Many years ago I worked for a large corporation. My title was General Manager. For those of you who’ve read Late Bird some of this may sound familiar.

Through a six month process, negotiations for my compensation took place. At the end of the “negotiations” all the promises that had been made to me were unkept.

I advised my employer that unless the things that were promised were delivered, I would no longer be available for them to negotiate with.

Twenty-four hours later I was told that nothing would change. Ten seconds after this was shared with me I informed them that I was giving my two week notice.

That was on a late Friday afternoon.

Monday morning I was greeted in my office by an individual asking for my keys and anything else I may have in my vehicle that was the property of the company. I was politely informed my presence was no longer wanted, given whatever amount of time I needed to pack up my belongings, and was watched while doing so.

Once this was completed I was followed to the front door and then exited the premises. I have no doubt the security code on the building was changed IMMEDIATELY.

I didn’t take any of this personally.

The powers that be wanted to secure their business.

I thought it a bit dramatic and a little silly due to the fact that they’d trusted me with their business for a while and I’d produced well beyond their goals but humans tend to treat other humans the way THEY think.

Liars, cheats, and thieves believe everyone else is as well.

Of course this was a private business locking down their perimeter.

No one was going to die if they didn’t, unlike the United States Government.

I support President Trump and just like every human on the planet there is a learning curve in new situations.

The first thing done, when the Trump Administration took over, should have been the removal of all security clearances from anyone in the Obama, Bush, Clinton Administrations, still in place.

Emergency NEW clearances could have been issued on a case by case basis in need to know events.

With the Chinese, Pakistanis, and the Muslim Brotherhood inside the Senate, the DNC, and the White House it’s very clear some of our enemies are inside the gate.


Pakistanis/Clinton, Wasserman-Shultz, Xavier Becerra.

Muslim Brotherhood/Jarret, Obama, Van Jones

Just in case you Liberals don’t want to believe your “heroes” are traitors.

The RINO’s aren’t without blame. Bush Junior said something ridiculous about finding a soul in Putin’s eyes.

Obama must have seen it too as he practiced his “flexibility” for the Russian thug by doing his favorite yoga pose.

Downward facing dog.

My apologies to Man’s best friend.

We also know the RINO’s lead by Ryan and McConnell don’t want border security otherwise it would have happened by now.

The infamous Chris Matthews, ye of the tingling leg, once said the Democrats want the border open for the votes, the Republicans want it open for the cheap labor.

He’s not right about many things but he’s not wrong about this one.

We have enemies to Freedom everywhere in our government.

Removing their security clearances should be the first step followed by telling them to put their hands behind their backs as they are perp walked into the light and then thrown in the clink and released into General Population.

Let’s make the regulars in jail earn a living by taking care of our light work.

We have foreign nationals running amok in America that need our attention.

Treason is punishable by death.

Foreign nationals on our soil, uninvited, killing our citizens, is an act of war.

Let’s enforce the law and then as the saying goes “let God sort them out”.

Jason Kraus

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