Trump Linked to Russian Burgers?

by Daveda Gruber:

The Washington Post Magazine on Tuesday published an article that depicts President Trump as having a Russian connection because of his love of Hamburgers.

How low can they go? Well, I’d say they just hit rock bottom.

At first, people seeing the headlines, thought it was a satire spoof. It wasn’t. The Russian conspiracy hoax was crazy enough and now it’s being dragged into Trump’s fast food?

Mainstream media often puts on their tinfoil hats and takes off on conspiracy theories but this one takes the cake.

Here is a tweet from the Washington Post:

Russians enjoyed hamburgers that were served to them over a century ago. The reason was that were served in the Soviet Union in the 1930’s is that urban Soviet workers needed to be fed, and were sometimes provided with what is vaguely similar to a modern hamburger.

The Soviet people apparently enjoyed the hamburger and it was produced in mass quantities. At that time, meat and protein were in high demand.

The Russian hamburgers actually don’t look like the American hamburger. They are shaped with tapered ends and actually resemble an American football. The Russian Hamburger is not served on a bun and is traditionally served with mashed potatoes as a side dish.

In 2017, former Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, once joked that the media would find a “Russian connection” if Trump put Russian dressing on his salad.

I agreed that that was funny and even made a meme depicting the humor.

We know that Trump loves a hamburger and has served them to sport teams at the White House. But to take this and twist it into a Russian connection is preposterous.

What say you? I’d love to hear your comments on Twitter where I post my articles to my Twitter account @DavedaGruber.

DOJ Will Not Prosecute Comey for Leaking Classified Information

by Daveda Gruber:

The Conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, announced that it had obtained an FBI log about special agents arriving at former FBI Director James Comey’s home in June 2017 to retrieve his memos.

Comey handed over four of them and said that two of them, to the best of his recollection, were missing.

Still, it is now allegedly been decided that Comey will not face prosecution on this matter. The Department of Justice has declined to prosecute in this case.

During congressional testimony, Comey admitted that he had hand written notes of his meetings with President Trump in the days before he was fired. He took those notes and shared them with a friend who passed them to The New York Times.

That, folks, is called leaking information.

Two of the memos were classified by the FBI as “confidential,” but after the fact.

Comey became a critic of the president ever since he was fired from his position at the FBI.

Look what Comey tweeted:

Comey’s feelings towards Trump are not hidden. He holds hate for the president.

And Comey is not out of hot water just yet. He is a possible target of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s separate investigation into alleged Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse.
The former FBI director also signed three out of the four FISA applications targeting former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Comey’s actions as an FBI Director will now probably be scrutinized in the “investigate the investigators,” which is a review of the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation that is being led by Attorney General William Barr and the U.S. attorney in Connecticut, John Durham.

It has been said that the bigger you are, the harder you fall. Comey is a tall man who stands 6 feet 8 inches tall. I predict that he falls hard.

Super Black Moon Rising

by Daveda Gruber:

There’s a Super Black Moon coming and if you live in North America, you will be able to do some star gazing and see it.

This new Moon is the second of two July 2019 new Moons. In some time zones, it’s the first of two August 2019 new Moons.

On July 31 (11:12 P.M. ET)  and August 1, 2019 (3:12 UTC). the Super Black Moon will be in the Zodiac sign of Leo and will show in our sky. This will have all the Zodiac signs in emotional overdrive.

Energy is high during a Super Moon. You may feel more emotional, electric, experience sleep disturbances or even have too expressive dreams. You will also find that your intuition is higher, the more pronounced synchronicity and you could become more distant or sensitive.

You get a Black Moon at least once a year, and sometimes twice. However, if we go by the standard “two new Moons in one month” definition, Black Moons become slightly more rare, occurring about every 32 months (two to three years).

Like all new Moons, it’ll cross the sky with the Sun during the day.  Humans can’t see the new Moon in the Sun’s glare.

During the new Moon phase, the Moon is not illuminated by the Sun and seems to disappear from the night sky. A new Moon is practically invisible to the naked eye.

