Larry, Moe, and Curly

Lie to me once, shame on you.
Lie to me twice, I’m an idiot for ever asking you a second question.

After you’ve lied to me once you’ve lost all credibility with me. It doesn’t matter what you say after that. You’ve  become irrelevant.

Not everyone is with me yet?

Okay…cheat on me once, shame on you.
Cheat on me twice…never going to happen.

You’re with me now aren’t you:)

The White House and many others proclaim “climate change” will be the end of man. It’s a bigger threat than ISIS.

I guess that would make climate change the “varsity”.

Let’s pause for just a second about climate change and turn our gaze to those who are telling us such things.

Barack Obama starts if off. (Seems fair. If you are going to lie start at the top). Josh Earnest (what an unbelievable last name for a man who lies for a living.) repeats Obama’s statement and then turns it over to Brian Williams (NBC) who reports it on the nightly news.

Now that’s the trifecta! What are the odds I am going to believe anything coming from this group? For any savvy bettor out there you know Vegas would never put odds on this. Even Obama supporters wouldn’t take that action.

No one with a pulse actually believes anything these individuals tell us anymore. They could tell us water was wet and we’d just laugh at them knowing full well water is wet.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s why Williams is gone for the next six months, Earnest (like Jay Carney) will be gone eventually, and Obama may find himself worrying about a lot more than his “legacy” after he leaves office.

I’ve used these statements to lead us to our current topic.

Climate change does exist.

In fact it’s been around since…well…the creation of the Earth.

The Earth and everything on it is basically a collection of gasses. It’s why, with enough heat or pressure, the molecular structure of animate or inanimate objects will separate and revert back to one of many gasses. Okay enough about science and please, for the love of my sanity, do not send me thousands of links and notes about gas, molecules, or my explanation. My point is a simple one.

The climate is always changing. It always will. To have the audacity to believe we “control” the climate is absurd, impossible to prove, and most importantly, puts whomever is saying these things on the same level with the Earth.

Or in other terms…with God.

Good luck with that one.

The neuroses of these people is staggering. It shouldn’t be too much longer before we will control the Moon as well as the Oceans. Of course we control the Oceans (even though we can’t breathe in them longer than a few minutes). We control everything because…well because Barack said so…Josh repeated it…and Brian reported.

Larry, Moe, and Curly.

When does the circus leave town?

Now for all you “climatologists” and pseudo- intellectuals who are frothing at the mouth reading this, struggling to control your anticipation while thinking of wonderful little one liners to zing me with because you are so smart…take a deep breath.

Trust me when I say this…you aren’t smarter than moi:) (en Francais:)

I say this with humility and a big smile. How do I know this?

Because I know I am not in control of the Earth and anyone who thinks they are is clinically insane.

But it goes beyond this.

There are things we know, things we don’t know, and things we know we don’t know (this is the only thing I’ve ever heard Donald Rumsfeld say that I actually believe).

I know I don’t know what will happen after my time here is over. I do know I will be returning to Mother Earth…and so will you.

So embrace, enjoy, and smell the beautiful flowers that are all around. If you really want to worry about something you do have control over then I have just the two things for you.

Debt $18,000,000,000,000 and growing.

Border Security. Women and children were sold through there today.

To truly sum this up though Climate worriers, if you want to deliver a message to the rest of us I’d suggest God size prayers.

Because it’s going to take divine intervention to get us to believe anything coming from Larry, Moe, and Curly ever again.

Even that may not be enough.

Jason Kraus


“Late Bird”

Restoring America one voice at a time.

Dowd, Axelrod, and Obama

Interesting excerpts from a book written by another of Barack Obama’s “friends” (David Axelrod) are being released. Very few show him in a flattering manner.

Friends like these…it makes one wonder.

Poor choices by Obama or rats leaving the ship as fast as they can, trying to get out in front of the reality of an “economy” based on leveraged debt and borrowed time.

Apparently Mr. Obama doesn’t like Maureen Dowd. I don’t regularly read columns by Maureen (although her story about eating a pot candy bar and its effects on her should be a warning to all who partake in the green leafy substance).

In general if I want a repeat of the Obama talking points I turn to NBC and Brian Williams (or whomever his replacement will be) before the New York Times.

I find it easier to listen to liars repeat the lies of other liars in 30 second sound bites rather than double entendres or excuses about context.

But that’s just me. A simple man. What can I say? I require truth. Usually truth happens in coherent sentences that a nine year old can understand regardless of content.

But in the course of human events we seem to have strayed from the truth. Not that most of us believe the lies. We don’t.

Even most of Obama’s supporters when pinned down will admit they know he lies. They aren’t supporting him because he’s made the country better.

He hasn’t and most of us know this.

They support him because they feel he understands their plight. They feel he “gets them”…and as I explained in depth yesterday we are right back to belongingness.

Now many of you reading this right now are angry. “How is it Americans can still support someone who lies to us?”

It doesn’t seem logical. It isn’t. It doesn’t seem right. It’s not. It doesn’t seem productive. It never will be.

But because of the horrendous actions of both political machines we find ourselves weighed down with crushing debt and a genuine and righteous disgust from all Americans towards politicians.

With each election cycle our collective concerns rise and we keep flailing wildly choosing the “lesser” of two evils. Just as liars lie, evil is evil. Easy to understand. Self-explanatory.

