Too much truth?

For some no doubt, now hustle along.

Walgreens is waiting.

You can pick up a gift card and a half gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough on your way out.

You’ve made Ben and Jerry so proud and always remember, especially you newly jabbed potential super spreaders, to wear your hijabs, Antifa pullovers, and klan hoods.

That’s right vaccinated nitwits.

Put your masks back on.

Right over your eyes.

Jason Kraus

Escape the Belly of the Beast

Decades ago I worked as a Sheriff’s Deputy in a California County.

As this story is covered in depth in Late Bird I will summarize.

I was the Deputy Sheriff’s Association Vice-President during an election year for the County Sheriff position. The current Sheriff thought I supported the other candidate, at that time I was not, targeted me on multiple occasions, and eventually fired me or as they referred to it “released on probation” as I hadn’t reached the eighteen month period.

My reputation in Law Enforcement was marred, my name was slandered, and many lies about me, were repeated.

I applied to a Probation Department in a different County and after an exhaustive background check, also found in Late Bird, was hired as facts and the truth still mattered, to a degree, back then.

After a few months I was offered a promotion but those months provided me the opportunity to apply my experience at my former location and read the room with open eyes.

Law Enforcement, especially for someone deemed white, was changing, dramatically.

Criminals, especially those with black skin, were increasingly threatening anyone and everyone in Law Enforcement with little or no repercussions.

In many cases criminals who’d committed heinous crimes, including murder, served less and less time as liberal legislatures created white guilt laws and judges continued to make excuses for child molesters, rapists, and drug dealers.

The overall population either left, ignored, or agreed.

One of the gifts bestowed upon me by the Big Fella Upstairs is the ability to assess a situation for what it is, not what I want it to be, and there was no way I was going to stay in Law Enforcement in California, as it had been made very clear to me that the front line guys were being held to an impossible standard.

This was over twenty years ago and my clairvoyance probably saved my life, at least the life I have now.

To all Law Enforcement working in liberal Cities or States, especially Communistic cesspools like Portland, Minneapolis, New York City, etc.

Your life is expendable at the whims of the out of control cartel-like criminals, and of even greater threat, the Police Chiefs, Captains, Lieutenants, and Mayors who have allowed and even encouraged this behavior.

After years of watching your brethren be murdered in the streets, on 911 calls, and even sitting in your cars, while your murderers are made into heroes, it is clear you aren’t paying attention.

The liberals hate you, in most cases this includes most of your supervisors, who’ve taken the Kaepernick Knee of cowardice.

This isn’t going to improve.

You will either find yourselves being shot, beaten, or having your rights read to you, as I experienced so long ago.

This isn’t just happening in America.

When a seventy year old Jewish woman can be thrown off her balcony in France, to her death, while her Muslim murderer screams Allah Akbar, only to have her attacker released because he had marijuana in his system, the spiral to the bottom is well under way and it will continue to land on your heads.


Remove yourselves from these positions and let the liberals deal with their own making. . .before it is too late for you.

Make your way to American locations where jobs are available and preparation has been under way for quite a while.

A reckoning is coming and too many of you are ignoring your eyes and lying to yourselves.

You’ve been thrown into harms way and are attempting to enforce laws/justice in cities that don’t follow the first and don’t care about the second.

The Chauvin trial was decided immediately after the jury was selected.

He had zero chance.

You still do.

Take it, as I did, and prepare to defend your country from a position of strength, not in the belly of the beast.

Jason Kraus

Three White Bigots

Today’s media and federal government mouthpieces, elected or otherwise, have decided the only thing more important than sex is. . .skin color.

Specifically “white” skin.

Of course this is bigotry but that doesn’t seem to matter to the “science is real, climate change is the primary reason for criminality” crowd.

This propaganda is everywhere.

All white males are racist, Amerikan, privileged Nazis who hate Africans, Asians, Hispanics, Latinos, Indigenous, and all women.

Basically white men suck.

Even Mitt Romney agrees and in his case Romney finally stumbled upon the truth.

He does indeed suck.

Into that backdrop I Jason Kraus headed to work one day last week.

