You Ain’t Black

This must be just like living in paradise!

What a week, what a week!

Fortunately The Big Fella Upstairs needed only seven days.

One could only imagine if the Liberals had eight. 

Their brethren would be referencing the Seventies and screaming Eight Is Not Enough, we need more stimulus checks and free weed!

Don’t you just miss Dick Van Patten?

Speaking of a Dick the self-proclaimed “King” Lebron James ran his mouth on social media about being “literally hunted.”

This is pathetic coming from a guy worth hundreds of millions of dollars who travels on private planes with a “posse.”

Even more pathetic is a “black man” who uses the moniker of a monarch who was white and had slaves.

Come on man!

You sound like you’d support someone who calls people lying dog faced pony soldiers.

If you don’t Hiden Biden says,”You ain’t black!”

Look at you KING!

Naming yourself after “Whitey” and taking orders from a bigot who called your hero Barack “clean.”

Speaking of bigots a woman in New York City freaked out when she was asked to put her dog on its leash. She ranted and raved, almost frothing at the mouth screaming “racial” epithets and threats. The individual who asked her to leash her dog calmly recorded it all. The woman was attacked on social media and reportedly lost her job while other bigots joined in trying to make it a black versus white thing.

It wasn’t.

In fact the Liberal bigots attacking the white woman were attacking one of their own as her behavior was classic Progressive Privilege.

Disobeying the rules, screaming like a drunken Madonna after a Donald Trump election and then playing the race card.

Papa Don’t Preach.

While Minneapolis and Los Angeles decided to steal televisions, burn down businesses (some reportedly “Black” owned) and buildings, they apparently found a cure for Covid-19 as NO social distancing was witnessed yet not one new case of the RONA was reported.

Also in the category of things that make you go hmmm was the large number of “white” faces being recorded trashing the cities.

White faces burning Black businesses across America in Liberal lands.

Sounds like a Klan, err, Democratic campaign rally.

The last one was so bad they had to put up chained link fences to keep their “voters” out.

Look at that!

Walls do work!

Los Angeles, New York City, Minneapolis all lived up to their Liberal expectations.

My only question is What’s up Detroit!

In between the rioting and the looting, Liberal mouthpieces across America aimed for the title of biggest idiot.

Cuomo had the early lead . . . .

What’s that?

Which Cuomo?

Doesn’t matter.

As I was saying the Cuomos had the lead but Hank Guam May Tip Over Johnson strode to the front.

What did he say?

Doesn’t matter.

He opened his mouth, after that it’s all a disaster.

Ol Hank is the poster child for why Democrats should all wear the RONA mask . . . forever.

Still, the hater of Free Speech amazingly wasn’t the worst of the week.

While Libs were begging for more debt, screaming about racism and destroying their own neighborhoods, one politician stepped up and said, “Hold my beer.”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed continued to lead the way of the decrepit, disillusioned and downright dumb by supplying the homeless population with drugs, alcohol and “smokes” and then proclaimed the city to be locked down “indefinitely.”

San Fran.

The ultimate hot box.

What did the Liberal citizens do?

Rolled Kunta Kinte Kaepernick out again and blamed President Trump.

I could go on and on with the ridiculousness coming from the Communists, err, Left, but why bother.

I don’t care about them anymore.

Haven’t for a while yet for the slowest of the slow let us reassert the Liberal’s Logic.

“Black Men are being hunted and murdered in the streets every day!”

The facts are these.

If we are going to “color” people then yes more black men do die every day per capita than any other color.

Every day across America black men assault and kill other black men.

Every single day.

Every day across America black men assault and kill more “blue men and women” (law enforcement) than the other way around.

Every single day.

Sharia Compliant Colin’s answer?


This is pretty cute coming from a guy who gets paid by a company that lives on Chinese child abuse/labor.

Pick up a weapon then Hamas supporter and make a play but you’ll have to get off your knees first.

You may want to work on your aim as well as we all know your receivers hated you.

Democratic Leadership’s answer?

“Vote Biden or you’re a Tom.”

Yet, Progressive cities are collapsing, crumbling and quarantined and their voting population says, “We Want Aviator Glasses Joe!”

Governor Cuomo sent Covid-19 infected humans into elderly facilities killing thousands and their voting population says, “We ridin’ wit Biden.”

Now we are hearing the bigoted “Black Lives Matter” again.


Not enough close bud!

No ones life matters because of the proximity to the Sun of their ancestors.

Your life only matters if you are beneficial to others.

Stealing cigs, 40s of Olde English and apparently Legos isn’t benefitting anyone including you morons doing the pilfering.

Yet here we are once more.

Same old recycled script, same pathetic polling, same tired story.

