As the world turns or burns depending on your personal view and/or geographic location I am reminded of the saying If you have your health you have everything, without it you have nothing.
Each day brings its own challenges as my body works hard to remove cobalt and chromium from my system.
One of the symptoms of metal toxicity is loss of vision strength and acuity. With this comes further eye strain and headaches that are enhanced by yep you guessed it usage of computers, phones, etc.
Because of this I have stayed away from such items and will continue to do so until my eyes dramatically improve.
Nothing has changed.
I am still here and will continue to push freedom forward.
The best way for me to do this is to heal and strengthen my self in preparation for the next step in the fight taking place in America today.
In the meantime God bless, don’t believe anything Liberals say, work hard, save your money, and be beneficial to others.
Our time will come.
America always wins.
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