Or we try something different. Yes I know different can be scary but in this case different will be dramatically better. Both parties have proven they will not stop borrowing. Both parties have proven they will not close the border. Both parties have proven they know nothing about actual health or behavior of human beings.

If that wasn’t bad enough both parties have proven their “patriotism” by attaching little flags to lapels and taking incredible vacations while OUR soldiers are being ordered to live and fight for their lives in foreign lands.

I am disgusted by many things but these politicians, from Obama down, who continue to vacation while the bravest of the brave put it on the line everyday is something I will never forgive. While these parasites are eating ice cream in Hawaii military veterans die in America because they cannot get care.

Earned Care!

Truly pathetic, void of all compassion, and definitely not leadership.

To every American reading this now. I don’t care who you voted for in the past. It’s over. We’ve all made mistakes. We know now all of these options were terrible.

This is why I am here. To show a new way. A better path. If this column is the first time you’ve heard of me please come to my website, All of my writings and videos are there for you to see for free.

When you realize we do have a better option and want more information please read my book Late Bird. I wrote it for us.

We have a network of volunteers forming around the nation. Currently we are gathering facts to ascertain exactly what needs to be done to enter in the 2016 Independent Party Primary for the elected position of President.

For those of you who’ve read the book I am quite sure you are smiling.

One step, one voice, one day at at time.

We stay focused on the mission. The mission to serve our great country.

Secure the border, abolish all forms of income tax, serve one term, no campaign contributions, no salary.

Service to the people.

Service to you.

Service to America.

Jason Kraus

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time.

The Choice is yours.

Some comments were made by a few “admirers” in the past week. I have to paraphrase because my brain refuses to spell words incorrectly while also ignoring spell check. It is a certain kind of “special” to whom much is given and yet nothing is returned.

“You be preaching lies”

There I go again…I be preaching.

“You just upset that Obama owns you”.

Interesting. If Obama “owns” me why doesn’t he “own” you too?

“You understand nothing about what our great President is trying to accomplish!”

Trust me I understand, it isn’t great, and he isn’t “trying”…he’s doing.

Now for most of you who’ve been with me for a little while you know how I feel about the debt. Unfortunately I haven’t heard from any of my “admirers” on this subject except when they point out how “Bush started it first”. (Just had a third grade flashback)

First of all nobody, and I mean nobody, is harder on Bush in a factual manner than myself, and even I am tired of it’s “Bush’s fault”.

Bush didn’t open the door to forty seven million people on food stamps/welfare. Bush didn’t run the debt to almost eighteen trillion. Bush didn’t invite a known racist to the White House for counsel. Bush didn’t talk about the color of his theoretical son. The list goes on and on.

But my “admirers” never want to discuss the two things crushing our country. Debt and the border. Is it possible they have no idea these things are happening? It can’t be. They are reading my columns so I know they are receiving the information. They take time to tell me, in their own special way, how everything is great but never give me any actual facts.

I do receive some pictures with captions. Is it too hard to simply type your thoughts to me? Is this the Obama mantra? No need communicating my own thoughts when someone else can tell me what to think?

Finally a question from a liberal that I can do something with.

“Can you explain why your tax ideas would make things better?”

I can and have. There is a wonderful book called Late Bird that will have you laughing, crying, and cheering (assuming you love America) and outlines very specific systemic changes (ideas) for both taxation and immigration (border security).

What’s that? You don’t love America? Well lucky for you those of us who do are willing to do the heavy lifting for you. Yes we know you will call us names and complain all the way to the bank but we have big shoulders. We can carry you.

Won’t we get tired?

How nice of you to ask. Yes we will but as we grow fatigued we look upstairs and say thank you. It refreshes us.

Why are you saying thank you for carrying me?

Because we are strengthened when we serve others…whether you appreciate it or not.

But you have to take the time to actually read what I am about to put down here. No, not just skim it.

If you loved America and understood human behavior you may be able to skim it or not need to read it at all. You will have to read it in order for you to truly understand that abolishing all forms of tax related to job creation must be removed.

Frankly to all you non-believers this is going to happen eventually. We can wait until the debt forces us into a new way or we can learn without having to be hit in the head…over and over…for almost the last three decades.

Humans are driven to survive. Aside from oxygen we must have water, food and shelter. Once these needs are met on a regular basis we move up the chain to our next need. This need is called belongingness. For those of you interested you can search Abraham Maslow or Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. He will take you all the way to self-actualization. Good luck!:)

So strong is the need to belong humans will make horrendous choices if appropriate ones aren’t available. In today’s society, drugs, promiscuity, obesity, and teen pregnancy are all examples of what humans will do to get this need met.

We’ve all heard someone say “my children are my everything, they are the most important thing in my life.” This puts an incredible amount of pressure on the child to fulfill the needs of the adult.

Please understand I am not judging here.

I am explaining how powerful the need to belong is. This is why so many teen-age girls become pregnant by choice. How many times have we seen movies or on television where the teenager is telling the baby “it’s just you and me in this world”. The need to not be alone, to belong is so ignored in our society we try to fix the symptoms rather than the actual problem.

The most commonly used drug, marijuana, and alcohol are both classified as depressants. When our pain is too great many in today’s society will look to make it go away rather than find appropriate alternatives. Food is another substitute for belongingness. Its’ called “comfort food” for a reason.