The only thing left is for CNN to start looking for missing planes again . . . and again . . . and again . . . or wait.

Maybe Hillary or Brian Williams could give us a repeat performance of their fictional tales of having to take cover while “under fire.”

Ah Liberals.

Too school for cool.

Wait Jason, isn’t that the other way around?


It’s Common Core English.

True dat.

No, that Ebonics.

They be a difference?

Not anymore.

Welcome to the Twenty-First Century.

Where children congregate on curbs, smoking herb, rather than conjugating verbs.

Jason Kraus

Let the Conspiring Begin

“Qanon conspiracy theorist wins Oregon Republican Senate Primary.”

This was one of the many titles bandied about American mainstream media in regard to a successful Republican female candidate.

Had this been Stacey Abrams the title would have read, “Svelte runway model and financial genius, with the million dollar smile, loses Georgia race to racism.”

Instead a woman who supports Q, and won a Primary, is being labeled as a conspiracy theorist, otherwise known as a joke.

The joke is on them.

I’ve always been fascinated by the phrase Conspiracy Theorist.

A theory or hypothesis is simply an educated guess.

Something of relative importance that is believed but hasn’t any current factual proof, not that Liberals have any regard for either facts or proof.

Einstein, Edison and Telsa all had theories and societies who have citizens who hypothesize are always ahead of the curve.

To theorize is to dream, to dream is to live, to live is to be free.

These United States continue to remain Free because enough Americans theorize and hypothesize every second of every day.

A conspiracy is the act of two or more in concert to harm another or a “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.”

To conspire is not a theory.

When two or more conspire it is a fact.

JFK was indeed shot dead in the streets of Texas through a conspiracy.

This is not a theory yet we’ve heard this language our entire lives.

It’s now being used to target those who fall outside the Liberal/Progressive/Oppressive Agenda.

Although I am not a believer in Q I know many wonderful Americans who are and I support them one hundred percent.

My issue with Qanon isn’t that it isn’t possible, it’s that I haven’t seen any facts to support their claim.

Q may or may not be true but the one thing I am sure of is they haven’t hatched “a secret plan to do something unlawful or harmful” to others.

At a minimum Q allows their believers to “trust the plan” and that eventually, the criminality and specifically human trafficking/child abuse happening now, will end.

What the hell is wrong with that.

God bless Q and all of you who trust.

I would love for you to be right.

On the other hand we know a conspiracy did take place when the Obama Administration trafficked weapons into Mexico causing the murder of Americans, Mexicans, and at least one member of the United States Border Patrol named Brian Terry.

These are FACTS and are indisputable.

We know a conspiracy took place when the Obama Administration helicopter dropped, in the middle of the night, billions in United States currency to the Supreme Leader in Iran. This money was then sent to Hamas and Hezbollah who used it to target and kill American military.

At the time Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that they knew this would happen.

These are FACTS and are indisputable.

We know a conspiracy took place with the attempted coup of a newly elected President and was put in place BEFORE the Obama Administration left office.

We know targets were unmasked, laws broken and that Barack Obama orchestrated it all.

These are FACTS and are indisputable.

Yet for some reason we live among humans who blame a theory, Qanon, for everything that is wrong and support those who have actually conspired to commit acts that have caused the murder of American military, law enforcement and citizens in general.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, James Comey et al. are all guilty of Conspiracy against these United States.

Furthermore the conspiracy doesn’t stop there.

Jeff Sessions completely ignored the Treason happening under his watch with his “recusal.”

Some would proffer a theory that he was part of the conspiring.

I would not disagree.

Now the American “Justice Department” is entangled with William Pelham Barr.

Another Bush “fixer” who has more in common with Comey than not.

The only question left for the American People to ask is this.

If conspiring to harm and kill others is allowed and protected by the Powers That Be when will We The People stop theorizing and start conspiring on our own.

Theories are great.

Freedom is greater.

Let the conspiring begin.

Jason Kraus

The American Lion is Restless

As this past week played out I found myself shaking my head.

The Cuomo clowns, Brian dodging bullets Williams, the extension of the illegal/Unconstitutional FISA.

It’s all so ridiculous it has almost become amusing.


Michael Flynn was indicted, arrested, perp walked, plead guilty, changed his mind, hired a new attorney, had his charges dropped and is still being held in limbo by a judge for something he didn’t do.

He was unmasked by the exact people who want everyone to wear a mask.

The Clintons, Comey, Clapper, Holder, Lynch, Rice, etc., and of course Obama and Biden were on an eight year world-wide crime spree with so much direct evidence even AOC could present this case, “You know like they like did it, like duh!” and win.