There are four quarters of the Moon—the Moon phases. There’s usually a new moon and a full Moon about once a month, because the Moon takes about a month to orbit Earth.

During the “full Moon,” the entire disk of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun because they are on opposite sides of the sky.

In contrast, the “new Moon” has its dark side facing us. It’s not reflecting any of the Sun’s light because the Moon is lined up between the Earth and Sun.

These are the fun facts of a Super Black Moon but don’t call it a “Bad Moon Rising” because I don’t see trouble on the way. That’s another tale for a different day.

Now this song is stuck in my head:

Enjoy the music and the sky!

Have You Seen the Latest Twitter War?

by Daveda Gruber:

As we begin the work week, on Monday, a new Twitter war between President Trump and Rev. Al Sharpton is in full force.

Trump did not mince words when he answered Sharpton’s tweet and declared that Sharpton  was “con man” who “hates whites & cops.”

The MSNBC host said that he would travel to Baltimore in the midst of the controversy over the president’s comments about the city and its Democratic lawmakers.

Here’s tweets from Trump:

On Sunday night, Sharpton posted details of a press conference he planned to give Monday “to address Trump’s remarks & bi-partisan outrage in the black community.”

This came about in response to Trump’s criticism of Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md.. The condition of his district, which includes Baltimore, came into play.

Trump tweeted:

Sharpton tweeted this:

The Twitter war started with Cummings being called out by Trump through tweets over the weekend. Trump called Cummings a “brutal bully” for his treatment of Border Patrol officials at committee hearings. The president also described Cummings’ district as “far worse and more dangerous” than the southern border.

Cummings has represented Maryland’s 7th District since 1996.

Well the fact is that his district is in really bad shape. People who live there, live with rats, mice, roaches, lice and bed bugs. Cummings’ constituents are not happy.

The 7th district is rat and rodent infested disaster and the crime rate is deadlier than Chicago and Detroit according to crime statistics released by the FBI.

I wonder if Sharpton will visit the bad parts of the district and report what the residents are actually facing in their everyday lives. That would be a start to help fix the mess that Democrat lawmakers seem to have a knack for creating.

Liberals Claim the Word America is Non-Inclusive and Should be Avoided

Recently I was talking with a friend who said they were disgusted with Liberals. “We are all Americans,” my friend said.

I agreed with their disgust and then said, “I’m an American, you’re an American.  I’ve heard plenty of Americans say that they would give their life for their country.” I paused for a second and then continued, “I’ve never heard a Liberal say that.”


My friend said, “You know you’re right. I’ve never heard that either.”

I finished with, “And you never will.”

Just like we have Freedom versus Oppression we have Americans versus Liberals.

I can hear the “middle of the road” Liberal-RINOS using their worn out lines and verbiage.

Prove it Jason.

Why should I bother?

You don’t care about the truth.

It apparently isn’t in your “purview”.

You’ve decided your feelings are facts, that you can hide in your cars and behind your laptops, and have now convinced yourselves that the only truth out there is YOUR truth, otherwise known as a lie.

That’s because you don’t have anything Jason.  Prove it. Just give us one thing from the academics that we cherish. Give us something from the intellectuals. Stop giving us the Trumpisms and the White Privilege.

Give us just one fact from the UNIVERSITIES.

There are thousands of absurdities coming from you Liberals but you are asking for one so I will give you the most current insanity coming from your beloved UNIVERSITIES.

“Colorado State Inclusive Language Guide Says Avoid Words America and American.”

“Colorado State University claims that, “American” is a non-inclusive word that should be avoided.”

Of course this isn’t new and neither is their Bernie Sanders-like excuse “that it was only a draft”.

You Liberals have been calling yourselves Africans, Asians, Latinos, Hispanics, Progressives, Socialists, ANTIFA and of course Democrats.

Anything but American.

Just so you are aware “America” is nowhere near the continents of Africa, Asia, or the fictional fairytales of Socialism, HispanicLand or Latinoville.

There’s no progress found in Progressive, ANTIFA is synonymous with the plague (coming soon to Los Angeles and their growing rat community) and, stay with me here, the United States is NOT A DEMOCRACY!