Again, no judgment here. We’ve all gone through times in our lives where we’ve struggled. I am simply explaining how incredibly important this need is to be fulfilled and fulfilled appropriately.

In America we get our need to belong met appropriately from two major things.

Employment and family.

How many times have you seen a person who complains about their job only to ball like a baby when fired. It’s a crushing blow when you are informed you don’t belong somewhere anymore. It’s why retirement is so hard for many people.

In many ways the same can be said about our families. How many times have you heard someone complain about spending time with the in-laws or going over for the holidays. Many complain but they are always there. It’s easier to be miserable with family than lonely in front of your TV. We are bonding creatures. It is important for the overwhelming majority of us to have others consistently in our lives. Of course friends can substitute for family and many times an even stronger bond is created. But we still need someone to get this need met.

Don’t believe me?

Go spend a week in a remote area with no one around and nothing to do. Pretty soon you will start talking to the trees.

We are physical, emotional, hormonal animals. We have to do something with the energy our mind, heart, and glands creates.

Productive societies call this work and family time.

So hopefully you are with me now and understand how important a society must be set up around human needs. We have the water and the food figured out. Housing is for the most part taken care of. It is our need to belong that is being ignored and crushed.

We must have strong family units if America is to survive let alone thrive.

We must have an abundance of jobs to ensure the physical and mental well being of our citizens.

Right now America is struggling with both.

Because of ridiculous premises that have permeated our society we are struggling mightily.

“Women need to be equal to men”.

First of all no one will ever be equal. Secondly and let me be clear:

Women aren’t equal to men. They are BETTER.

The female gender in general (removing Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, etc….those two really bring the average down) is the better gender. Both genders of course are needed but a society filled with women and a few men will always be a better society than many men and a few women. It’s simple biology. Testosterone makes all humans more aggressive. Women have less. Not buying it?

Wars are started by men. Prisons are full of men. Men commit an overwhelming amount of violent crime compared to women.

Now does this mean all women are better than all men? Absolutely not. Our society provides and relies on the individual. My point is women who are trying to be “equal” to men are looking down the ladder rather than up and hurting our society.

There will never be a more important role in a productive society than Mother.

Okay, I’m sure all the “feminists” are twitching as they read this. No one is saying you have to have children…sigh…just relax. I don’t have any children and I believe I am doing my part to re-build our society. Each individual has a certain skill set and in America those skills can be an intricate part of pursuing happiness and maintaining a free nation.

So hopefully we can agree (These are facts but it’s easier if you agree and more productive as well).

One of our primary ways to fulfill our need to belong in a healthy manner is through strong families and friends.

Secondly is employment. To be free a human has to be able to provide for him or herself. In industrialized nations we trade currency (dollars in America) for water, food, shelter, etc. It’s called Capitalism and it’s the best economic system on the planet because it provides opportunity for humans to not only survive but thrive. Jobs are the key component. The more jobs available to the workers the better opportunities for pay and advancement.

One hundred jobs with fifty workers equals incredibly high wages.
Fifty jobs with one hundred workers equals desperation.
One hundred workers with ten jobs equals anarchy.

The key to everything is more jobs. Most politicians will give us sound bites like “we need to reduce income taxes on the middle class”.

Think about that for a moment. If reducing income taxes on the middle class is a good thing why wouldn’t getting rid of them completely be a better idea? This one is easy.

It would.

But how would the government be able to stay solvent without income taxes?

The Federal Government collects almost 4 trillion dollars a year from us in a variety of ways…and is insolvent. Because of their behavior we are almost 18 trillion in debt. This one is easy too.

How much worse could it get trying something new?

It could only get better. We are the largest economy on the planet with the largest debt in the history of man. If we don’t do something else this is going to end very badly. But stay with me. Remember…meeting the needs of the human being.

By removing federal income tax all workers would immediately get a pay increase. Wages would go up over night.

By removing payroll tax business would have more profit and would be able to hire more people.

By removing corporate tax every company in the world would race to America (where they really want to be anyway). This would make every square inch of American land dramatically more valuable as more people competing over anything heightens the value of the item.

With companies screaming back to America the available labor pool would be soaked up immediately with well paying jobs. This creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to start new businesses keeping the cost of products lower for the consumer to purchase. It is a win win. There is no downside to removing all taxes related to employment.

How do we fund the government? Flat tax, fair tax?

No and no.

Both of those are regressive and oppressive. There is nothing fair or flat about taxes. We have to put a tax in place that will benefit the human society. A tax that is optional.

It is called the consumption tax.

If you choose to buy something you will pay a little more. But it is your choice! Furthermore I’ve done all the calculations on this. We will implement a consumption tax that doesn’t tax the purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy, or nuts. We want our citizens to eat well. If you want to eat chips or drink soda that is your choice but we are going to tax these items.

We will also not tax the purchase of one home. Any purchases after that will be taxed but by not taxing healthy food and the purchase of one home we reward the behavior we need in our society.

Many times people refer to motivation as the stick and carrot. This is all carrot.

Work hard, buy a home for your family, and eat well. God bless! This lifestyle is tax free!

This entire system is also explained in better depth in Late Bird.

Now you will hear some “economists” and even some of your friends use a word like regressive to explain a consumption tax. This is disingenuous at best.