The craziest part is Bill Barr sitting there, not only letting them all walk free, but allowing one of them to run for the highest office in the land, and somehow many in the American population still believe that Barr is a “good man” and “Durham is going to drop a bomb” in the next few weeks to come.

I’d love to be wrong.

I’m not.

For those of you still supporting Barr I have two words.

Andrew McCabe.

How about two more?

Hillary Clinton.

These people are known criminals who have committed admitted felonies and Barr does nothing.

Even if Durham actually brought charges (which is unlikely and if done would be minimal and only target a few lower level fall guys) without President Trump’s re-election every DOJ case against the anti-American Liberals would be thrown out as soon as Biden or whomever takes office.

I’ve even heard some “Conservatives” say that the Dems don’t care about justice or the law.


The Liberals not only condone everything Pelosi, Schiff et al. have done, they’ve loved every second of it!

They’ve boasted and lied and boasted about their lies and no one in government does anything except create more debt.

Trillions and trillions of the stuff.

Case in point.

California Democrats have been forced into their homes, laid off from their jobs and threatened with imprisonment all while the Governor gave criminal foreign nationals a paycheck.

Now the Golden State, that is in deep with China (see Feinstein, Newsom, etc.) has decided to furlough and fire some of its State Workers because the Liberals have run out of money.

The Cali Dem voter response?

Biden all the way!

Some of these Dems have even said things like “We believe Biden raped that woman but we don’t care” or “Biden could rape me in the street and I’d still vote for him.”

Of course you would.

Anyone who supports the murder, dismemberment and sale of baby body parts sure isn’t going to get riled up by a child molesting hair sniffing rapist.

Biden would have been a great Catholic priest, shuffled from country to country, parish to parish.

He’s already Sharia compliant.

Imagine how well he’d do stroking and washing the feet of Sunnis and Shiites, just like Pope Francis.

If all that wasn’t enough ol Barry Soetoro himself started to jabber about the Rule of Law.

Even Ocasio-Cortez looked up from her Instagram and said, “Like whatever dude.”

Like whatever dude, indeed.

A militia in California lined up in front of the Capitol building and faced off with CHP.

They weren’t armed but in California anything remotely close to standing up for Freedom is a step in the right direction.

Michigan didn’t have the same issue as to weapons and moved FREELY while armed and protested a “Governor” vying for the Democratic “Vice-President” spot while she attempted to use Michiganders as props as she shut down barbers and the like.

Citizens in the Great Lake State know they are FREE and didn’t ask permission to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights.

The visual of many AR-15’s was a beautiful sight.


Dear President Trump,

We appreciate you are surrounded by donkeys, RINOS and snakes and applaud your push forward by calling their behavior Treason.

It was and is and is punishable by execution.


However, you continue to make your job incredibly difficult to perform with your choices of staff.

It’s time to reach outside of your New York inner circle and the Swamp of Washington D. C..

I know you are busy so I’ll offer this bit of information.

As we all know the RINO/Elephant has to be eaten one bite at a time and we need to get started as this one is a biggin.

Simply shoot the Donkey.

Finally, it is common knowledge that one must cut the head off of the snake in order for it to die but in order for that to happen the Snake must be named.

You have plenty of choices with which to start.

These Democrats have called you a rapist, a killer, have threatened your family, impeached you and if they had their way would imprison you or worse.

Americans are ready.

Name the Snake(s) and let the mongoose loose.

Ricki Tikki Tavi and friends await the call and no one is hungrier than the unmasked American Lion.

No one.


Jason Kraus

Put On Your Mask Homer

As a child I enjoyed reading and loved all kinds of subjects and styles.

Biographies, Louis L’Amour Westerns, selective Science Fiction, etc..

Historical pieces were also a favorite and reading the translation of Homer’s Iliad and the Odyssey was a joy repeated many times.

Helen’s Face to Achilles Heel to eventually a Trojan Horse, the Greek poet captured life and death.

Today’s world equates Homer with a dumpy cartoon character and because of this lack of knowledge will continue to repeat the sins of the past that should no longer be a part of an evolving species.

The concept of the “common good” has surrounded the only bastion of Freedom to have ever occurred on planet Earth.

The dogma that many must suffer so a few can flourish is not a new extraction, rather it is the view that makes up the majority of the nations currently in existence.

Adam’s Smith proclamation that the Individual does indeed exist and nations are better when the Individual is free to pursue their own dreams, to benefit from their own toil, has been crushed by two things.

Power and Apathy.

It is the insatiable desire for power of the few, who continue to harm the many, coupled with the apathy of the many to do nothing but lick the boots of the few, that is causing the breakdown of the greatest nation ever.

Too many are unwilling to stand and instead gather when their Pavlovian bell is rung to line up six feet apart and snarl over toilet paper; the government block cheese and peanut butter of the past.