You tell Americans with White skin they are Nazis and racist Crackers.

You tell Americans with Black skin they are Uncle Tom’s and dumb Niggers.

You tell Americans with Brown skin they are Spics and stupid Pendejos.

You kneel during the Star Spangled Banner, burn and spit on the Stars and Stripes.

You promised flexibility to Putin, increase(d) terrorism through Iran and Hamas, support(ed) La Raza at every turn and embrace(d) Farrakhan and his threat to “kill all White people and Jews”.

You’ve decided to remove America and American from yourselves, your lexicon, and your way of life.

From this day forward let it be known that your decision, made of your own “intellectual” and “academic” volition, will be honored by America, and as such you will be treated, for as many days as you have left, as the traitors that you are.

Pray tell and please pay attention to the irrational, illogical, and delusional stare of your hero Robert Mueller.

This will soon be you as we rip your Marx/Mohammed masks off your head and return you from wherever your kind came.

The second to last thing you pathetic souls will hear will be the sound of your own whimpering voices begging for mercy.

A mercy that, due to your own hate, no longer exists.

The last thing you will hear will be the cry of the Citizen who when called answered,

Freedom First. Freedom Only.

America First. American ONLY.


Of course you keyboard warriors will continue to convince yourselves that you and your fellow cowards are on the “right side of history”.

You aren’t but let’s stop screwing around.

Time waits for no man and men you are not.

Stop hiding behind the skirts and stupidity of the “Squad”.

As a writer once stated, “if you want some come get some.”

“If you need some come bleed some.”

It’s time to find out how deep the Liberal river runs.

Puddle or piddle.

Jason Kraus

A Sticky Situation

by Daveda Gruber:

It has been a sticky situation on   this past week.

In fact, sticky is an understatement. Environmental protesters literally glued themselves to doors and walls of subterranean passageways that link the House office buildings with the U.S. Capitol.

The demonstrators glued themselves to areas with a substance, which is like Super Glue or Gorilla Glue,  to walls and doorways. They would not reveal what glue they used because then police or the fire department could possibly know what to use as kind of antidote to use to unglue them.

Yes, folks, they glued themselves to make their points.

The protestors also draped yellow caution tape around their bodies and draped themselves in signs and declared that the tunnels were closed.

When lawmakers were called to the floor to vote on Tuesday night, the protestors ranted on and lawmakers were forced to listen. Members of the House had to contort their bodies around the glued protestors to get to the Capitol.

Emergency crews worked diligently and eventually unglued the protestors and were able to arrest 17 persons and charged them with crowding and obstructing. Police charged another 15 with resisting arrest.

Maybe the glue resisted?

Large hand-prints remained on several doors in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building after the protestors were long gone, accompanied by police.

Leaving finger prints can cause police to break a case wide open but in this instance no one was caring about leaving evidence. In fact, entire hand-prints left a lasting memory.

Does Mueller Have a Way Out Not to Answer Questions?

by Daveda Gruber:

Has anyone wondered why the Department of Justice has set guidelines for former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress? The answer proves to be quite simple.

According to reports, Attorney General William Barr, has said that it was Mueller’s team who had asked for Mueller’s testimony to House lawmakers to be kept “within the boundaries” of the public version of his Russia probe report.

Barr has responded that Mueller’s staff asked the department for guidance before the hearing. The DOJ complied with the request.

Barr has said in an interview, “At his press conference, Bob had said that he intended to stick with the public report and not go beyond that. And in conversations with the department, his staff was reiterating that that was their position and they asked us for guidance in writing to explain or to tell them our position was. So we responded in writing. The department sent the guidance that they requested.”

When Barr was asked if it was Mueller who asked for the letter, Barr replied, “Yes.”

The letter said:

“Should you testify, the Department understands that testimony regarding the work of the Special Counsel’s Office will be governed by the terms you outlined on May 29 — specifically, that the information you discuss during your testimony appears in, and does ‘not go beyond,’ the public version of your March 22, 2019 report to the Attorney General or your May 29 public statement.”

