American Children First. American Children Only.

As a child growing up in the 70s I sat in gas lines with my father. Democrats had decided that Jimmy Carter was the way to go so fist fights broke out over odds and evens on license plates depending upon the day of the week.
Fortunately America decided four years of self flagellation was enough and the New Normal was flushed into the annals of history or so we thought.
Reagan arrived on the scene and gas began to flow again as the Soviet Union started to implode.
Reagan was excellent in some things and horrible in others. The Gipper gave us the first version of Obamacare and of course Amnesty.
Clinton and Bush added onto these travesties and the Generation infamous for drug usage gave us a full blown cocaine and marijuana user in Barry Barack Soetoro Hussein Obama or in other words the most famous member of the Choom Gang.
The return of Carter Policies arrived and the anti-American/anti-Semitism of the Democratic Party was back in power.
Eight years of an Eeyoric enema lead the American People to scrap and scrape together enough votes in the right places to remove the plague known as Obama.
Enter a businessman who would build a great big wall and deport all illegals.
American Children First.
American Children Only.
Its very clear the Democratic Party doesn’t care about American Children as they do nothing while children are murdered every day in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and other strongholds of Democracy.
They also are very comfortable profiting off the murder and dismemberment of humans known as Late Term Abortion.
Now I hear lots of calls for bipartisanship from the Republicans.
It’s time to do away with reaching across the aisle to liars, traitors, and those that murder children.
“Resist” isn’t strong enough for these parasites.
It’s time to remove.
Lead from the front President Trump.
We have your back as long as you will STAND for what is right.
No deals.
Not now.
Not ever.
You cannot be another Reagan.
We cannot afford it.
Sadly your own words appear to be taking us down this path.
Mr. Trump,
I say this without malice or antipathy.
DACA is Democratic Propaganda.
There is no such thing as a Dreamer.
These humans are overwhelmingly citizens of Mexico.
According to reports almost half of them do not speak English.
No one here their entire lives doesn’t learn English.
While you are announcing returning humans to El Salvador and Haiti (well done) you are also amnestying one million Mexicans, many who are members of La Raza, and will vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party?
This is absurd on any level.
Let me remind you of the Real Deal.
We would elect you President and you would secure the border, deport, and permanently remove the criminals in our country and yes anyone here illegally is a criminal.
They simply haven’t been convicted nor in this day age would they be.
Without this Deal it is my opinion you would be an answer to a jeopardy question while we called Ted Cruz or Ben Carson Mr. President.
We are not sycophantic Liberals that will toe the line like La Raza, CAIR, BLM and Antifa.
You’ve done good work but that work wasn’t why you were elected.
This isn’t a warning or a threat.
I am on your side but the reality of the situation isn’t good if you reward criminal behavior.
Without those of us willing to physically protect you it is my guess articles of impeachment will take place.
No it doesn’t matter that you haven’t committed an impeachable offense and any attorney telling you this is wrong and should be fired.
The House of Representatives simply need the votes and if the RINOs join their Lib counterparts the votes are there. If the votes are there in the House they will probably be found in the Senate for conviction, and removal.
Furthermore half the voting population is convinced you are a Putin stooge and should be imprisoned or executed for Treason.
Those are the half you will be benefiting with Amnesty and adding to their power by increasing the count of Democrats in America.
Reagan thought he would be seen as “compassionate”.
He was wrong.
Democrats hate him.
They hate you too.
Stick with those that brought you to the dance otherwise the music will stop and you will be without a chair.
This may seem hyperbolic to some.
It isn’t and if anyone should know this it would be you as you are the largest target.
Do not load the gun pointed at us.
Pointed at you.
Human behavior is easy to see as it repeats constantly.
Reagan Amnesty.
Clinton Amnesty.
You are there to make sure this doesn’t repeat.
It’s up to you Mr. President.
You wanted the job.
We put you there.
Don’t let us down.
The fall from here won’t be pretty and it will be the children of America who suffer the most.
American Children First.
American Children ONLY.
Jason Kraus
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