Twas the night before CHRISTMAS

Twas the night before Christmas, the coal without lumps, because in the White House, was a man named Trump.

His demeanor calm, his hair all a flow, set the liberals on fire, gaskets a blow.

The perplexed Dems had just voted no, for a cut in taxes, for plumbers like Joe.

They gnashed their teeth and laid on the floor, as the Obamacare penalty, was thrown, out the door.

Our taxes are rising yelled Libs with raised dander.

That’s what happens when you support Bernie Sanders.

Regulations were dumped, more oil will flow, the erasing of Obama, go Donald go!

The New Normal be damned, we like the old, where America is free, and happy, and bold.

Where children have teachers, not political pawns, who poison young minds with their progressive con,

Where doctors practice the Hippocratic Oath, where trust can be found, not patient loathe

Where public trust is restored to institutions, and politicians stop engaging in prostitution.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the House the Donkeys were stoned and the RINOs soused.

As the Progressives were lying, and deceptively spinning, America smiled, we keep winning and winning.

The secret slush fund was discovered, in use, and the last laugh, went to Doctor Seuss,

Whose children’s stories weren’t racist, but timeless, unlike the Obama mindless.

Oh those Obama few with low IQ, it won’t be much longer when they’ll ask, Doctor Who?

What happened to little Barack, will wonder those, who only gather in flock, while the rest of us mock.

Like a powerful storm or a good vacuum cleaner, Hussein was whisked off the stage, like his brother Tony Weiner.

Markets are up, unemployment is down, yet all we see is Schumer’s perpetual frown.

Of course I meant Amy, she’s part of the mob, and she’s the only Schumer who has a real job.

Twas the night before Christmas, what’s under the tree, a pair of cuffs, made for Hillary?

Is that a jump suit measured for James Comey, covered in orange, get used to it homey.

Shoulder to shoulder, America ROARS, because of AMERICANS, not Al Gore.

The return of Freedom, Strength, and Prosperity, we are back on track, MERRY CHRISTMAS to thee.

As this piece rolls on, with humor and rhyme, everything happens, one voice at a time.

So as each of you, enjoy your day, please join me in spirit, and in the sun’s rays,

To be thankful for, OUR country, the beacon of Hope, known as Lady Liberty.

Let us embrace this rare air, and be always grateful, to the Big Fella Upstairs.

Twas the night before Xmas and all through the house, Merry Christmas to all,


Jason Kraus

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