A bit of History

It’s been said figures don’t lie but liars can figure. Can they?

I just finished reading multiple articles about our economy and unemployment. As usual, the writers use numbers given to them by the government. This is unfortunate for many reasons.

(1) Almost all numbers coming from the government are either estimates no one can responsibly verify, or polling.

Yes polling.

The unemployment numbers come from various sources who call other sources for their opinions. Maybe that’s why Obama always hears about things on the news. He does love polling.

(2) Our government lies. I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or from Mars if you still believe our government doesn’t lie you must be a Bush apologist or an Obama supporter.

As is my practice I read the comments at the end of each story. I was amazed at the individuals trying to use government data to explain how everything is fine. I’m not going to go over every number or argument because it is useless and a waste of our time. There are two numbers and only two that we need to focus on. As these numbers become larger our problems increase exponentially.

The first number is the debt. Currently we are moving our way towards eighteen trillion dollars. Let me put that in zeroes.


Impressive isn’t it. Our government is the beneficiary of the greatest collection of entrepreneurs AND the hardest working labor force in history. Through all of this they cannot figure out a way to keep us financially solvent. No no. As if that wasn’t enough this incredible collection of “talent” also abuses the deaths of the World War II generation.

Because of the “Greatest Generation” the dollar became the reserve currency for the planet. With this comes extreme power. With extreme power comes incredible responsibility. Or in Clinton, Bush, and Obama’s case…not.

I’ve written about these three plenty of times as well as in Late Bird. I’m not going to rehash it today. Suffice it to say these three are the worst of a generation.

The second number we have to focus on is Welfare/Food Stamps.

Current reported numbers for Welfare/Food Stamps have about forty seven million Americans receiving one or the other or both. How about some more zeroes?


Hey not as bad as 18,000,000,000,000! Frankly it might be worse.

Regardless when forty seven million people are receiving Welfare or Food stamps we have a problem.

Debt is a crushing blow to anyone. The more you have the less control you have over your life. Control doesn’t disappear. It’s just like money. It simply changes hands. A nation can change hands too.

Less control of your life gives that control to someone else. Eventually you are selling your assets until they are gone. You turn to friends, family, church. America is the most giving nation on the planet but eventually those things run out as well. Finally one turns to the government for help.

The government is full of “compassionate congressmen”, or “progressive senators”, more than willing to take money from someone else and  give it to you.

“What’s that? We don’t have enough? Let’s just borrow some more. We have to feed the people!”

I wonder how many Americans we could have fed had we not rebuilt Iraq and Afghanistan?

I wonder how many Americans we could have fed had we not blown billions on Obamacare?

I wonder how many more precious American soldiers we are going to lose because our leaders don’t care.

For the record the life of one American Soldier is worth more to me than the entire country of Iraq or Afghanistan.

Our “leaders” continue to put our best and our bravest in harm’s way with ridiculous rules of engagement.

Through appeasement (Clinton), absurdity (Bush), and betrayal (Obama) we find ourselves staring at the abyss. Crushing debt, maniacal thugs, and feckless leaders…however did we get here?

I’m glad you asked.

Part of this is generational. Many members, (not all), of the Boomer Generation simply don’t belong…to anything. As I’ve said before they tuned in, turned on, and dropped out. Drugs, promiscuity, and an uncaring affect about the future became the counter culture. A good portion of them never left the 60’s and 70’s.

It’s why there is such a push for the legalization of drugs. They want to be able to “justify” their behavior. They want society to say it’s okay. It’s why many of their grown children and grand-children now do drugs.

“I did it (and still do). I can’t tell my kids not to. I would be a hypocrite, it’s just pot” are statements we’ve all heard before.

No, what you would be is a caring, responsible adult with boundaries.

Instead we now have millions of people telling each other it’s okay to get high.

“It’s medicinal”.


“Yeah yeah, you know cancer and glaucoma”.

There sure are a lot of eighteen to thirty year olds with cancer or glaucoma.

“It’s the same as drinking a beer or wine”.

Aside from Obama saying anything at all, this is the most ignorant and dangerous thing to tell children.

First of all it is false.

Beer and Wine are overwhelming made up of WATER. They also have a caloric value.

No drug out there has either of these qualities.

Not impressed?

Let’s make this real easy. Go spend thirty days on an island.

The island cannot supply you with anything to survive. It’s just you and whatever you brought with you. You only have two choices.

