How Dangerous Really is COVID?

by Daveda Gruber

It appears that the proverbial cat is out of the bag!

The C.D.C., the W.H.O., and all the so called experts have allegedly lied to all of us, as my source tells me.

You, everyone, all have to read this and like me, question everything. I’d suggest we all wake up and smell the coffee.

Fact check and do your own research but do not choose denial. All is not what it seems to be. An altered reality can be produced by the so called experts and the mainstream media. Do not fall under their spell!

Here’s the List:

“CDC admitted they screwed up COVID-19 infection counts and intentionally misled the public and have apologized, clarifying that the amount of people truly infected is much lower than what was originally reported, which is an error so egregious it made the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute say “how could the CDC make this mistake? This is a mess.”

The American Coronavirus Task Force also admitted to fudging the National COVID19 death count when Dr. Birx said that the deaths are people who died “with” COVID19 not “from” COVID19, thus making the real death count much lower than what is currently being reported.

Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted masks won’t help against the virus and mask manufacturers are now including warnings that their products do not deter COVID19.

Dr. Fauci also said that continuing to close the country could cause irreparable damage.

C.D.C. backtracked their initial claim that led governors to shutdown their states and clarified that COVID19 does not spread easily on surfaces.

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, confirmed a recent health study showing that 70% of new infections actually originate at home, which makes stay at home orders one of the most dangerous mandates currently in place.

President Trump stopped funding the W.H.O. and threatened to cut off money permanently until they can prove they are no longer corruptly influenced by communist China after they lied to our country about human to human transmission of COVID19 in January.

The curve is flattened, the C.D.C., W.HO., Dr. Fauci, our governors, and many more were fooled and completely wrong about the potential threat of this virus.

If you are still living in fear, Don’t be. The media, global organizations, the government, and its agencies “mislead” the public.

People called those of us who knew this all along conspiracy theorists, but it turns out we were just following the facts!

Open up your businesses, churches, and homes. Don’t fall for the lies any longer. If you fell for the lies this time, wake up and join the army of truth seekers fighting on the front lines.

Florida has just admitted to miscalculations on some people who received positive COVID-19 results but they never got tested and many others have been incorrectly identified as positive in the state’s system.

W.H.O. have just admitted that transmission of the virus from an asymptomatic carriers. This is the whole reason for the lockdown is rare! As some say, you could not spread it before showing any symptoms!

The CDC just confirmed a .4 to .26% death-rate for Covid 19. The death rate for the flu shot is .6. This is twice as high as Covid.

For that, we have:

●Added nearly 6 trillion to national debt

●Laid-off or furloughed 50 million workers

●Placed 60 million on food stamps

●Gone from 3.5%to 14.7% unemployment

●Crippled the petroleum industry

●Ruined the tourism industry

●Bankrupted the service industry

●Caused an impending meat and protein crisis

●Threatened, fined, and arrested church leaders

●Exacerbated mental health problems

●Shut down schools and colleges

●Given unbridled power to unelected officials

●Increased suicides higher than COVID deaths

●Delayed surgeries and treatments for profound illnesses

●Infringed upon countless important civil liberties

●Placed 300 million Americans on house arrest

Bill Gates has placed himself in such a position of influence by heavily funding all corners to make this lie happen. Fauci and him invested in the vaccine years ago.

People have to start treating it as the lie/misinformation that it is.

Our whole way of life is at stake. They have plans to make it much worse now introducing it as “the grand reset”, “the beginning of the fourth revolution.”

You now have a surveillance state of control, where everyone lives in what is essentially a strict open air prison where you are tracked, nothing is private, and everything is decided for you, and you have no rights whatsoever, and there can be no resistance.

You didn’t want a New World Order? Well, you’ve been enlisted in it without your approval.

What can we do to stop what is happening? We must stick to the plan. We are in the darkest of times and we must enter into the light without fear.

Why? Fear takes over the mind and turns us all into the zombies that we have heard about in movies.

Trump understands what has happened. He has stated that he inherited his scientists.

Trust no one. If Trump and our beautiful First Lady Melania, don’t wear a mask, it is their right.

I don’t wear a mask unless it would deny healthcare for my Toy Poodle or deny my family food.  I feel sick when I wear one.

As much as I do not want to encourage people to get sick, but if you do not have a pre-existing condition, as in obesity, heart problems, have COPD (on oxygen or have trouble breathing), you have very little chance of contracting the coronavirus.

If you do contract the virus, the chances that you will die are very slim.

Think and I mean really think about who had the most to gain for promoting this virus.

Democrats had the most to gain. They didn’t want former Vice President Joe Biden to speak publicly because the man doesn’t have his facilities.

Who had the most to lose?

Trump couldn’t do rallies. His supporters grow from Trump rallies. The U.S.  economy was really good but this virus made it dissipate.

Now the President and First Lady have tested positive for the virus.

Who has control over the testing? Who administers the tests? The rest of the Trump family, and they were all at the debate between Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, have tested negative.

Seeing Trump and the First Lady being put into quarantine saddens not only me but all Trump supporters.

But the President has plans to still work because his symptoms are nothing but light and flu-like.

We see how deep the corruption goes in D.C. but we also see that the deep state has seeped into the White House and could be there in the form of staff.

A large amount of money can make a neutral person do something that would be underhanded. That in itself worries me.

Follow the money trail. It never fails.


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