The U.S. Personal Responsibility Act Of 2017

The U.S. Personal Responsibility Act of 2017

(1) All federal income tax shall be abolished. No tax shall be levied on anyone or anything, including or pertaining to income, capital gains, death, payroll, alternative minimum, corporate, etc.

(2) A federal consumption tax will be instituted in the place of federal income tax. All products sold or services rendered will be subject to the federal consumption tax unless exempt. A list of exemptions will follow.

(3) Federal Consumption tax rates are as follows:
All products/services purchased at or under $500.00 will be taxed at eight percent.
All products/services purchased at $501.00 to $5,000.00 will be taxed at 10 percent.
All products/services purchased at $5,001.00 to $20,000.00 will be taxed at 12 percent.
All products/services purchased at $20,001.00 and over will be taxed at 15 percent.
These rates cannot be increased or decreased without an enactment of a new law voted on and passed by the Congress and signed into law by the President of these United States.

(4) Exemptions are as listed.
(a) All fresh fruits and vegetables (nothing canned), nuts (unsalted), refrigerated meat and dairy (excluding anything with added sugar or sugar substitutes) will be tax free.
(b) The purchase and ownership of one (1) residential house (home) will be tax free. The tax-free allocation does carry to the next home as long as previous home is sold within a 90-day window. All other purchases of homes will be taxed at allocated rate.
(c) All stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, bonds, etc., will only be taxed at time of purchase and not at time of selling.

(5) A yearly United States Military and Protection Tax will be implemented on all United States citizens and legal residents at or above the age of 18. These monies shall only be used for the protection of the United States. The yearly U.S. Military and Protection Tax shall be $250 per citizen or legal resident due each year by July 4th. Any citizen or legal resident abrogating their responsibility will be subject to fines and/or imprisonment.  These monies will be allocated by Congress and used only by United States entities listed: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, CIA (Central Intelligence), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Dept. of Defense, U.S. Marshals, and U.S. Border Patrol. Exemptions to this tax are as follows: All currently serving military members are exempt. Any military personnel injured while engaging the enemy will be exempt for their lifetime. All military spouses or children having a parent killed in action, will be exempt for their lifetimes.

(6) All healthcare coverage and retirement package(s) given to current and all former members of Congress will be repealed. Only the sitting President, Vice-President, Speaker of the House, and Senate Majority Leader will have healthcare coverage provided by the American people and only while in office.
(7) A United States of America Federal Voter Picture Identification card will be required by all
United States citizens in order to vote in all federal elections. This identification card will be given free of charge.

(8) All banks and brokerage houses, investment firms, private equity firms, etc. will be separated. No bank will be owned, leased, rented, shared, or have current ownership in any of the listed entities above. No company shall be created to circumvent this separation.

(9) The United States Federal Government will have no financial role in housing. All federal government housing programs will be discontinued.

(10) The United States Federal Government will structurally and electronically secure and physically man the United States Southern Border. After, and only after, the border is secured will immigration reform begin. Immigration reform is stated as such:
(a) All persons living in these United States without legal documentation (U. S. birth certificate, Passport, Work Visa, etc.,) will be given six (6) months to register with U.S. immigration.
(b) All persons registering with factual information will be processed and checked for any committed crimes (misdemeanor or felony).
(c) All persons registering with factual information and no criminal history will be given a three-month temporary status visa and temporary status card that must be available to present to law enforcement at any time.
(d) Temporary status will be removed upon completion of items listed below:
(1) Proof in writing and verification of current employment.
(2)Administrative check verifying individual is not receiving any federal, state, or local government assistance, financial or otherwise.
(3) Proof of residential address.
(e) A 24-month Permanent work status visa will be awarded after all above items have been completed.
(f) Any arrest of a Temporary work status individual will be subject to deportation and immediate forfeiture of their Temporary status visa card
(g) Any criminal conviction of a Permanent work status individual will be subject to deportation and immediate forfeiture of their Permanent work status visa card.
(h) All Permanent work status individuals must re-register before 24-month expiration date.
(i) All Permanent work status individuals must apply to become United States citizens immediately after receiving Permanent work status.
(j) All Permanent work status citizen applications, to become United States citizens, will be addressed after 10 years of appropriate behavior, and after every person applying for citizenship legally before them, has been addressed.
(k) United States citizenship may be earned with eight years spent in any of our Armed Forces with good conduct.
(l) Any person living in the United States of America after the allotted six-month period of time without proof of citizenship or work visa will be immediately deported.

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