All taxes are regressive. But in the system I’ve explained millions of jobs will be created, property values will rise, our debt can be paid off responsibly rather than what is happening now, and most importantly you will have a choice. If you don’t want to pay the tax then don’t buy the product. Rather than being forced into paying taxes the option is yours. No crazy government scams or “write offs” for anything. You won’t ever have to file your taxes again! The choice is yours. Spend your hard earned money on taxable items or don’t.

Now the naysayers will complain “it will crush our economy…no one will buy anything”.

This is one the most ignorant statements I’ve ever heard since “free health care, keep your doctor, etc.”.

Of course we will spend our money. I like pop corn and going to the movies. Some people love fancy cars or going to football games. We aren’t going to stop doing the things we love. We will have more money with which to do those things.

Sounds simple huh?

It is.

Besides look at it this way. Who are you going to believe?

Someone who has worked hard and saved his money, unwilling to take campaign contributions or a salary and only serve one term…

Or a bunch of liars who’ve put us 18 TRILLION DOLLARS in the hole!

But please don’t forget the entire purpose of this piece.

Fulfilling the need to belong.

We are struggling right now in America to fulfill this need because real unemployment is horrendous. We can fix this. I guarantee two things.

(1) This system will work. It’s actually the system that founded our country. Strong families and hard work.

(2) It’s going to happen eventually. The politicians have let the debt get out of control and they will be increasing it again soon. The Emperor (Federal Government) has no clothes.

The choice is yours. Stick your head in the sand or help me. I’m only asking for your voice. I’m willing to do the rest.

Shoulder to shoulder brothers and sisters.

This is OUR country!

Jason Kraus

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time.

“Imagine a place where anything is possible”

Whispered, as though a secret, a phrase crossed my path today.

“Imagine a place where anything is possible”.

I just smiled. Imagination not required.

There is such a place. A dream made possible, by the gift of free will from above, and a legacy of freedom within.

Where fierce individualism is only surpassed by incredible kindness. The world is graced with her presence.

“Imagine a place where anything is possible”.

We awaken every day in such a place. It is in our hands to ensure the legacy continues…and continue she must.

Jason Kraus

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time.

ISIS and the “Christian Crusades”

Barack Obama believes in a “fair” society. In purporting his belief he “balances” out ISIS (or ISIL…he always has to be different) with the “Christian Crusades”.

Wow and wow.

That’s quite a distance (centuries)  to travel in the justification of behavior. I’m not going to challenge whether his statement is even factual. It isn’t, but this man knows nothing about truth.

Let us stop “hoping” he will “change.”

The “audacity” of this piece of work is outright stunning. He did this at a prayer gathering meant to foster peace amongst humans from different parts of the world.

Blatantly and boldly he made claims and comparisons that rationalized the behavior of ISIS. On the record for the world to hear.

Can you imagine what this man says in private?

When he has his own “prayer” meetings with Valerie Jarret, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Jeh Johnson, and Loretta Lynch?

What a fascinating collection of people Barack Obama has surrounded himself with.

Susan Rice and Eric Holder have both lied on television many times with Eric Holder being held in contempt by the House of Representatives. This works for me as I have contempt for Holder and the House as well.

Loretta Lynch said on the record during her confirmation hearing that she will not enforce current federal laws connected to Immigration.

Jeh Johnson didn’t bother saying it. He just doesn’t do it.

And Valerie Jarret…well…I fear by the time this is over we will know more about her than we ever cared to. This always seems to happen during… a trial.  Somebody directed Lois Lerner.

Is this what Fox News means by “fair and balanced”? Everyone has a part? Wouldn’t “Dumb and Dumber”  or “Liar, Liar” be more appropriate?  Thanks Hollywood for the “talking points”.

NBC (Brian Williams) will apparently say anything to anyone at anytime about his “harrowing experiences”. Never fear Brian, MSNBC has many jobs coming available.

You will be able to say anything you want. Not only will you be safe amongst “friends” but no one tunes in anyway. They haven’t figured out you have to flip the coin over to create “fairness and balance”.

But look out America. Eventually they will figure it out and we will be hearing both sides of the fairness argument in no time. Or as Russians who fled when they had the chance call it, Propaganda.

It’s amazing when I do speak with Russian immigrants. They cannot believe how much Obama and Putin have in common.

“Ethically flexible”.

They cannot believe how similar the message is coming from networks and “journalists” in both countries.

“Unemployment is down, economy is doing great” as both countries send out historic amounts of government aid while being crushed by catastrophic debt.

Ah yes…nothing quite like the “fair” society eh comrades?


We stand and fight! We are the blood and belief that churns this great nation! We are the soldiers, the farmers, the entrepreneurs, the firemen and police! We are the teachers, mothers and fathers and protectors of the weak!

It is our duty to stand and deliver…and deliver we will.

The pen is mightier than the sword but in America we sharpen both and stand at the ready.

The Big Fella Upstairs will take care of the rest.


Jason Kraus

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time.

“Truth is a powerful thing”

Many years ago, in my days as a Sheriff’s Deputy, I was doing a jail check when an inmate decided to offer his unsolicited opinion about yours truly.  I stopped and laughed.  “You’re in here for selling drugs to kids.  I could care less what you think.”  He offered a response.  I didn’t bother responding to his retort.   I changed the subject.

“One of us is free.  One of us isn’t”.  I’ll be going home tonight where I can eat whatever I want and shower alone.”