Take as much beer and wine as you want or take as much marijuana as you can handle. I’ll be nice. I’ll even throw in a lighter and some zig zags.

Your liver might take a beating but you’ll probably make it off the island if you chose the beer and wine.

If you chose the pot you better hope that lighter holds out. The pain from dying from dehydration is brutal.

Not that it will matter. Your fine motor skills needed to work the lighter will probably disappear in a few days as your body shuts down because you didn’t choose the items that are overwhelming filled with things you need to survive like water and calories.

Silly stoners.

Now please don’t misunderstand me. I am not much of a drinker. Never have been. Just don’t like the stuff. But the next time someone says drugs and alcohol are the same thing stop listening to them. If you continue you are only doubling the fools in the conversation. Now back to our explanation of how we got here.

I am always amazed how much progressives, liberals, democrats hate Ronald Reagan.

Reagan provided a calm voice when the world was quite shaky. He understood capitalism and how important it was/is to a free society. Through this understanding the Soviet Union was torn apart without World War III happening. These are good things.

Calm within a storm, appreciation of the power of the American work force coupled with the best choice of an economic system, and the collapse of the Evil Empire. Enough said.

But I am even more stunned with the progressive notion that Reagan was a regressive, putrid, conservative man.

Right now in America the progressives are pushing two agendas. The first is free health care for all. They call it “insurance” but the reality is they want more control over the important issues. Our “health” is one of those issues.

I’m not going to re-litigate this right here. If you’re looking for a term that has a tiny portion of the population dictating to the masses you need look no further than Communism.

But this is where the liberals really get lost in their hatred. Had they pointed to Reagan de-institutionalizing the mentally ill I would agree. If they’d spent the last twenty years trying to get many of the homeless who cannot care for themselves back into safe custody I would say bravo! But no.

They hate the guy who actually gave us the first taste of Obamacare!

Yes. It was Ronald Reagan who signed into law in 1986 that anyone arriving at an American hospital that accepted federal funds, whether they had the means to pay for treatment or not, had to be afforded care.

Some people might refer to this as “compassionate” but from an economic perspective this is called Socialism.

We didn’t need Obamacare. Everyone was already “covered”. The hospitals simply turned and charged more for their services to the people who could afford the care. Sound familiar?

If anything Reagan was more “progressive” than the liberals today.

They are forcing people to pay for something they don’t want and threatening all of us with fines if we don’t prove we have something that is none of their business.

Reagan gave it to the poor people for free!

You just had to show up! You might sit in line for hours. You might not get the doctor you want. You may get discharged before you are one hundred percent but beggars can’t be choosers.

As we say in the real world nothing that’s free is worth having. You can keep your free stuff. We will pay for ours. This way we have choices. We have options. We have freedom. But if that wasn’t ridiculous enough….

Ronald Reagan gave the liberals…AMNESTY!

Unlike progressive heroes of the past Reagan gave the democrats more voters!

That liberal lion known as FDR interned in camps Americans with Japanese descent during World War II. Liberals love FDR!

Another Democratic stalwart named Harry Truman DEPORTED millions of illegals after World War II!

Ronald Reagan gave them both things they are screaming for right now.

Free health care and more Democratic voters.

Ay, caramba!

Circling back to our original query, how did we get here?

We arrived here today because politicians are doing exactly what they’ve done for decades.


They believe they are more important, smarter, than we are.

They say things like:

“Put y’all back in chains”

“Mission accomplished”

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”

“You can keep your doctor”.

The question I have is what are we willing to do?

I’ve spent the last two plus years putting a cohesive platform together. I’ve spent my money, my effort, my time, to show a better way.

Abolish all income tax, secure the border, serve only one term, never take any campaign contributions, never accept a salary for the position of President.

Four years of free service to the American people getting the job done.

If you can find any politician out there saying even one of these things and has a plan please enlighten me.

Aside from some chatter about border security, that they don’t mean, you will not find any politician even mentioning the things I just listed.

Or we can elect another Clinton, another Bush, or another liar regardless of their last name.

A second amnesty will happen. Income taxes will go up. The debt will pass twenty trillion.

Free health care? Sorry. There won’t be enough doctors.

One voice at a time brothers and sisters.

Never give up.

Never give in and never lose sight of who we are.

We are Americans.

This is our time…and our time is now.

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