After a forty minute drive, about five minutes from my destination, I pulled into a left hand turn lane on a very busy four lane four way stop. As I decelerated from fifty mph, blinking hazard lights on a broken down truck blocked the way.

I slowly pulled around and found a man, who happened to be black, in distress.

The white racist Nazi that I am, leaned towards him, through my window and said, “You need some help?”

He had a cell phone in one hand and began to point to his ear with the other.

I nodded as I realized he was deaf.

Cars with Bernie Sanders stickers,  Black Lives Matter, and Save the Planet whipped by us.

Again, he was under distress and had been sitting there for a while.

I nodded again, looked directly at him, as I figured he could read lips, and told him to stay right where he was as I flipped a U-turn in the middle of the intersection, drove the wrong way right to the front of his truck and jumped out as black, brown, female, and masked drivers flew by doing their prep work for the Indy 500.

Apparently this black life only mattered to the white male Nazi.

I hit my hazards and asked if he had jumper cables.

He did not.

Fortunately the bigoted white man did.

Out of the corner of my eye I picked up a body coming quickly in my direction. As I turned to face the movement another white male Nazi froggered his way through Daytona and said, “I saw him sitting here and pulled in over by the gas station to give him a hand, see if I could push him across the road.”

There were multiple people and cars over at the gas station and among that group were men and women who looked like the deaf man but none of them moved to help their “black brother.”

If the media were to tell this story it would start with, “Two white racist bigots blocked the vehicle of a disadvantaged, disabled black man and wouldn’t let him move.”

In reality there were two Americans running through traffic trying to help their American brother in need.

The two white bigots attached the cables but the vehicle was beyond that type of help.

The gas gauge was checked and it appeared to be out of gas.

I told the driver of the vehicle to get in and then the two Nazis pushed the vehicle across the extra lanes as I waved at cars doing upwards of sixty to slow down and stop.

The Biden voters couldn’t be bothered and roared past us but eventually some actual Americans hit the brakes and FINALLY we were able to push him a couple hundred yards into a gas station.

My automobile still sat in the middle of the intersection, faced the wrong way as I sprinted back, dodged Libs in cars who I surmised were too busy tik tokking on their phones, and jumped in to find a vehicle that faced mine with his hazards on.

He’d pulled in behind the deaf man’s car to provide cover and had stayed to guard my truck until I returned.

The driver?

A racist white Nazi.

Three white bigots willing to risk their safety to help a deaf black man.

Jason Kraus


As I pondered this week’s column an article about “Dr.” Jill Biden crossed my path. She was attempting to explain why she felt she should be recognized as Dr. Biden due to her EdD.

The EdD reminded me of a television show I enjoyed as a child called Mister Ed and as the song started to run through my head the lyrics began to change in reference to “Dr.” Jill.

A joke is a joke unless it’s woke, and no one can talk to a joke that’s woke, unless of course the joke that’s woke is the famous Mrs. EdD.

A woke joke whose step-son stokes, smokes, strokes, and pokes his croaked bloke’s wife while snorting coke.

Let us stay in the past and segue to what used to be a huge part of our American competitive souls. . .sports.

Al Michaels iconic call “Do you believe in miracles!” answered with an emphatic “YES!” as the Cold War was battled through a hockey game and an American victory over the oppressive USSR.

A Constitutional Republic over a Soviet Socialist nightmare.

I was nine years old and still remember the surge of pride as American “kids” took on the Russian “professionals” and through talent, perseverance and a great head coach, beat the Commies at their own game.

Eight years later Kirk Gibson, who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, limped to the plate to face the most dominant “closer” of his generation in the Oakland Athletics Dennis Eckersley during the 1988 World Series.

As Gibson launched Eckersley’s offering over the fence and into the LA night, Hall of Famer Jack Buck captured the moment perfectly with his “I don’t believe what I just saw!”

I was seventeen and didn’t believe it either.

September 11, 2001.

Our country was attacked with the usage of our own planes and murdered thousands of American citizens.