To his credit the inmate laughed.  “You got me there bro.”

Not too long after that another inmate decided to verbally engage in a negative way.  I will admit this particular citizen was on my short list, for the immediate wrath, of the Big Fella Upstairs.  This guy was in for brutally mutilating and murdering a child.

He knew he did it.  I knew he did it.  Everyone knew he did it.

But we had to go through the farce of “justice”.  The same “justice” that didn’t protect the child by locking up this predator years before.  The same “justice” that believes everything is “even” once someone like this monster is found guilty.

There will never be justice for the murder or abuse of a child.

Nothing will bring them back…or make them whole.

The above mentioned inmate complained to my sergeant one day that I was showing him “disrespect”.  He whined I was speaking to him harshly (Untrue and irrelevant.  The man killed a child) and wanted my sergeant to order me to “give him a break.”

Before my sergeant could respond I broke in.  “You didn’t give that little kid a break.”

The room quieted as he looked at me.  The truth is a powerful thing.

My sergeant didn’t say a word, she just looked at him waiting for his response.  When he didn’t give one she ordered him escorted back to his cell…by other deputies.  After the group departed she looked at me.  “You say pretty much anything you want don’t you.”

“Only when it’s true.”

For those of you interested he was found guilty and as far as I know is sitting on California’s Death Row where we pay to keep him alive…while the memory of the child fades into oblivion.

I referenced these two stories to show a pattern and make a point.  There are those amongst us who are willing to say anything, factual or not, to make themselves feel better.  It returns to the basic need of belongingness which is only surpassed in importance by water, food, and shelter.  They use words like “bigot”, “racist”, “homophobic”, or “Islamaphobia”.

It doesn’t matter that none of these things are true.

It only matters, that for a brief second, their pain is moved from them to us.

Misery loves company.

But we aren’t miserable!  We are Americans!  We are free to live as we see fit.  We choose to better ourselves through this freedom given to us by America, and free will, given to us at birth.  We are a humble yet fiercely driven people, who haven’t the time or interest in couching our words, or political correctness.  More importantly, we know by allowing this type of parasitic behavior, our freedom is lessened and our opportunity to pursue happiness shrinks.

Now some of us out there aren’t as outspoken as others.  This is okay.  It’s why I write these columns.  It’s why I’ve been on the radio, soon to be on television, and actively spend ten to twelve hours a day, spreading the message of a different way.

I am driven to serve you.  Together (the Big Fella Upstairs willing and the American voter) we will serve America.

I continue to receive notes and messages proclaiming “I am with you!” “What do you need?”

Read Late Bird, share my columns on Facebook, enter your email address on the website.

Forward each column that speaks to you throughout your email list.  Right now dozens of you are.  God bless!  I thank you.  America thanks you.  We need hundreds, nay thousands.  We will get there.  One voice, one day, at a time.

Do not become overwhelmed.  Pace yourself.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.  For those of you wanting to move at a breakneck speed, let’s GO!  I will be here every second and through volunteers, we are able to answer your questions and move the message forward.

For those of you who move a little slower.  Amen.  Move at whatever pace you are most productive to spread the message of American greatness.  The pursuit of happiness.  Freedom!

We have about ten months to set the table.  Throughout the next ten months I will be making many announcements to further the message.

I’ve also received a few well intentioned questions, primarily from new readers of my columns.

“Who should we support for the next President of the United States?”

In order to deal with our debt, border societal breakdown, and the general lack of enforcement at many levels of the Federal government, we must implement new systems and a leaders.

Leaders…not politicians.

I’ve explained these things in depth in Late Bird and why they are so important.

Abolish all taxes linked to job creation.  Income, Capital Gains, Corporate, Inheritance, etc.  When this happens everything in America, our currency, land, labor, etc., will soar in value.  It’s the only way the debt will ever be dealt with without default.  The creation of real monetary worth.  Not Federal Reserve debt and interest rate manipulation.  Anyone who tells you differently is wrong.  Debt and borrowing will never create wealth.  Never.

Close the border. If a society will not protect the weakest amongst us (children), it is a society in decline.  Slavery still exists.  It exists everyday through our border.  It’s just been renamed.  It’s now called Human Trafficking.

Our next President will lead by example by serving only one term, does not accept a salary, and receives no campaign contributions.

Look around if you must.  Search all the other Presidential “hopefuls” in each Party who beg for our money and then lie to us while crushing us with debt.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  We’ve practiced insanity through the last three Presidents and two political parties.

I am a registered member of the Independent Party.  The fastest growing Party in America.  I am only registered there though because we have to be registered somewhere to cast our vote.

My allegiance is to you.  To America.

The above mentioned attributes are only found in one place.

Right here.

You just have to believe…and then we have to go to work.

Nothing worth doing is easy.

Nothing easy is worth doing.

But I’ve made it as easy as I can to spread the word.  Sharing is caring and in America we do more than share.


Roar with me.

Jason Kraus

Right here. Right now.

I make sure when I write to always use facts. Things that are easy to prove and readily accessible to all Americans who are willing to do their homework. Common sense guides me this way. I want to make sure I present factual information. Of course it is nice when the reader(s) want facts but regardless I know no other way. It is always truth. Recently I read two comments about one of my columns.

“Well written but how about about some references or resources?”

Please pay attention those of you who are factually challenged (Obama supporters).