See the letter here:

Mueller Letter 072219 by Anonymous JAYve8 on Scribd

The letter was signed by Associate Deputy Attorney General Bradley Weinsheimer.

Mueller is set to testify on Wednesday, if all goes according to plan.

In the mean time, Mueller, who is not known to be a great public speaker, has asked for a special request. Mueller wants Aaron Zebley, his former chief of staff and his top aide on the Russia investigation, to accompany him at the witness table during the upcoming hearing.

Zebley would be able to answer for Mueller and Republicans are not happy with this. On the other hand, Democrats seem to be willing to go to any lengths to get Mueller on the stand to question him.

So, will we hear from Mueller at all? Time will tell. Stay tuned.

Freedom: Love It or Leave It

The propaganda filled headline that Yahoo helped to find an audience read “Donald Trump is on an Orwellian mission to redefine human rights.”

Liberals/Progressives really are Stupid Humans and they love to reference George Orwell.

My guess is they’ve not read a single Orwellian creation in their sad little lives.

They also love to quote Marx with the understanding that his first name is Harpo.

Again, stupid, Stupid Humans.

Just like the United States is NOT a Democracy, Human Rights do not exist.

Thank goodness and God that they don’t.

The concept of a Human Right is of course defined by, wait for it, HUMANS.

These concepts or “Rights” can change at any time depending upon the strength or weakness of the aforementioned Bipeds.

In this theory “health care” could become a Right.

So could government run “Assisted Suicide” whether one asks for an “assist” or not.

How Hippocratic Oath of them and yes that was part of ObamaDoesn’tCare and will always be a part of any “government run” (see Oppression) system.

The Dems and RINOS like to call it “rationing”.

Some would refer to this as murder, others as “Late-Term Abortion”.

It simply depends on the Humans creating the “Rights”.

Mao, Stalin, and Hitler all created their own Human Rights.

So did Castro, Chavez, Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

Some Humans were deemed to not be Human enough which can and does happen when Homo Sapiens-sapiens give up the greatest gift known to Man.

Free Will.

Millions of Humans have gone along with the theory of “Human Rights” only to be raped, murdered, set on fire, mutilated, starved, or watch their countrymen and women be run over by tanks.

The only thing that stopped these atrocities were the Humans who engaged in Free Will and decided they would not go quietly into that good night.

From the practice of Free Will, Freedom was born.

Freedom is a living breathing creation that unlike Human Rights cannot be codified.

Freedom is alive and well, and its greatest genesis is known, as the American.

The American is the reason the Land of Free, the Home of the Brave even exists and all who stand proudly and proclaim to be an American (hyphen free) have at the very least, inherently sworn to defend her, from enemies foreign and domestic.

Our domestic enemies are allowing the invasion of these United States by foreign nationals.

They’ve even codified or legalized their entry by allowing criminality to occur to gain entrance but then require the citizens of America to follow laws or “Human Rights” to deal with foreign illegality.

There is a famous question that has always been asked without ever receiving an answer.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

From a Human Rights perspective it currently depends upon the gender of the chicken or the color of the egg.

From a Free Will perspective it is time to smash the egg and kill the chicken.

Welcome to Animal Farm.

Jason Kraus

Iran Releases Video of Iranian Commandos Rappelling from Helicopter

by Daveda Gruber:

On Saturday a video was released by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards that shows commandos in black ski masks rappelling from a helicopter onto a British oil tanker that was seized in the Strait of Hormuz.

The British-flagged Stena Impero was intercepted late Friday by Iran’s IRGC. The ship’s owner is Stena Bulk.

The vessel was seized with a crew of 23 crew aboard it but it is reported that none aboard the vessel are British nationals.

The video shows the ‘Stena Impero’ tanker being surrounded by smaller boats. The Revolutionary Guard Corps commandos in the video are wearing black ski masks, which disguises their identity.

The smaller boats or Guard boats are said to be surrounding the ‘Stena Impero’ tanker in the video as a helicopter hovered above and the commandos rappelled onto the tanker.

