Take a Bow Mr. Trump

Dear President Trump,

I know too many people in these United States do not understand the Federal Reserve.

I also know you are NOT one of these people.

With that said, it would be politically and economically wise to stop verbally hammering Jerome Powell and RATHER take a victory lap.

You are the reason sanity has slowly begun to be restored to our system(s).

The criminal acts, yes I said criminal, of Bernanke, Yellen, and Obama to not only suppress interest rates but to basically create a monopoly thereby forcing money into the markets should have already fallen apart.

It is my contention that had Hillary Clinton been elected she and her “administration” would have forced interest rates into the negative category, just like the BOJ and the EU, in order to prop up the bubble Obama created.

As stated earlier too many people in America have no idea how dangerous this has been, would be and still is.

They simply focused on their 401k’s and other investments not realizing our ultimate investment is the United States Dollar.

Nobody wants a weak body.

Nobody wants a weak military.

Nobody wants a weak leader.

Nobody with a brain wants a weak dollar.

Yet in spite of the vitriol and sheer stupidity coming from every facet of Washington D.C. you have been able to maneuver this incredibly monstrous ship known as the United States economy into clearer waters.

Although this seems very easy for me to understand I know Liberals will struggle with what they’ve just read as Common Core doesn’t allow for actual events otherwise known as reality.

Let me explain this with facts.

Obama and the Fed under his watch were like the baseball players in the Nineties.

They were ingesting and injecting incredible amounts of steroids. Home runs went up as humans became bigger faster and stronger.

When the steroids were removed the home runs dropped dramatically.

Obama was playing on steroids and the markets went to a certain level.

You’ve removed all the steroids and unlike home runs in Major League Baseball the markets went HIGHER.

They’ve done so well under your guidance the Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates the ENTIRE TIME.

This is called Leadership.

Through your personality and removal of oppressive regulations, the United States economy has flourished and the markets have soared proving yet again the American Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Worker are the greatest assets this country has.

Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand.

Less than five percent of the Earth’s human population creating the largest economy in the history of Man.

Take a bow Mr. Trump and the credit.

It’s been well earned.

More importantly, you touting these very real and easy to see accomplishments, will draw attention to what is happening now and what should NOT have happened in the past.

Knowledge is indeed Power Mr. President.

Use the Bully Pulpit to teach and your place in history will write itself.

Jason Kraus




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