As the dust cleared and the bodies of our brothers and sisters were removed from the debris of the Twin Towers, the nation circled New York, and the American Flag was EVERYWHERE flying high and free.

The National Football League at that time was Pro-America, Pro-Freedom, Pro-FDNY.


Fast forward through two decades of perverse “leadership” and we are now on the verge of another Carter-Biden Olympic Boycott.

America has been invaded by “illegals” (criminal foreign nationals)  and “intellectuals” (communists) such as Bernie Sanders who’ve embraced the Sickle and Hammer of Putin and the drug abuse of Hitler  to convince today’s youth that they have no hope, no future, and no chance of achieving their dreams, without the help of Big Brother.

Major League Baseball now takes their cues from an obese, debt ridden, criminal bigot who embraces the Nation of Islam.

The same Nation of Islam that just attacked the Capitol.

To be sure no one is in love with Stacey or her mom and they definitely don’t have it going on.

The National Felons League has genuflected to such a degree that a kneeling idiot who supports Hamas named Colin has been calling the shots for years under the false premise that the same NYPD that the country exalted, and law enforcement around the country, is killing black males.

Although figures can lie and liars can figure the statistics of murder, rape, and armed robbery are clear.

The most dangerous human living in today’s America is the black male.

More black males kill cops on a daily basis than the other way around.

More black males kill black males than any other bigoted skin designation.

More black males kill black women, white men and women, brown men and women and everything in between than the alternative.

Sadly today’s sports world continues to feed the false mantra to an ever shrinking fan base that the root of all evil is anyone with white skin, or those darker, who embrace these United States as Americans.

America First.

American ONLY.

No hyphens required more importantly no hyphens allowed and on an interesting note humans who refer to themselves as Americans, regardless of color, are happier, healthier, wealthier, and commit dramatically less crime, but continue on with your idiotic mantra Black Lives Matter, La Raza, Antifa, Nazis, etc.

We will come for you eventually and we will win.

Never bet against America or The American.

American companies like “Woke-A-Cola” are scrambling trying to bend to Biden’s “black” bigots who “own” him as they’ve stated and believe.

I wonder when someone will explain to the Farrakhan followers that consuming Woke-A-Cola products is giving them the gifts of obesity, Type-Two Diabetes and greater risk of the “RONA”.

Although I miss the days of American sports I’ve personally found it more enjoyable and beneficial to my life to turn the boob tube off and spend that time in much more productive ways.

In summation I think Richard Pryor, yes the Richard Pryor who lit himself on fire doing crack, sums up my entire thought process to the Liberal White Hating Democrats.

Have a Coke and Smile and shut the fuck up.

Jason Kraus

Hello God, It’s Me Jason

In the impertinence of my youth there were times when I either (a) challenged God or (b) asked the Big Fella Upstairs for help under the premise that I would never ask again.

Ah youth, wasted on the young.

For those of you who’ve read Late Bird one of those experiences was chronicled and for those of you who didn’t, it is free of charge on

Nevertheless decades ago I stopped the challenging and the bargaining and embraced the concept that God is in charge and granted me Free Will.

The rest was up to me and I promised to only be grateful and regardless of the situation to NEVER ask for anything again.

It has worked beautifully but as the world turns I find my jaw clamping tighter as though I am biting down on a mouthpiece with the absurdity and abuse that continues to occur every single day.

Three year old babies thrown over fences who land on their heads and are abandoned in the middle of the night.

American citizens targeted and beaten by Antifa and Black Lives Matter otherwise known as “Asian attacks”.

Politicians STILL abusing the elderly with fear and lies and in some cases killing them by knowingly putting them in harms way.

Black faced-drug addicted-alcoholic-rapist governors who continue to be allowed to stay in power.

When will it stop?

Honestly I have no idea but this much is certain.

The blame lies with every Democratic voter whether they are your family, friends, acquaintances, or other.

The children raped while trafficked through Mexico?

The fault of the Democratic voter.

The beating of “Asians” in America?

The fault of every Democratic voter.

The bigotry, molestation, and rampant rise of disease from New York City to Los Angeles?

Democrat, Democrat, Democrat.