Cover your face!

You’re selfish if you don’t!

Follow the red arrows!

Get back in your house or we will arrest you!

Shut up, sit down and wait for your vaccination!

Apologize or go to jail!

That’s right, line up and do as you are told!

California CHP decided to follow the unlawful command of the Governor and push/tackle citizens exercising their 1st Amendment Right to speak freely to government.

Michigan citizens decided to ensure their 1st Amendment Rights were not violated by practicing their 2nd Amendment authority.

Amazingly no one BEARING ARMS was pushed or tackled but a self-proclaimed dishwasher named Hannity was triggered into showing his yellow streak . . . again.

Some Republicans still awaiting Q are now counting on the Swamp Duo of Barr/Durham to do something . . . anything.

Their wait will not be rewarded.

Finally, President Trump seems to be the only one anywhere in elected office to actually speak the truth when he said many in the Obama Administration committed treason.

He is in fact correct and his statement is easily provable via John Kerry’s own words.

Sadly aforementioned Barr has already dismissed his boss and will continue to cover the corruption in Washington D. C.

We support you President Trump.

It’s too bad neither of your Attorneys General have.

Still, to be fair our system calls for the accused to be able to face their accuser.

I, Jason Kraus, accuse Barack Obama of Treason when he supplied Iran with “helicopter dropped cash” which was then dispersed to Hamas and Hezbollah who then committed Acts of War against the United States and murdered American military members.

Come face me Barry.

I’ll snap your neck like a Number Two pencil.

We have lost patience President Trump and are quickly running out of time.

With a flick of the wrist the powers-that-be have shut down the greatest economy in the history of Man.

Stealing a Presidential election is well within their grasp.

Jason Kraus

We Are Not in This Together

Dear Mr. Kraus,

“I’ve read your blogs for quite a while. I find them entertaining, thought provoking and eerily prescient. More than once you’ve covered a topic to then see that very same issue become mainstream news within the next few days. It’s happened so many times it makes one ponder the possibilities of who is reading your ‘rantings’. Shoulder to shoulder and always at the ready.”

Thank you my friend. Very kind. I’ve wondered, more than a few times, that very same thing although my guess is rather than my words hitting very specific targets, enough people are having the same thoughts and because of this the collective consciousness is rising, pushing us toward critical mass.

I certainly hope so.

Either way we will continue forward in the memory and shadow of the great Benjamin Franklin by sharing stories applicable in today’s realities.

In this vein allow me to harken back to a moment that seems lifetimes ago, in search of answers to problems that never seem, to retire themselves.

It was my first day as a Sheriff’s Deputy, I’d been hired to work in the County Jail.

As my assigned FTO (Field Training Officer) gave me a tour of the facility we stood on a catwalk overseeing the pods when an inmate made his hand into the shape of a gun, pointed it at me and acted like he was pulling the trigger. I looked over at my FTO and said,

“Did you see that?”

“Yes,” he answered.

I waited for the count of three for him to continue. When he didn’t I said,

“Are we going to do something about it?”

It may have sounded like a question.

It wasn’t.

My “superior” sat with my statement for a few seconds. As he did I may have added some language about how life works and my thoughts on the kind of people who let others threaten them without a response.

Something about being a pussy . . . cat.

He had a choice to make.

Ignore the threat and deal with first day on the payroll guy calling him a coward OR do his job and restore order in a chaotic situation.

With a deep sigh from my “supervisor” we walked down and entered the pod.

There was a collection of inmates doing pushups and modified bench dips with their shirts off (against the rules) and tied around their heads like do rags.

Also, against the rules.

As we grew closer to the criminals the one with the trigger finger stopped looking at my FTO and kept his eyes on me. He did this because I was walking right at him significantly faster than my “boss” and I wasn’t coming for a debate.

At about ten paces the idiot, who probably had never fired a gun in his life unless it was while ducking in the back seat of a car shooting out windows said,

“You a lot bigga down here.”

I almost laughed.


He’d just threatened my life.

Kissing my behind wasn’t going to fix that.

I walked right up on him and said, “I’m right here. Where’s your gun?”

His workout “crew” stood around, tried to look hard and continued to prove jail was right where they needed to be.

“I’s just playin yo. You aint gotta get so hot. Jus chill Captain America.”

I have to admit the Captain America line still makes me laugh.

All of a sudden someones backbone jumped into my FTO’s body and he started to tell the inmate that what he did was wrong, against the rules, yada yada yada.

I continued to stare at the inmate as I contemplated the amount of torque it would take to unscrew his lightbulb, dim as it was.