When I say Nancy Pelosi said Hamas is a humanitarian organization I MEAN Nancy Pelosi said Hamas is a humanitarian organization. Resource: My own eyes and ears.

When I say the Senator from New Jersey said the White House talking points are straight out of Tehran I MEAN the Senator from New Jersey said the White House talking points are straight out of Tehran. Reference: See above resource.

When I say Maxine Waters said Sharia Law is compatible with our Constitution I MEAN…you get the picture.

How about another.

“Amazing story, for one side of the coin, now we need only flip it over, and see the rest.”

Now that, my friends, is referred to as a back-handed compliment. This is exactly what I mean when I occasionally refer to the “pseudo-intellectual”.

But I will play along. Let us flip the coin over for the “rest of the story”.

Nancy is still there.

Talking points on Tehran haven’t changed.

Maxine Waters still approves of Sharia Law.

Let’s take a better look at this side of the coin. As I focus my vision I see only one thing.


Cowards who have lied repeatedly and continue to this day.

Are these the times that try a man’s soul? Not yet. But our options become smaller each day we allow the lying to continue.

It is the strong who stand alone roaring into the night.

Your strength is needed. Right here. Right now.

Shoulder to shoulder.

This is OUR country!

Jason Kraus

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time.

The Truth will set us free

Incredulously there appears to be Americans who still believe the current resident in the White House. Bush was a “liar” but Obama hasn’t a “smidgen” of corruption surrounding him. Astonishing.

It’s almost as if the famous line “you can’t handle the truth” is correct.

Let us take a few moments and run down some stated “facts” with which Obama supporters agree. The reason I say “agree” is simple. When you choose to support someone you are tacitly, as well as overtly, agreeing.

It’s common sense.

Stated Fact: The IRS does not target Americans under the Obama administration.

Actual Fact: The IRS under Lois Lerner did in fact target American citizens based on their political beliefs.

Obama supporter: “You don’t know this for sure.”

Actually we do. Lois Lerner apologized (it’s recorded) for this behavior, trying to get out in front of it.

She then took the Fifth Amendment (right against self incrimination).

Never mind her computer(s) and emails “disappeared” or were “destroyed”. (I’m sure the NSA has copies) When you apologize AND take the Fifth you’ve admitted culpability.

Outside of the government physically harming its citizens, there is nothing more dangerous than using the power of the Internal Revenue Service to oppress American citizens while suppressing their voices and votes. Nothing.

Stated Fact: The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.

Actual Fact: Absolutely correct.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been classified as a terrorist organization by the United States Government. While Egypt has sentenced many of them to be executed, White House personnel continue to meet with members of, yep you guessed it, the Muslim Brotherhood.

For ANY Obama supporter reading this now I would LOVE to hear how you rationalize this. Please don’t give me the “friends close enemies closer” routine. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, with any common sense invites their enemies into their home.

The Muslim Brotherhood hates the United States, right along with Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, al qaeda, the Taliban…sure seems like a lot of hate coming from a particular belief system.

I know, I know Obama supporters. Even though Sunnis and Shiites have been killing each other, Christians, and Jews for centuries, it’s all America’s fault.

Stated Fact: The Affordable Health Care Act will insure 30 million of the uninsured.

Actual Fact: The Affordable Health Care Act isn’t about health care, isn’t affordable, and you cannot keep what you had or have currently if the government decides it isn’t good enough.

Furthermore the Obama talking points on this are easy to disprove. Originally it was claimed more than 30 million Americans who need insurance would be able to get it. This of course is wrong. Just using the numbers given by this administration (which is difficult because they change every month) the most they will “insure” will be around 8 million. Nice program. We should have a name for the program that ignores almost 70 percent of the people it was trying to “help”.

Let’s call it…no hope no change.

Stated Fact: Unemployment is under six percent

Actual Fact: Real unemployment is well over twenty percent.

We have approximately two hundred million Americans able to work.

47 million Americans receive Welfare/Food Stamps. That number alone is almost twenty five percent, not to mention Americans incarcerated, on disability, or unemployment insurance. Anyone believing the reported unemployment number cannot do simple math or isn’t willing to try.

Stated Fact: Obama has cut the debt in half.

Actual Fact. Obama has not only not cut the debt in half it’s been dramatically increased under his watch. The man who said Bush was unpatriotic by crushing future generations with unsustainable debt doubled down when given the opportunity. The debt accrued by Bush and Obama will only be paid back one of two ways.

Completely ridding America of all taxes on employment and freeing our economy or… war.

Your choice America. That’s why I wrote Late Bird. To give us a choice and America a chance.

Stated Fact: Barack Obama is responsible for the rise in the stock market(s).

Actual Fact: Absolutely, and please remember who did this to you when the thing comes crashing down.

When Obama kept Ben Bernanke (Bush appointee) and then followed up with Janet Yellin the markets turned into a casino. As we know with gambling those who partake rarely win and this particular game of “chance” will eventually create billions if not trillions in losses.

Stated Fact: George Bush was a horrible President.

Actual Fact: Yes he was. No argument here. The absurdity of Bush policies continue on to this day through Obama.

Perpetual wars.
Crushing debt.
Constant Lies.

Now let’s work together to get rid of America’s nightmare and make sure we don’t replace him with another disaster like Bush’s brother or Clinton’s wife.

Last but not least.

