We really really don’t like you Comey

It really was quite a week.

On top of the announcement that Social Security and Medicare are both basically bust (insert “Shock and Awe” here) the #MeToo movement decided Gavin Newsom and his drug and alcohol induced dalliances with someone else’s wife (just not his own) was fine with them.

Maybe they can bring in Janet Jackson and rename him “Nasty Boy”.

Antonio Villaraigosa or Tony Villar, or whatever his name is this week conceded his Gubernatorial run in California and endorsed Newsom after commiserating on their cheating pasts.

Now that’s “leadership” as he proclaimed to deliver, one half dozen times, in thirty threadbare seconds.

Thanks for “calming the waters” you lascivious La Raza lump.

Now find the border.  Crawl back under and take Santa Anna Becerra and Ponce De Leon with you.

Speaking of traitors, Bill Clinton reared his hollow head, yelled “MeToo”, and ended up doing an apology tour that found him on Stephen ColBert and Ernie while Hillary rolled her eyes, threw her hands in the air and yelled “Stupid White Men!  Don’t they know what they cost me!”

Speaking of stupid white men, formerly fired FBI dilettante Andrew McCabe is now clamoring for immunity while the Inspector General’s office leaked information that James Comey may have been “insubordinate”.

Funny what they are calling Treason these days.

The FBI appears to be filled with bonafide morons as one agent was filmed dancing and doing a flip with his weapon.

I’m sure being three sheets to the wind is part of the Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity platform.

This idiot actually shot someone while gyrating on tequila.

Will someone please tell Magic Mike to leave his badge, ID, and gun and find a good bail bondsman.

In reference to bonafide morons, progressives are bragging that California is the fifth largest economy in the world never mind almost half of the people living in the Bay Area reportedly cannot wait to leave.

The other half don’t push 2 for English but have driver licenses and EBT cards.

Then again the State of Jerry Flush when Brown voters have to brag about something as they make their fecal and urine maps “resisting” Hepatitis A.

In reference to feces and urine the aforementioned James Comey and his sour stomach were both back in the news.

The “fixer” for the Clintons, Bushes, and Obamas better find his hole card and put his back up against a thick tree.

Not that it would matter.  Serpents don’t have spines.

Just come clean already Jimmy.  Admit the truth about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Lois Lerner, Hillary’s emails, the Clinton Foundation payoffs, Obama’s flexibility with Putin, hidden bank transfers to Iran, and Seth Rich…just to name a few of the things that happened under Obama’s “scandal free” administration.

Do the right thing already while President Trump is giving out pardons like its Christmas morning.

The economy is moving, the wall is being built (slowly), Kim and Kanye had their photo ops, heck The Donald even got John Box of Rocks Cox into California’s General Election (and yes I will vote for him).

Life comes down to certain moments James.  This is one for you.

Step into the light before you are no longer needed.

As Meryl Streep’s stand-in Silly Sally Field once said, “We don’t like you Jimmy, we really really don’t like you.”

Remember Jimbo, President Trump is the carrot.

WE are the stick.

It’s time to start eating your vegetables.

Your weak little belly has had all it can handle.

You really don’t want us.

You really really don’t want us.

The guys you’ve trained can’t even keep their gun in their pants.


Jason Kraus



Breaking the law is no longer a crime

James Comey sat in front of the world and stated that Huma Abedin had committed multiple crimes and yet not one politician called for her indictment.

Not one.

Comey furthered his part of ruining America and proving that emasculation does indeed physically exist by proclaiming to be “mildly nauseous”.

His willingness to openly proclaim for all to hear that crimes, many of them felonies, have been committed, yet nothing is being done about it, should be all we need to hear.

The man is so sure crimes were committed he didn’t even bother to use the attorney’s favorite word.


Thousands of classified documents were found on the laptop of a man who calls himself Carlos Danger.

Felonies. Plural.

Comey said they were taken from Hillary’s private server by Abedin.

Felonies. Plural.

Is intent needed to make these felonies?


Crimes are crimes.  Why people do them becomes irrelevant when you have them 100% dead to rights otherwise every person charged with a crime could simply say “I had no idea that was illegal”, or “my intent wasn’t to rob the bank my intent was to pay off my bills.”

Intent matters in SENTENCING.




How about you make us sick Jimmy.  How about as we are laughing at you Jimmy there is no humor in our eyes.

Justice is supposed to blind.

Comey’s version gives us a complete view of what deaf and dumb look like as well.

This is nothing but B level acting and even worse writing.  Listening to Dianne Feinstein and Comey go back and forth like they hadn’t already worked out the particulars weeks ago was ridiculous.

Where are you Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

Putting aside Sessions (currently) these are stupid people and of course responsible minds must then ask.

What does that make us?

I have a friend.  A good man.   A man who served his community.  A man who did indeed put his life in jeopardy to help others.  He was railing on a few days ago telling me things that I’ve written about many times.  Crime is increasing, the debt is out of control, the border is killing our country.

“We need to do something,” he said.

I asked him if he could run a mile.


Fight with his hands and feet longer than two minutes?

“Probably not,” he answered.

Do you own a weapon?

“No,” was his response.

Now I am not banging on my friend.  He is indeed a good man.  Handles his own business, pays his taxes and is very involved in the community but what if?

What if the crime increases so much it shows up at his door…or yours?

What if the debt debacle finally collapses and everyone attached to a Local, State, or Federal program no longer receives their check or if they do it isn’t enough to cover the basics like water, food, and shelter?

What if somebody tries to rob you without a weapon and you’re simply so out of shape you collapse from a lack of oxygen trying to fight them off?

What if someone points a gun at you and wants your most precious things?

What if breaking the law is no longer a crime?

I reminded my friend that sadly these horrific events happen every day in these United States.

Every single day.

Speaking of horrific humans Nancy Pelosi said this week that the new healthcare bill (that isn’t even close to being implemented) is a destruction of government.

Oh if only this was true.

If only this was true.

History is very clear.

Human behavior is easy to understand.

Part of hoping for the best is preparing for the worst.

Ill or unprepared humans have no hope at all.

Let that not be these United States.

Let that not be you.

Jason Kraus