The inmate nodded his head at the pseudo tough guy and put his shirt back on, slow as he could, to give the FTO as much disrespect as possible.

When the idiot to my right was done with his attempt to prove he was a man I leaned forward toward the idiot with the orange shirt and said, “Don’t ever threaten me again.”

I remember watching his eyes seem to grow as he said, “You be fu*&ing crazy.”

I nodded my head, “You have no fu*&ing idea.”

Now I am not crazy.

Not even in the slightest.

I’m not going to list my resume here.

For those of you who have read Late Bird you have an idea of my history and for those of you who haven’t . . . why not?

It’s FREE on our website.

I will say this.

I think quickly, feel deeply, and when I make a decision I am all in.

The reason I shared the story above was to show that humans who are out of control must be put back in check.

One way or another or it only gets worse.

It can be temporary or permanent, depending upon those doing the things that they shouldn’t, but it must take place for a society, a nation, to remain Free.

There is no other country like these United States.

There never has been and it doesn’t appear, at least anytime soon, there will be another, as most humans around the world aren’t willing to do what needs to be done to be Free.

I will state this for the record and I know I speak for others as I’ve been told many times “We are with you Jason.”

“Say when Jason.”

To: Liberal/RINO Politicians and those who support them.

You’ve made your choices.

Open Borders, Sharia compliance, the selling of baby body parts.

Wars that last forever, crushing debt that never ends.

You are now giving more of our money to Criminal Foreign Nationals while you shut down American Businesses because you are afraid of the boogeyman and have crawled under your masks.

It’s quite clear we are not in this together.

We will not be on the sidelines for too much longer.

We can’t afford to be and as such I will reiterate our position.

We are not racists, bigots, or uneducated right wing loons.

Some of us come from the streets, others from the hills, the plains, and some of us come from the mountains.

We think quickly, feel deeply, and when we make a decision we are all in.

No more talking will be done.

This isn’t a threat or a warning.

This is a statement.

“Now two flags fly above my land, that really sum up how I feel
One is the colors that fly high and proud, The red, the white, the blue,

The other one’s got a rattlesnake, with a simple statement made
“Don’t tread on me” is what it says, and I’ll take that to my grave.”

Not our graves Liberals.


Jason Kraus


In my early thirties, while playing baseball I dove, made a spectacular catch (so I was told) and landed on my left shoulder.

Everything seemed fine at the moment but days later my shoulder continued to hurt.

I stretched it, massaged it, ibuprofened it and was able to get it to calm down enough that I did what most men, at least in my day, do.

I ignored it and dealt with the pain.

Weeks turned into months and it eventually got to a point where sleep was difficult.

I did my research and made an appointment to see a doctor.

I simply wanted a cortisone shot.

Something that has been given millions if not billions of times to athletes at a moments notice.

Many times during games.

My appointment was brief.

I filled out forms, sat in the waiting room, and of course paid the fee to “see the expert.”

Finally my name was called.

I was weighed, blood pressure taken, asked a bunch of irrelevant questions, and told to wait for the doctor.

Again, I was in my early thirties and in fantastic shape.

I just wanted a cortisone shot.

The doctor finally wheezed in, forty-five minutes late, easily seventy-five pounds overweight and collapsed into a chair.

He asked me a few random questions, ignored my shoulder completely, said they’d need to take some blood for tests and that I would need an x-ray before he could decide what to do.

Let the games begin.

By the time this month long circus was over I’d had an x-ray, which showed “nothing,” an MRI which showed “nothing,” a hefty bill and of course a pain in my shoulder that was getting even harder to sleep with.

Weeks later I arrived for another appointment with the medical “expert.”

I was taken into a room where I waited twenty minutes for the “doctor” to arrive. He told me they could find nothing wrong with my shoulder (big surprise as x-rays or MRIs are rarely helpful in these types of injuries) BUT he was very disturbed about my cholesterol levels.

He did a big showing with long latin terms and told me he was very concerned with my “health.”

The morbidly obese guy in front of me who gasped when he spoke and couldn’t stand while speaking was “concerned” about me, the guy with less than eight percent body fat.

Uh huh.

I told him I’d just clean up my diet but he said, “No that wouldn’t do it” and started to try and apply pressure and fear as though I was going to die if I didn’t take the prescription “statin” he was pushing.

I just changed the subject and said, “I came in here weeks ago because my shoulder hurt. When are you going to give me a cortisone shot?”

He hemmed and hawed and went back to the drug he wanted me to take.

Had I taken the “prescribed medication” that the “expert” was trying to sell, there is a very good chance I wouldn’t be here today.

He also refused to give me the shot under a plethora of excuses and said I would have to come back in a week.

When I did, this “doctor” was no longer available.