This blame also isn’t indirect or something that can be explained away as a lack of information.

EVERYONE knew what they were voting for in the last election and any and all who voted for any Democratic candidate are responsible for the death, rape, and destruction that has occurred, and as so, must be held accountable.

As stated earlier I no longer question God or ask the Big Fella Upstairs for anything, but with each passing day I find myself watching and waiting for a Joshua like moment and if/when that moment arrives I personally want to be the one wreaking God’s wrath.

Hello God, it’s not Margaret, it’s me Jason.

As always I am ready and at your service.

Just say when.

Jason Kraus

You Can Have My Guns. . .One Round At A Time

In today’s world most not only seem to have an opinion that they feel must be opined, they also believe their opinion(s) are true.

I’ve heard Biden voters say Groper Joe is going to bring the country together.

This is never going to happen.

The day I stand and support child molestation, the raping of women and giving billions to Shia muslims in Iran, I’ll punch my own ticket.

I’ve witnessed obese humans discussing nutrition, how they only eat vegetables and get their fats through avocados.


This is calorically impossible, never mind avocado is a fruit, and no one is taking Type-Two Diabetes medication because of overeating broccoli unless that broccoli is deep fried, covered in nacho cheese sauce and being washed down by a diet Coke, because those saved soda calories make all the difference, except for the white racists of course.

Semantics Jason, semantics.

I laugh when Democrats rant about their Constitutional Rights that are derived from a Republic and shake my head when Republicans refer to these United States as a Democracy.

It’s like watching an idiot flip a coin as to which fork tong they are going to shove into the light socket or Joe Biden try to climb a flight of stairs.

In today’s world you need picture identification to purchase cold medication, alcohol and to drive, but not to vote which seems a bit odd as one would think Liberals would want their supporters drunk and stoned out of their minds, then again they must be as that can be the only sober explanation of how Maxine Waters was ever elected.

If politicians are a measurement of their voters then the Water’s voters are beyond compare and behavioral explanation.

I’ve heard multimillionaires talk about embracing Socialism and then scream at their attorneys, agents, and employees, when their profit margins shrink or are “under paid”.

“Artists” who use the words “bitch”, “nigga”, and “ho” in their “songs” are given awards but white kids singing the songs are “privileged” and need to drop to their knees and beg forgiveness.

Reparations based on skin color have started in Illinois and according to reports the city that is going to give money to “black folk” is going to do this by placing a tax on, wait for it, marijuana purchases.

Forty acres and a mule just turned into dealing drugs and then giving the “Africans” a cut so they can keep stoking and smoking.

It’s the worst lottery system ever but I’m sure it will do more for the schools than Ritalin, not that the teachers in Illinois want to work anymore.

Speaking of Illinois, black gang bangers in Chicago continue to blow each other away, and smoke a lot of weed, on a daily basis, but the Bigot Biden and Criminal Harris only pay attention to the blacks during voting season and don’t have time for their problems because a Sunni muslim just murdered a bunch of “white people” in Colorado.

The politicians and Progressives all started to shout about assault weapons, which do not exist, as “weapons” are inanimate objects and don’t have the capacity to “assault” anyone.

Nevertheless it was thoughts and prayer time AGAIN (God has done enough, the rest is up to us) as Liberal Boulder Colorado was rewarded AGAIN for trying to help a “poor misunderstood refugee” who was raised in America, in American schools, on American taxpayers backs.

Elections do indeed have consequences, some more permanent than others.

I’m sure Hadiya Pendleton and Brian Terry would love to say something about that but their lives were stolen from them.

Thanks Obama.

Finally, the liberal worthless media tried to make a big deal out of a United States Senator posing with a rifle and caption towards Biden wanting to ban guns.

The caption was a common one that most of us have heard or used many times in reference to our 2nd Amendment Rights.

“Come and take it” was sent from South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds to Hiden Biden.

The media ran with it and asked “Did a sitting Senator just threaten the President?”

Actually no as Joe keeps telling us he isn’t President or cannot remember who he actually is.

Maybe his EdD “Doctor” wife can let him know.

