If you don’t know now you know.

One day in high school I was informed that someone I was already not a fan of made a derogatory comment about me and my family. The next day I found the individual in the hallway between classes and asked if they indeed did say this.

Let’s just say it was more of a statement than a question in the way that if the answer was yes I was going to have a very physical reaction.

“Whoa whoa whoa Jay just wait a minute,” came the response.

The individual in front of me backed up a step as I took one forward.  Their fear was very clear.  I’ve never understood humans who choose to run their mouths and then won’t fight.

Eventually someone is going to call their bluff.

For this individual the time was happening now.  His fear lessened my anger a bit allowing compassion to creep in.

That compassion almost cost me big time later in life.

A story for another time.

I gave him an option.  Apologize or sow what you have reaped.  It wasn’t as smooth as that.  Most of it was profane.  He readily accepted the option and made his amends.

I was reminded of this story as I thought about what is happening in our country.

How many warnings do we have to give before the only option left is one no one wants yet is the only option left?

The debt grows everyday.  Our “justice system” is so absurd Executive Orders are now being illegally struck down.  Cops are still dying.  Humans in black masks and attire are hitting people with sticks.  Anti-American men and women are calling for a Civil War.

I’m always struck by the absurdity of using the terms Civil and War together.

“War! What is it good for?” Absolutely nothing!”

I’d “say it again” but those that need to hear it won’t.

Those that have seen War didn’t need to hear it the first time.

Yet here we are.

The United States has been at War for almost two decades with no end in sight. We now have the aforementioned America haters rioting, looting, and abusing others.

Our systems are all under control of “bureaucrats” whom are protected by Public Unions and Politicians that protect illegal entry and overt criminality all over the nation.

California has been hit with rain, mudslides, and now the evacuation of almost 200,000 citizens from Oroville and surrounding towns as the second largest man made reservoir/dam in the State is suffering from “erosion”.

Erosion in California is defined as the Democratic Party ignoring decade old warnings about everything.

Pretty soon CalPERS will be called erosion.

Jerry Brown and the Democrats (still talking about drought while having money for Sanctuary Cities and Bullet Trains but cannot rebuild the worst roads in the country) have allowed the most important infrastructure in the State (water) to literally crumble.

Then again do they have the money?

Brown and the Democrats have now sent a request to the Federal Government for “emergency funds”.  The same Democrats that have called Trump a lying, bigoted, racist, homophobic misogynist.  The same Liberals that blocked a LEGAL order to keep humans from countries that harbor, foment, or create terrorism, out.  The same Liberals that are ranting about war and the Impeachment of Trump.

Barely a month in and we are hearing WAR and IMPEACHMENT.

The question AMERICANS are having across our country is how much more?  How much more are we willing to take?

What needs to happen before we leave our homes, our streets, our towns, cities, and States?

Where do we go to deal with the degradation and disease that is strangling our way of life?

I’ve looked at this from every angle I can imagine and contemplated the probability of a wide variety of possibilities.

The only scenario that appears on the list is Congress trying to Impeach, Convict, and Remove President Trump.

If this scenario ever hits the House of Representatives that will be the time.

The time for Idaho Farmers, Nebraska Cornhuskers, and Wyoming Cowboys.

The time for Michigan Autoworkers, West Virginia Coal Miners, and Texas Rangers.

The time for those known as Deputy, as Officer, and those known as Citizen.

The time for those known as Veteran.

It will be the time for those known as American to come together in Washington D.C.

“The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood.”

Sadly it appears the arena is being created.

In this particular time in the world, the credit will not matter, but those in the arena certainly will.

I hope and pray this day doesn’t happen but this is far as it goes.

The removal of Trump is a continuance of the nightmare from which we awakened back in November.

We can never allow that to happen.

As a now deceased “poet” once stated:

“If you don’t know now you know.”

Jason Kraus


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