I explained my situation to my “new” doctor who apologized for my experience, told me that doctor was no longer working there, and gave me my shot which gave my shoulder a new lease on life.

This is nothing.

I could do “doctor” stories for an hour.

We’ve had “financial experts” tell us “housing would never go down” and the economy has never been stronger in . . . 2008.

We’ve had “climate experts” tell us that due to global warming the world would end in 1922, 1995, 2000, 2006, 2016 and let us not forget the bartender tales of only twelve years left.

We’ve had “medical and nutritional experts” tell us that marijuana, margarine and Malboro are good for us.

We’ve had “government experts” give our children amphetamines in school and we still have “religious experts” lying, cheating, stealing and molesting our kids . . . in CHURCH.

Now we are being told that we must shut down our entire lives because of a “virus” that 99.99 percent of the population will never contract or if they do will assimilate into their bodies and be stronger for it.

Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, oh wear the damn thing even though we know it won’t protect you.

But, but, but the “experts” say I need an N95 respirator!

You don’t even know what the N or the 95 stands for!

It’s AR-15, err, 14 all over again for you Liberals and no it still doesn’t mean Assault Rifle!

I’ve been dealing with N95 respirators for two decades.

Unless you are on an active construction site, cement plant or taking down drywall, etc., they do nothing but inhibit your breathing and the first thing that all of us do who have worn these masks is get them off as fast as we can.

Furthermore a real EXPERT will tell you those masks aren’t strong enough in many of those environments which is why items such as half face and full face respirators have been created with very specific cartridges depending upon your level of wanting to stay away from various particles.

They also have to be FITTED and then TESTED for the fit which is why it is referred to as FIT TESTING to ensure the respirator is working properly for the Individual owner.

The respirator also has to be cleaned after each usage and stored properly so bacteria doesn’t grow and cause respiratory issues.

But hey grab that bandanna you’ve shoved in the back of your car or snag the one use “disposable” mask with the rubber band strap and use it fifty times.

You are doing great and you look MAHVELOUS!

One more thing.

Don’t worry when you start coughing.

It isn’t the Rona.

It’s all those food particles, carbon and hydrogen based garbage that you’ve been inhaling because you’ve decided to cover your original evolutionary exhale valve.

Well done and have no fear.

Once this “virus” panic ends the experts will have a new pill available to all of you who have been traumatized by the Invisible Man.

It will be called the Placebo and guaranteed to deal with your types of “issues.”

The only problem will be you will have to show picture ID to get it and we know how difficult that is for Liberals to obtain.

Oh well.

I’m sure you’ll be able to get the Placebo on the street.

It’ll be shortened to BO.


Because you stink.

Get off your couch, take a shower and pay your rent.

You can at least use some of my tax dollars, known to you as Stimulus, to buy some gum.

Four out of five “experts” say you should choose sugarless.

Do you know what the fifth one said who disagreed?

Of course you don’t.

Just keep listening to the “majority” and going sugar-free.

That’s as close to Freedom as you’ll ever get.

Pretty soon you’ll have yourself convinced the United States is a Democracy.

It’s not but what do you care?

You’re barely breathing now.

Jason Kraus

Big Wheel Keep On Turning

As many have publicly stated over the last few weeks the days have started to roll into one another.

When things are busy this happens to me as well and this current collection of seconds and minutes was kicked off by an alarm in the middle of the night, which lead to an hour and a half drive to discover an eighty foot Oak had snapped in half, harpooned itself into the ground and smashed a small out building.

The forest was so dense neither the moon nor my headlamp provided much assistance so I waited a few hours to assess and move forward.

It only “got busier” from there as the phone rang later that day. A friend of mine who resides in Los Angeles County was not happy as she explained she was told that she could not enter a particular grocery store without putting on a mask.

The sheep have sailed and are now assailing others.

My friend was none too pleased and although I agreed with her anger the grocery store is a PRIVATE entity and can require specific behavior if they so choose.

That is their legal right just like we have a legal right to NOT put on the mask and also to NOT shop at this store when this stupidity is all over.

Freedom is indeed a beautiful thing!

Toilet paper for all!

I continued forward and while dodging hordes of people on the street, fighting traffic, doing pushups and running my business, another telephone call came in.

It was a friend of mine who usually buzzes me once a week to give me the “what’s what” in our County.

Normally he starts with pleasantries but today not so much.

“Did you hear what happened?”

“Tell me Governor.”

I call him Governor.

“My barber was just robbed twice, once at gunpoint.”

We live in a supposedly safe community but things have been getting worse here for a while.

My buddy keeps up with the comings and goings and lets me know.

When he does I always ask my friend the same question.

“Did you get a gun yet?”