Still, the Senator should have given the updated version of this proclamation as the Liberals don’t seem to follow or care about the Constitution so let us be clear.

You can have my guns. . .one round at a time.

Jason Kraus

Let Not Fear Dictate Your Outcome

Whether it is the Clintons, Cuomos, Newsom or Biden/Harris the drone of sexual deviancy pushes forward as the #MeToo misogynists matriculate where needed and feign aghast when required.

The new tool in the arsenal of the diseased, is to state that they are on the “right side of history” and many believe, as their fable is told, their reputations will be written in a positive light, as history is supposedly written by the victors.

It is not.

History is written every day, as the “memory” of the web is the catch 22 that occurs, although Google, Facebook, Twitter and friends are doing their best to challenge that dichotomy.

They will not be successful.

To paraphrase a famous line when the liberals finally go out it won’t be with a bang but rather a whimper.

With all moments in human behavioral history the righteous eventually attack their abusers and unlike humans living in Asia, Africa, Europe, most of North America and all of the Southern continent, the humans living in these United States have in the past, replaced the current system, with something better.

Americans earn, strive, and when suffer too greatly, fight.

The difference currently is too many still don’t feel that they’ve suffered enough and until that moment of inflection occurs the criminal politicians known as Democrat will continue to run wild as the cowardly politicians known as Republican sit idly by or in some RINO cases join in.

Too many in today’s America are willing to listen to the “experts” whose only quality of consistency, validity, and reliability is the drawing of a paycheck from some government backed entity.

Money does indeed talk and it’s spewing through the maws of too many in the “medical” community.

Case in point decades ago I sought a doctor to give me a cortisone shot in a shoulder I’d damaged playing baseball. I knew exactly when the damage occurred, had gone through my options of physical therapy and decided the next step was the injection. As I’ve shared this story in the past I will fast forward through the “doctor” who was obese, could barely walk and collapsed into a chair while he ignored the only reason I was in his office to try and sell me a statin for my “high cholesterol.”

Of course I declined, which quite possibly saved my life, as trying to get off of statins has lead to the death of a plethora of humans.

Years after this I was in a different doctor’s office for a routine check-up. The “physician” needed to lose at least forty pounds and was admittedly struggling with the new computer system in front of him when he blurted out that I might have a “heart murmur.”

I do not.

A couple of years ago I picked up a virus. Runny nose, sore throat, blah blah blah, same thing as millions of humans get every year.

After about a week my wife became a little concerned because I am never sick.


Part of our insurance program was the ability to call an M. D. for a diagnosis and possible prescription.

After a fifteen minute question and answer I was informed that a doctor would call.

About twenty minutes later a doctor did indeed call and asked the same questions that they always do.

How long, congestion, color of fluids, yada yada yada.

After a brief two minute chat he told me what I already knew.

“You have a virus. Antibiotics don’t work on viruses. It will work its way out in a few more days. If it goes longer than a few weeks you may want to go see your regular physician.”

No kidding?

Thanks Doc.

Before I continue I will say that I do know a couple of doctors who are excellent physicians who not only provide great care but also follow their own advice.

Sadly most do not, yet Americans who’ve lived their entire lives being told viruses have to work their way through, continue to ignore their own common sense and historical data to clamor for a vaccine that is not only not providing them any protection from the RONA but has actually hospitalized many who have been willing to let their fear control their outcome.

The lie of this century known as Covid-19 has “reportedly” been in the United States for well over a year.

If you haven’t had any contact or issues with it the chances you will now are miniscule.

I am in contact with people all over America and I’ve only known one person that I can factually verify who had the RONA.

The individual is an incredible friend, wonderful parent and great American who is in their mid fifties, has had a heart attack, and will openly say they need to lose seventy-five to one hundred pounds.

Their “symptoms” were flulike, and after a week, were back to normal.

Just in the last week I’ve verified at least three different people who’ve received the vaccine who’ve had major problems, including 104 degree temperatures, bells palsy type facial issues and even hospitalization.

All of these people were fine, had nothing wrong UNTIL they willingly allowed poison to be pumped into their bodies.

