Oh What a World

The search for a topic this week lead me down a road I rarely arrive.

I just didn’t feel like writing.

I’m tired of covering the same stupidity, the same insanity, the same hypocrisy.

It’s become mind numbingly boring.

Then it hit me.

I’ll write from the Liberal perspective where everything is great because the world will end in less than ten years.

Where Joe Biden has saved the planet from Donald Trump.

Where masks cure every virus, disease, and even broken bones.

What a world it must be to believe in “electric” cars, that genders matter so much they don’t, and that the only thing more important than skin color is being lesbian or gay or bi or trans and let us not forget “queer”.

What a world indeed!

Where black on black crime continues in cities lead by black politicians yet somehow it’s the fault of the 19th century white man or the 1980’s CIA.

In fact it is such the fault of the krackers San Francisco wants to give every “black” five million dollars.

My only question here is what about Oakland?

Let us continue.

Where eggs are to blame for heart attacks and strokes in young people even though the only thing these youngsters have in common is the jab.

Where Chinese balloons can hover over America but it’s okay because the Big Guy says so.

Where sanctuary cities and states offer millions of dollars to criminal foreign nationals and then throw temper tantrums when they arrive.

Where Hunter Biden is considered an artist and Stephen Colbert a comedian.

Where rent doesn’t have to be paid, graffiti never stops and trash never removed.

Where fentanyl is everywhere and available right along with government provided “clean needles”.

Where ten cents for plastic grocery bags is saving the planet, the “Biden economic success story” has rampant inflation and empty shelves everywhere in America, and molesting children on tape is considered good ol Joe.

Where “cyclonic floods” also bring about more drought.

Where the only person killed during an “insurrection” was an unarmed white woman shot to death by a government agent who was then given an award.

Where a man behind bars and on twenty-four hour watch hung himself as the cameras no longer worked and both “guards” took naps.

Where the Feds admit the boosters are causing harm at the same time Pharma releases new boosters.

Where debt is irrelevant and trillion dollar coins can be minted to make all our problems disappear.

Where the soft landing has occurred and the Carter/Obama/Biden New Normal has finally arrived.

Where their next trick will be to agree on a debt ceiling raise to borrow more money because borrowing is always the key to solvency.

Oh to be a liberal where walking around with a mask made by Chinese children is the only thing needed to safely make it to Starbucks and Krispy Kreme.

I cannot wait for the next “balloon” to invade United States air space.

Hopefully it will be captured by that wonderful American entity known as Tik Tok.

Jason Kraus



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