“How about your barber? Does he have a weapon?”

“I don’t think so,” he answered.

“So how many times does your barber have to get a gun shoved in his face before you get one?”

The conversation didn’t improve.

On this issue it never does.

A few days later, while at work, the phone rang . . . again.

Alarms, collapsing trees, masks and pistols in faces?

Did I really want to pick this call up?

I didn’t.

Another buddy wanted me to know about an eighty-six year old friend of ours named Jim.

Wonderfully cantankerous and with a huge heart my friend Jim had passed away while working his land.

Something he’d loved and done for over forty years.

Jim was the kind of guy who’d tell you straight to your face he didn’t like people and then sit and tell stories while burning leaves on his property and drinking beer from a frosted glass.

I will miss my friend.

For those of you who drink Miller please pour one out for a blessed soul, and what I mean is drink one for Jim.

He’d be pissed if someone actually wasted beer.

Even Corona.

They’ve gotten a bad enough rap as it is.

Godspeed and keep the fires burning Mr. Jim.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Finally, as the days turned into nights and then back into days the weather grew warmer, the crowds busier and the streets packed, I realized I hadn’t watched television in a while.

Amazingly the sky was bluer, the sun was brighter, even the bird excrement was in full force.

With this thought in mind I fought my way through after work traffic and stopped at a grocery store well after seven pm to grab a few unneeded supplies.

A four pack of toilet paper, a small bottle of hand sanitizer and one roll of paper towels.

I jumped in one of the available lines, chatted with my fellow Americans and eventually made my way to the checker.

I handed her my cash through the small cavern in between two pieces of plexiglass, smiled and said,

“Why is everyone wearing a mask?”

Jason Kraus

You Are An American and You Are Not Alone

Suicide, rape and murder are all increasing.

Too many have looked the other way as child abuse and molestation soar.


Too many have chosen fear over freedom and have allowed the one thing needed most by humans to survive to be controlled.


Too many have willfully put on the mask and ignored facts to wallow in fiction.

What’s next for you pathetic souls?

The hijab?

The white hood?

A train ride and hot showers?

Those who want the protection of my American Brethren better be worth defending and currently many of you are NOT!

Make the call President Trump or we will make it and then the dynamic will change from US having your back to you having OURS.

Evil still exists.

It’s only strengthened its grip.

It goes by the name Democrat.

We are NOT a Democracy!

We are a Constitutional Republic that requires Individual Independence.

Remember who you are.

Remember where you’re from.

YOU are an American and YOU are not alone.

There’s millions of us out here with perfect vision and a strong index finger.

Put down the mask and protect the flag.

Jason Kraus

The New Dodo Bird

Some weeks I search for the subject.

Some weeks the subject finds me.

This week the subjects kept flying by begging to be harnessed but alas the lariat stayed on the pommel as there wasn’t enough rope on the planet to straighten out what is happening currently in these United States.

As I moved through California I was reminded of a story I’d heard as a child.

It was about a bird.

The Dodo bird to be exact.

As the story went, the Dodo was discovered on an island and when scared would shove its head into the sand.

The short version of this was as one would expect.

Hiding doesn’t solve the problem.

The reason I mention this is I was standing in a store this week ready to pay for my items.

The store had a small Starbucks inside and two women were standing and anticipating their double Frappuccino lattes that were in the making.

As they stood there with their salivary glands on override, awaiting their liquid heart attacks and straining every stitch of their clothing, I noticed they were pulling their shirts over their mouths.

I’m done explaining viruses as it appears the deaf, dumb and blind are now willingly blocking their own oxygen intake on purpose and aren’t getting the message.

Suffice it to say as I watched them struggle to stretch the neck lines of their shirts over their mouth and nose, their delicious and wildly not nutritious strokes in plastic glasses with straws, were placed in front of them.

It was then that I witnessed Darwin’s Missing Link.

Then again it could have been Jimmy Dean although neither of these two had missed any of those links in a while.

Jason how dare you!

Are you fat shaming these women?

Absolutely not!

I am factually describing what happened as my poor eyes were overwhelmed.

Besides, I’s be not da one to blame if you has shame in yo game!

Yoga pants are only going to take some people so far.

I digress.

The first woman stared at both of the drinks, then walked away with her hand still trying to get her shirt over her mouth, and occasionally her nose.

The second woman quickly walked to the counter where her right paw shot out with the speed of a cheetah and snatched the first drink as though it was a canteen filled with water and she’d just come from the desert, or dessert, if you are a Liberal.

It was then that Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom presented itself.

With one hand keeping a tenuous hold on her Corona protecting technique of cloth covered mouth and sometimes nose, and her iron-like grip around the first Frappuccino, her entire body shuddered as her brain tried to find a way to pick up the second glass, without the protection of her poly cotton blend that was now holding her own spittle.

