10000 Strong

I don’t watch the news too much anymore.

I don’t consider murders in Chicago, illegals protesting, or deleted emails/text messages to be “new”.

Anybody “surprised” that Obama was/is a friend of Louis Farrakhan just shows how out of touch some people really are.

The man called for the killing of all White People in the United States.

Barry didn’t say a word.

Now we hear about a “#secret society” within the government.


Secret to who?

Those with knowledge have known about this corruption for quite a while.

Recently I heard someone proclaim to be tired of hashtags.


Of course the new hashtag is in reference to “releasing the memo”.

A memo reportedly seen by more than 200 members of Congress.

Not surprisingly none of them seem to have more intestinal fortitude than a Dianne Feinstein cold.

The media and the cowards in D.C. are frothing over a memo that if/when released will only be “news” to Rip Van Liberal.

Our government is corrupt at all levels.



As I’ve watched this ridiculousness play out over the years it was my contention that eventually American Citizens would have to join together and physically remove the corruption in Washington D.C.

After President Trump was elected I wrote that, “we’ve bought ourselves a little time.”

Not too long ago I put forward the premise that although Washington D.C. was indeed a “swamp” it appeared the real fight was going to take place in California.

Interestingly enough right in my home State.

It appears our purchased time is almost up.  With the Dems and RINOS trying to outflank Mr. Trump, the State of California has literally lost its mind.

Declaring itself a Sanctuary State, freeing murdering foreign combatants, increasing taxes seemingly everyday and having roughly ten million humans living in poverty doesn’t seem to be enough.

The La Raza supporting Brown appointed Attorney General has threatened to prosecute any company that works with ICE to uphold Federal Law.

Let me explain this plainly.

Xavier Becerra is threatening American Citizens, and humans here legally, with fines and imprisonment while protecting foreign nationals.

This is called Treason and is not only punishable but punishable by execution.

It’s gotten so bad out here a California Assemblyman named Travis Allen (who is also running for Governor) has called for the arrest of the California Attorney General by the Federal Government.

He is absolutely 100% correct but of course this will never happen as that decision would have to be made by one Jeff Sessions, who is either in collusion with Mueller, the Clintons, Obama et al, or the biggest coward the world has ever seen.

Even if this took place the Ninth Circuit would release him immediately and it is doubtful John Obamacare Roberts would overrule them.

This is all happening while “Dreamers” are reportedly trying to shut down Disneyland.

Apparently it’s a smaller world than we thought after all.

Over the years I’ve discussed Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.  Jesus Christ, John Locke, and Adam Smith. I’ve written about Abraham Maslow and Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare’s “to be or not to be” and the Tytler Cycle.

I’ve explained Nature vs Nurture, Marbury vs Madison, and that Humans don’t have Rights.

We have Free Will.

I now see I should have spent some, if not all of that time, on Americans like Francis Marion, Audie Murphy and Carlos Hathcock.

The way things are going in our country it appears the Pen isn’t going to get it done.

The Rule of Law is long gone.

So…what do we do?

I think it is very clear.

Our question isn’t what but rather how and when.

Then again we all know how.

The question is when.

When will we decide that the deaths of Brian Terry, Kate Steinle, Hediya Pendleton and thousands of others will be addressed.

Will be adjudicated.

Will be avenged.

When will we decide that morally bankrupt and physically weak politicians will be taught a permanent lesson for the world to see.

When will we realize that it won’t take three percent or two percent or even one percent of the population to address our problems.

10000 strong will be more than enough.

Shoulder to shoulder.

One American at a time.

Jason Kraus




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