The video is of high quality and it appears to have been taken by two cameras, one from a small boat that appears to be a speed-boat. The video aired on Iranian state TV.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned Iran that it’s on a “dangerous path.” He added that a response would be “considered but robust.”

Hunt also said that Iranians’ behavior is “illegal and destabilizing” and warned of “serious consequences” after the tanker was seized in the Strait of Hormuz on Friday.

In comments on Twitter he said that he spoke to Iran’s foreign minister and express extreme disappointment that the Iranian diplomat had assured him Iran wanted to de-escalate the situation but “they have behaved in the opposite way.”

See tweets here:.

Senior officials said that their seizure of the Stena Impero as well as the brief detainment of a second UK-flagged vessel were a “reciprocal” measure amid economic sanctions.

The British navy seized an Iranian tanker in Gibraltar two weeks ago. That came about amid suspicions of shipping oil to Syria in violation of sanctions imposed by the European Union. Maritime trackers show it was headed to a port in Saudi Arabia.

Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei, who is a spokesman of Iran’s Guardian Council, allegedly said that the seizure of the tanker was warranted on the basis reciprocity as the British navy seized an Iranian tanker in Gibraltar two weeks ago amid suspicions of shipping oil to Syria in violation of sanctions regime imposed by the European Union.

On Friday, President Trump said that Iran is “nothing but trouble” soon after the news of the seized tankers broke. Trump remained hopeful the standoff will work out “very nicely.”

The president added that the (Iranian) regime “is showing their colors” by seizing the tankers and that it’s in “big trouble right now” due to the crushing sanctions imposed by the U.S.

Here is a video of the Helicopter incident:

Security in the Strait of Hormuz has been deteriorating. There have allegedly been six attacks on oil tankers that the U.S. has blamed on Iran  and the Tehran government denies.

These episodes have shaken up the shipping industry. Some of the 2,000 companies operating ships in the region are now on high alert. Many have ordered their vessels to use the Strait of Hormuz only during the daylight hours and to travel at high speed.

There are only a small amount of companies that stopped transit altogether.

Personally, I’m not looking forward to seeing a war break out. I hope that tensions in the area will ease but then, that’s not up to me. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

Epstein Won’t Be Free on Bail

by Daveda Gruber:

On Thursday, a New York federal judge denied bail to Jeffery Epstein who is facing sex trafficking charges.

Since his arrest on July 6th, Epstein has been held in custody waiting for a bail hearing. The 66 year old pleaded not guilty in his first court appearance.

U.S. District Judge Richard Berman presided over the bail hearing and related his decision. The judge said, “I doubt that any bail package can overcome danger to the community.”

Judge Berman said that the bail proposal was “irretrievably inadequate” and that the government established “danger to others and to the community” as well as a “risk of flight by a preponderance of the evidence.”

Epstein’s defense team had argued that the financier should be allowed to await trial under house arrest with electronic monitoring at his $77 million Manhattan mansion. They also said that he wouldn’t run and was willing to pledge a fortune of at least $559 million as collateral.

Allegedly, the case against Epstein, who is a registered sex offender, is growing in strength. Assistant U.S. Attorney Alex Rossmiller noted that it is “getting stronger every single day.”

More women are contacting authorities and giving accounts of Epstein of sexual abuse while they were minors.

A young women, Courtney Wild, who said that she was sexually abused by Epstein in Palm Beach, Florida when she was 14 years of age, pleaded with the judge to keep Epstein jailed.

Wild said, “He’s a scary person to have walking the streets.”

Add to this the fact that earlier this week, Rossmiller said that the government uncovered “piles of cash, dozens of diamonds” and a passport with a picture of the defendant but a name other than his own that was in a locked safe.

A premonition of impending suicide has come to my mind. I ask myself where would Epstein be more likely to be safe? Would he be safer at home or in jail?

After all, he has a lot of information in his head about people who flew on his airplane, “Lolita Express,” spent time on his private “Orgy Island,” or who had gone to parties with Epstein or held by Epstein.