It was only a moment as her back straightened for a millisecond and then returned to its slouched state.

A decision had been made.

The CoronaVirus “protecting shirt” was released and her left claw snatched the other liquid death bomb.

She then turned and walked by multiple humans, carrying two thousand calories of crap, without her formerly needed protective armor known as the part-time shirt/face mask.

Talk about rolling the dice!

I was immediately struck by the thought of the Dodo and the possibility of their existence if high fructose corn syrup and saturated fat had been available to them twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Where’s Toucan Sam when you need him?

Still selling Froot Loops I  suppose.

Yes, it has come to this.

Rather than discussing the brilliant mind of Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand of the Human spirit, free to fulfill its own dreams, many have succumbed to the Wretched, the Refuse, the Regurgitants of a society too stupid to understand the importance of the Freedom of Movement and too lazy to try.

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?”
It is the yeast, and Juliet is the Cinnabon.

Jason Kraus

The Viral Contagion of Cowardice

Dear Jason,

“I’ve read your columns for years and both of your novels. Recently one of your posts popped up on facebook as a memory. It was as though you wrote it yesterday and this was years ago. It’s quite clear you have the pulse of America. How serious is this virus?”

Depends on your perspective.

The Federal Government thought it was so serious they sent money to the Kennedy Center.

Andrew Cuomo believes it is so serious he isn’t using the ventilators sent to him while flashing his nipple rings.

Californian parents obviously believe it is serious as their children roam the State in packs.

The reality of this “virus” and any other viruses out there is simple.

They’ve been with you since you were born and they will be with you until you die.

More than likely this particular strain has been in the United States since December and the overwhelming population in most cities has already come into contact with it many times.

Their bodies either accepted it, fought it off, or disregarded it completely.

This happens every year and people do indeed die from a wide variety of viruses that cause other complications such as respiratory and bacterial issues.

In the past this was measured and catalogued as the Flu.

Now it is a “pandemic” where less than one percent of the human population will contract it, and of those that do, less than one percent will die.

Note to all the Liberals, RINOS and drama queens reading this now who can’t do math.

500,000 humans die everyday from something.

Whether you believe this or not is irrelevant nor do I personally care as some positives have occurred in my own life due to millions of you attempting to hide from EVOLUTION and the evolutionary process.

Traffic is lighter. Lines are shorter. People are standing back at incredible distances from others.

Something I’ve done and required my entire life.

In essence my contact with others is down dramatically.

Those of you who were truly able to keep yourself from coming into contact with the ChinaVirus, Corona or COVID 19 are now behind the curve of humans like myself and the tens of millions of us in America who continued to work, save, and be beneficial to others.

Our  bodies engaged the virus and the other unknown strains of viruses that science cannot track or explain and assimilated it into our DNA.

Through the evolutionary process we are now stronger than you.

Not that this is new news.

Those who stand and fight in the face of danger, perceived or otherwise, are always the strongest and will always persevere over those who tuck tail and run.

This is a guarantee in life because of one reason.

One cannot win if one doesn’t play the game.

Those that hide and/or play Mean Girls on Social Media are the weakest of the bunch and will succumb to any real pressure.

God help those hiding now if something SERIOUS were to take place.

Thank you Dear Reader for the question and I will add something else.

The reason this is happening is because our current society is ill.

Too much time is spent burning the rods and cones staring at the television, computers, and cell phones. The brain(s) must be utilized and exercised properly in order to function at its optimum level.

Nutrition is at an all-time low as too many are carrying so much extra weight their glands are suffering greatly which leads to auto-immune and behavioral issues.

Drugs and alcohol are literally killing the human body on a daily basis and through this multiple week “panic” alcohol sales have risen dramatically.

This unto itself shows that those humans either don’t understand how their immune systems work or don’t care.

All of these choices show a pattern of apathy, stupidity, ignorance or a combination of them all and are the reason America is currently struggling so mightily under the weight of debt, corruption and lies.

When the Surgeon General turns to Kylie Jenner for help it isn’t just Houston that has a problem.

The world is on tilt.

Stand up and get back in the game.

Nothing is guaranteed to anyone.

Not today, not tomorrow, not next week.

For those who profess to have put your lives in the hands of God you sure have a funny way of showing it.

“Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you, you’d walk with me all the way.
But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life there is only one set of footprints.
I don’t understand why when I need you most you would leave me.”

The Lord replied:
“My precious child, I love you and would never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”

These are NOT troublesome times.

You live in the greatest country in the history of Man.

God has done enough.

Get up and walk on your own.

Jason Kraus