For their sakes I hope they don’t have any repercussions down the road and even more importantly learned that their decisions based in fear could have cost them their lives.

If I walked around Anywhere U. S. A. right now and asked “people on the street” if they trusted government I doubt few would say yes and those that do are idiotic liberals who believe Portland and Minneapolis look good in spray paint and rising homicides.

Overwhelmingly most humans living in America do not trust any form of government, rightly so, and ignore virtually everything their doctors tell them UNLESS they are told to “take this pill” or “you need this shot.”

Regardless of what you may believe viruses do not kill humans, type-two diabetes is one hundred percent curable by consuming less calories, doctors are making fortunes off your “prescriptions” and the government lies. . .about everything.

Oh Jason we know all of this.

No, it’s clear many of you do not or worse are too afraid to bet on “yourselves” and are willing to be lead to the slaughter.

One heart attack, stroke, or “Covid-19” related episode at a time.

First they required masks, and you put it on,

Then they locked down businesses, and you hid in your house,

They invaded your body and you smiled and put it on facebook,

Now you stare at each other awaiting a check and permission to step outside.

Life is too short to live in fear and these United States were not founded or protected by cowards.

Turn off the television.

Get off the internet, and the couch, and get moving.

Your country is going to need you soon.

Sooner than you think and your freedom is predicated upon your response.

This is a country of rugged individualism.

Prepare to do your part or the liberal California train to nowhere will eventually arrive at your door, where your mask and vaccine will provide the same benefit they do now.

None whatsoever.

Jason Kraus

DisneyLand: The Ultimate Green Zone

The current platform of the Democratic Party is as follows.

Bigotry, Stupidity, and Sexual Assault otherwise known as the new boss, same as the old boss.

The only things Andrew Cuomo has to do to be the next Democratic Presidential nominee is hold tight, refuse to resign just like black face Virginia Ralph Northam, and then marry a hateful woman who don’t feel no ways tired, abandons Americans under fire, and carries hot sauce in her purse.

Handy Andy has stepped forward to replace Slick Willie Clinton while the #MeToo crowd drools at their feet and welcomes their “god” Harvey Weinstein back into the fold.

As stated before same old same old.

Not to be outdone Gavin Newsom continues to show the world that the fastest way to cure the RONA is to recall any and all politicians who attempt to mandate lockdowns.

According to reports new “strains” of the RONA are everywhere, especially in Southern California.

Furthermore Groping Joe Biden is still calling for 100 days of mask wearing while his crony Tony Fauci is telling people to double up.

Teachers unions are refusing to work while Kareem I’m An Idiot Who Jabbers continues to tell black people they are under attack from the white man’s covid creation.

All of this and more yet somehow gruesome Newsom is now announcing a “Green tier” and let’s open up Disneyland!

Two million recall signatures and miraculously the RONA has been cured.

Isn’t science fun!

Speaking of science it appears the passing of February won’t be the end of the national month of bigotry.

As an aside, I do find it pathetically “racist” that the Liberals designated the shortest month of the year, the time to celebrate “blacks”.

Come on Progressives!

You could have at least given morbid obesity. . .err. . . Stacey Abrams and Oprah a thirty day window to preach their mindless drivel.

Still, the “science is real” crowd continues forward proclaiming that the “color” of one’s skin designates a race, a species.

It does not.

Black lives, brown lives, whites lives do not matter because according to “science” these things do not exist.

Also according to “science” there is no such thing as an African-American, Asian-American, Latino, Hispanic, Cracker, Kracker or my personal favorite People of Color.

Any and all who make these statements are either ignorant, lying, evil, or a combination of the three.

No rational, educated human, who actually cares about freedom AND requires the truth be spoken, would ever use any of this terminology.

It is hateful, harmful, and most importantly WRONG.

For the last year we’ve been lied to by politicians who didn’t wear masks, refused to social distance, assaulted others, and actually killed senior citizens under the guise of science.

Shake hands, take off your masks, and refuse the China spark.

Science is indeed real.

It’s the “scientists” that need to be dealt with.

Jason Kraus