Fact: The United States yearly economy (GDP) is around sixteen trillion. Currently the United States government owes almost eighteen trillion.

Fact: This won’t go on for too much longer without incredible damage to our way of life.

Fact: America is filled with millions of citizens who require freedom.

Fact: Our lives are in our hands.

Fact: Time to go to work.

Jason Kraus

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time.

A Falcon will lead us

Over the last month a friend of mine, Matt Branson, has been reading the first half of Late Bird to his children. He sends me comments about how much they are enjoying the story. Last night he recorded his reading to them and sent me little snippets. I’ve lost track of how many people have read Late Bird but hearing from all of you each and every time is truly a wonderful experience. Thank you brother and congratulations again. Matt and his wife just had a little girl.

Lyla Joy.

Although Late Bird is meant to awaken America and show a better way I gave some thought to the process of telling stories to children. The more thought this was given the more I decided to write a story today that could be read to children and hopefully entertain adults…who love America.

With that said let me introduce…Sam.

Now Sam was a good man. Always worked hard and looked out for others. In fact Sam was so successful people started calling him Uncle.

“Uncle Sam is the best!” “We love Uncle Sam!”.

When trouble landed on others around the world the call always went out to Uncle Sam. Sam, ever the stalwart, always answered those calls. Even when he was sick or tired. Or both.

Even when busy helping others Sam always kept his nose to the grindstone. He became so successful he couldn’t do all the work himself. So he brought people in who were willing to work and appreciated the opportunity Uncle Sam created. Sam also spoke differently than some of the people. He told them it was important that they learned to understand the things he was saying for safety and security. He also told them whomever understood him would have the best opportunities.

This made sense to all the new people. They looked around at how successful Sam was and decided the smart thing was “to be like Uncle Sam.” This worked great for everyone who was willing to work hard, be generous, and learn Sam’s language and ways.

In fact it worked so well, and Sam became so popular, “Uncle Sam’s” became the place where everyone wanted to be. But he didn’t have enough time to oversee everything personally. Because of this he knew he needed help.

Now this wasn’t the first time Sam had reached out for assistance. Many years ago he’d had two great friends named George and Abe. They gave Uncle Sam quite a hand when things were a little rocky.

Through the years he’d also received help from a rough rider named Theodore (Sam called him Teddy) and a quiet man named Harry.

Sam always liked Teddy. Teddy was responsible for setting aside beautiful parts of Sam’s land to always be enjoyed and beneficial to Uncle Sam. Sam thought highly of Harry too.

Harry had been called when Sam was going through a tough time. Harry squared up the problem, made some tough decisions, and then went home.

Through the ups and downs of Sam’s life he continued forward knowing the most important ingredient in life wasn’t popularity, good looks, money, or even intelligence. It was perseverance. Not that Uncle Sam wasn’t good looking. He was the best looking fellow on the block. He was popular, wealthy, and very smart. But he knew his success was always because he was willing to work hard and be kind to others. As everyone knew, Sam was a good man.

But eventually with success comes challenges. As much as Sam wanted to be everywhere, he couldn’t. So he hired some new help. He hired a Jimmy…but that didn’t work out too well.

He replaced Jimmy with a Ronnie and for while that seemed like a dandy idea. Sam met with Ronnie one day and they talked about Sam’s one rule set in stone.

“If you give a man a fish Ronnie, he may eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, my friend, and he may eat for a month. But require a man to fish and he will take care of his own family.”

Ronnie nodded and smiled. “But Sam we have so many fish already…wouldn’t it be compassionate of us to give them to others?”

Sam shook his head. “No Ronnie. You don’t help someone by giving them fish. You help them by giving them a job.”

“I agree Sam but sometimes people get sick. Shouldn’t we take care of them?”

Uncle Sam again shook his head. “You know Ronnie you seem like a good guy but you should know by now nothing is free.” Sam pointed to a strong towering Redwood standing close by. He walked over and a patted the tree. “This is a California Redwood. One of God’s greatest creations. The combination of beauty and strength is amazing. But even this incredible force will come crashing down if enough pressure is applied. You may be able to hit her ten thousands times. Over and over again. You may think nothing can hurt her. But if you weaken her enough she will collapse and because of her size will crush everything around her.”

Ronnie nodded. “I understand Sam.”

“Good Ronnie”. I have to be away for awhile. Your job is to make sure we take care of OUR Redwoods.”

But Ronnie didn’t listen. Ronnie had a good heart and nice hair and decided to ignore Uncle Sam’s Redwoods. While Sam was gone Ronnie was replaced by a George who was replaced by a Slick Willie, who gave way to a Bush, and eventually a Barry.

Finally Uncle Sam returned, dog tired, from his trip around the world trying to help others. As was his custom he strode over to the California Redwoods. They still appeared strong but had signs hammered into their trunks.

“For sale,” they read.

“For sale?” Uncle Sam muttered bewildered. “These are mine. You can’t sell these.”

Barry walked up from behind. “We have to Sam. We don’t have any money.”

“What do you mean we don’t have any money. I’ve worked my entire life, taken care of others, dealt with evil in the world…where is all my money…and who are you?”

Barry smiled, “I’m the guy they brought in when you were gone trying to save the world. I’m the guy they brought in after Bush.” Barry smiled. “You know Bush’s don’t like trees,” laughing at his own joke.

“So why are you selling my trees?”

