The week of the Dead

Markets hit new highs, trade deals were redone, and President Trump’s poll numbers continued to climb while the media decided to feed the masses many levels of death.

From a McCain to a Mollie to the mayhem and murder at a gaming conference the only thing that could pull them from their morbid trend was to work in the word Impeachment.

“Good evening and this is your five o’clock news.  Tonight we will start out with a murder, a rape, men on their knees and the Impeachment of Donald Trump. Thank goodness the NFL is back. Film at 11:00.”

It is truly amazing what comes across the internet, television, or radio these days.

The clickbait media took full advantage of the death of John McCain. From “patriot and hero” to “liar and traitor” the life of McCain was bandied about trying to milk as many comments, positive or negative, as possible.

The daily double was found in the attachment of Mr. Trump and the “Songbird” in the same article.

If you listen closely you can almost hear the editors at Yahoo and Google gleefully watching the comments stack up.

It even appears, according to the media, that McCain planned his own funeral, with Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Joe Biden being some of his choices as eulogists or pallbearers.

A treasonous trifecta to be sure.

I’d add that humans are typically judged and remembered by the company they keep but in today’s 24 hour news cycle John McCain will be gone before Labor Day arrives, not to mention until this week, the overwhelming majority of Americans couldn’t tell you who he was, what he did, or in which State he resided.

In retrospect “Thumbs Down” McCain should consider himself lucky that his “legacy” will be non-existent.

If a statue is ever built he won’t have to worry about it being torn down.

No one will care enough to bother.

Once McCain was no longer pertinent to the media it was a girl named Mollie’s turn. The media struggled a bit with this case as they weren’t sure whose side to take.

A Liberal woman or a Mexican national here illegally.

It was a tough call for the media after the Asia Argento fiasco.

They decided to play it safe and support the “poor struggling migrant” that stalked the Liberal and then stabbed her repeatedly to death.

I’m pretty sure Americans were expecting this but what was a bit of twist, and went unsurprisingly underreported, was Tibbetts support of Hillary Clinton, her belief in no borders, and her Twitter statement that she “hated White People.”

This was followed by her father saying he doesn’t judge Hispanics by one guy’s actions and that the Hispanics he knows are “Iowans with better food”.

It’s good to see he doesn’t judge “Hispanics” by the guy that murdered his daughter but rather the way “they” combine their calories.

Never mind the absurdity of the Tibbetts family in general it is a classic Liberal statement to not judge a “group” by the actions of one individual to then immediately judge a “group” by the actions of another individual.

Liberals make a strong case for the consumption of the Day After Pill everyday.

Of course at the rate they are going their White Guilt and allowance of crime will continue to be the reason many of them die as more and more illegals from all over the world crash land into these United States leaving thousands of victims in their wake.

For those who need more proof two dozen MS-13 members were just arrested in California, for among other things, 12 murders, and yes this was after Gavin Newsom promised them all free medical care.

Some psycho lost his mind at a gaming conference in Florida and started killing people because he reportedly “lost”.  Also “reported” (yes I use that term loosely) was his hatred for Donald Trump.

The “NeverTrumper” lost his match and then started shooting people. The only thing missing was his KKK/Antifa hood.

This week was wrapped up by CNN attacking President Trump by “covering” the funeral of Aretha Franklin and MSNBS attempting to partake in a spelling bee.

R-E-S-P-I-C-T pretty much says it all.

I’d like to leave you today on a positive so I will reiterate Markets hit new highs, trade deals were redone, and President Trump’s poll numbers continued to climb.

We continue forward, citizens of the greatest country in the history of Man, cemented in our beliefs, free with our speech.

Locked and loaded.

Jason Kraus

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