Look Who Wants to Stop Illegal Border Crossings!

by Daveda Gruber:

Even though some states support illegal migrants in the U.S., one state doesn’t want people crossing over the southern border.

California is well known for promoting border crossings but it appears the tone is now changed.

A total of 22,088 COVID-19 cases in Mexico have been reported as of May 2nd. Now southern California officials are seeking aid in reducing cases in the U.S. that are originating from border crossings.

President Trump didn’t resist taking to Twitter to inform his supporters.

Trump tweeted this:

A letter was sent to Vice President Mike Pence by San Diego County’s Third District supervisor, Kristin Gaspar. The letter was sent in April and stated that medical professionals were “increasingly worried about the rapid spread of COVID-19 in northern Mexico.”

The letter went on to say that there had been “a sudden influx of critically ill patients from Mexico” in Chula Vista, California.

Gaspar also asked for senior Trump administration officials to speak with local hospital executives and medical professionals to address the issue at hand.

Daniel Sharp, who is HealthCare COVID‐19 Strategic Response Executive Consultant and Chris Van Gorder, who is Scripps Health President and CEO jointly wrote a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf asking them for help in dealing with coronavirus cases at the southern border.

The Otay Mesa port of entry is closed to pedestrians and vehicles at night as of Sunday.

The U.S. and Mexico’s agreed on March 21st to limit travel across the border to essential traffic only so there is a decreased amount of travel in that area.

Even with that order in place, tens of thousands of people cross the San Ysidro-Tijuana border every day according to the letter authored by Van Gorder and Gross.

The letter states, “Today, coronavirus cases are increasing at rates exceedingly faster among border communities compared to the rest of San Diego County.”

Once again Trump seems to have gotten it right. In fact, now according to the letter, border crossings made by those with work visas or U.S. citizens living in Mexico are not wanted in the Democratic state.

I wonder what happened to California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s sanctuary policies? What happened to protecting illegal immigrants from being deported by federal authorities?

California no longer wants legal or illegal migrants?

Well, I guess Hell just froze over because the Democrats have changed their minds about the southern border.

Oklahoma Bans State-Funded Travel to California

by Daveda Gruber:

Planning a trip to California? If you live in Oklahoma, the trip may be a problem for you depending on the circumstances.

Republican Kevin Stitt is serving as the 28th Governor of Oklahoma since January 2019. He founded and is a former chairman and CEO of Gateway Mortgage Group. He was elected governor in 2018 when he defeated Democratic nominee and former Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson.

The governor has banned all state-funded travel to California. This comes after the state of California placed a similar ban on travel to Oklahoma.

On Thursday the ban was announced in an executive order and it bars all non-essential travel by state employees to California.

There are exceptions to the new law as follows:

Business recruiting trips

College sports games

Trips by schools to participate in out-of-state programs

Stitt said, “Enough is enough. If California’s elected officials don’t want public employees traveling to Oklahoma, I am eager to return the gesture on behalf of Oklahoma’s pro-life stance.”

California imposed travel bans and in 2018 Oklahoma was added after Oklahoma passed a law that allows adoption agencies to deny placement services to same-sex parents.

San Francisco, last year, extended the ban to states with restrictive abortion laws which included Oklahoma.

California’s blacklist also includes the states of Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas and Mississippi.

In September California declared that it added Iowa to the list of states on its travel ban list because of the state’s prohibition against funding gender-transition surgeries under Medicaid.

The restrictions do not end here. California list of states under the travel ban include Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas and Mississippi.

So now, depending on your political beliefs, you can’t travel to certain states? Really? Well, yes if it is government funded.

If you’re driving, who is going to stop you? Even if you’re on another mode of transportation is someone standing at each entry point of all the states that I have mentioned? No, not it wasn’t government funded.

But this brings me to another point. Will states be labeled RED or BLUE depending on personal beliefs that are not necessarily political, but to them, morally important?

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