Barry leaned in close and gestured for Sam to come closer. “I need some flexibility. I’m trying to make everything fair. I’m not going to sell them. I’m just borrowing against them.”

Uncle Sam stood up straight towering over Barry. “Borrowing!” he almost shouted. “You don’t borrow against our trees!” They are the backbone of everything! Who gave you this idea?”

Barry smiled wanly while stepping back. He realized although he’d been hired by Sam’s people these same people could fire him, and he wasn’t done creating his “fair” society.

“Well…it was first started by Slick Willie.”

“What’s a Slick Willie?”

Barry laughed to himself. Poor Sam. If you only knew.

“Then I watched Bush borrow against the Redwoods”

“How long has this been going on?” Uncle Sam wanted to know.

Barry ignored the question as was his wont. “Then it was my turn. I’ve borrowed as much as I could, and if everything goes well, will continue.”

Sam looked at his Redwoods. They still stood strong, but as he put his hand on one, the Redwood creaked in pain.

Barry laughed at the groaning of the Redwood and walked away saying over his shoulder, “It’s okay Uncle Sam. We don’t have anything to worry about…right now.”

Uncle Sam stood amongst his Redwoods as they swayed and teetered with the wind. “Hang in there,” he told them. “I’m going for help.”

As if on cue movement came from the forest and millions of Lions stood at the ready. Uncle Sam nodded. He hadn’t called on them for a while, and as usual, he didn’t need to call them at all. But he knew he needed a leader and as he had in the past with George and Abe, Teddy and Harry, he knew he needed strength.

He looked to the sky as a large shadow cast itself over the forest. The Lions didn’t bother to look up. They knew who it was. They’d sent for him. Uncle Sam smiled at the leader who now appeared when needed most.

The Lions met shoulder to shoulder ready to roar.

Uncle Sam tipped his cap to the sky, “Time to go to work.”

“A Falcon will lead us.”

Jason Kraus

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time.

White House talking points straight out of Tehran.

If we live enough years and have enough experiences we are bound to hear just about everything.  Right, wrong, fact, or fiction, eventually “everything” comes into play.  A few days ago a Democratic Senator chimed in with an amazing statement.

“The White House talking points on Iran are straight out of Tehran”.

Well, well, well.  The Democratic Senator from New Jersey actually had an epiphany.  Thanks for joining the party Bob.  For those who are unaware Barack Obama has been trying to “negotiate” with Iran for quite a while.  As with every “negotiation” we’ve seen so far with Obama it appears we receive nothing, while the other side laughs and says, “please send John Kerry back.  What’s that? He’s busy with climate change?  Okay…how about James Taylor?”

It also appears we traded 5 enemy combatants (terrorists) of the United States for a guy who is about to be put on trial for desertion. (I know liberals, “Faux News Facts”.  Your usage of French is impressive.

As this story unfolds it also appears that everyone involved in this decision making was well aware this man had deserted his post and were also aware members of our military were killed searching for him after his desertion.  Another Obama legacy. Boy, this Hope and Change stuff never ends.

Now some people (rightly so) might be asking “I didn’t think we negotiated with terrorists or terrorist organizations?

It is the official policy of the United States Government to not negotiate with terrorists.  It’s also the “official policy” of the United States to enforce our borders, but that hasn’t been done in well…decades so I guess none of this matters.  Laws, rules, and regulations were made to…be broken?  Not followed?  Ignored?

Well the ignorance of the Obama thought process is plain to see.

Or is it?

Just recently we were told by Obama’s minions that the Taliban aren’t terrorists.  Really?  Well that’s good to know.  If they aren’t terrorists then why are we still there?

What’s that Obama supporter?  Didn’t I hear the President tell the world the war in Afghanistan was over?  I did hear him say this but I’m sure our brave soldiers, still in harms way, don’t agree.

What’s that?  Obama wouldn’t lie on national TV?

Of course he wouldn’t.  But wait didn’t he say  dozens of time that because of him the war in Iraq is over?  It is?  No kidding? Have you heard of ISIS?

Yeah but that war isn’t happening in Iraq…Obama said that was over.

Fair enough.  Where is it happening?

It’s happening in… “You be talking too much s*%$ Jason Kraus.”  (Direct quote from my facebook page)

Yes, I guess I be.  The truth is funny that way.  The truth “be” talking too much.

But I want to follow up on Obama’s train of thought.  (I know.  That was kind of funny).  It appears that neither Iran nor the Taliban are terrorists or terrorist organizations…to him.  Interesting…hmm…let’s see where this is going.

We’ve been told by Nancy Pelosi that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.  Maxine Waters gave a speech on how Sharia Law is compatible with our Constitution.  ISIS calls itself the Islamic State.  Many Imams will tell you there is no parsing of their belief system, that there aren’t any radicals or moderates.  They are all Muslim.

In our attempt to understand Obama and the parties listed above we may be trying to force a square peg into a round hole, which is silly and irresponsible because it will never work.

Maybe it’s time to take Obama, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, ISIS, the Imams, and the billion followers of Mohamed at their word.  Maybe it’s time to simply stop appeasing a belief system that treats women and children as property and call it was it is.



But never forget the truly daunting issue facing America right now.

$18,000,000,000,000.00 and growing.

Debt appeases no one.


Jason Kraus



“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus

Restoring a nation one voice at a time.