As the world turns or burns depending on your personal view and/or geographic location I am reminded of the saying If you have your health you have everything, without it you have nothing.
Each day brings its own challenges as my body works hard to remove cobalt and chromium from my system.
One of the symptoms of metal toxicity is loss of vision strength and acuity. With this comes further eye strain and headaches that are enhanced by yep you guessed it usage of computers, phones, etc.
Because of this I have stayed away from such items and will continue to do so until my eyes dramatically improve.
Nothing has changed.
I am still here and will continue to push freedom forward.
The best way for me to do this is to heal and strengthen my self in preparation for the next step in the fight taking place in America today.
In the meantime God bless, don’t believe anything Liberals say, work hard, save your money, and be beneficial to others.
Our time will come.
America always wins.

Is When I Carried You

The Lord replied, “The times when you have seen only one set of footprints, Is when I carried you.”

Have a great Sunday,

God bless,



The true virus flowing through the United States right now isn’t named Corona.

It isn’t Tecate, Coors, or Bud Light Lime.

The virus moving through America is Oppression and it has disguised itself as free medical, free housing, and reparations.

It has embraced Sharia, called terrorists “humanitarians,” sold Uranium to Russia, and promised “flexibility” to Putin.

It helicopter dropped billions in U. S. currency to Iran, otherwise known as the largest State sponsor of terrorism on the planet.

It’s still protecting the Clintons and the O’Biden/Bamas, pushing the very illegal FISA forward, allowing the flow of Human Trafficking and drugs through our open Southern Border.

Oppression is oppression is oppression but it goes by different names, relabeling itself as Freedom loving, requiring citizens force it into the light.

It’s been called Organized Labor, Socialism, Social Democracy, Liberalism, Progressivism, and lately Democratic Socialism.


Specific humans believing they have the right to dictate to others whether it be by hook, crook, or kill.

Many believe Hitler was solely responsible for the atrocities in World War II, but without the support of the majority (Democracy) of an entire nation he, more than likely, would have ended up killed in a random bar fight or in prison.

Oppression only exists because humans decide to choose this path.

It’s well past time to stop waiting for the Liberals to embrace America.

It’s well past time to stop the discussion of “coming together”.

Only the weak make deals with Oppression.

We are not the weak.

Joe Biden stood on a stage, embraced Beto O’Rourke and said he would put him in charge of getting the guns.

Days later he swore at an American citizen who defended the 2nd Amendment, telling the citizen he was full of sh*t.

In essence calling the citizen a liar.

The only liar in that conversation was Biden.

The humans who call themselves Liberal or Progressive are lacking many things, including any sense of being, of a place where they belong.

They have no concept of Socrates or Plato, Adam Smith or Alexander Tytler.

They have no concept of Abraham Maslow.

What’s more they don’t care.

They are like a roaring fire bent on destruction and will stop at nothing, including their own demise, to try and fill the void in their lives.

Evolution requires the growth of an organism to survive.

In order for evolution to occur Liberals must be dealt with until the idea of dominating others to fulfill their own needs is either removed or the organism known as Liberal is destroyed.

Just like the Nazis.

Just like the Commies.

Just like the British.

There is a virus among us.

Its name is Democrat.

Jason Kraus



Over and Over

This week brought its own challenges and due to those challenges I will continue to pull columns from the past that are sadly even more appropriate to report today.

God bless,



Crazy never seems to take a day off in America these days.

Crazier are the Republicans, Independents, and Conservatives that continue to watch the behavior of the Liberals and treat them as though they are humans with simply “different thoughts” or “different ideas”.

Let’s sum it up nice and quick.

Liberals or Progressives belong to or support groups such as La Raza, BLM, Hamas, and the Screen Actors Guild.

I wish the SAG reference was a joke.

They OPENLY support the fall of the United States.

La Raza wants California and most of the Southwest.

Hamas wants Sharia.

Black Lives Matter wants all White people dead and Hollywood not only wants Trump drawn and quartered but they now want his son to be raped.


They’ve moved from Bernie Sanders telling women that they all fantasize about being raped, simultaneously, by three different men, to a Fonda, fantasizing about child molestation.

This isn’t sarcasm.

These things are said EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It is time for us to recognize that not all humans in America want to be free.

It is time for us to recognize that not all humans in America want to be American.

We need only look to the “European Union” to see what a powerful disease Progressivism has become.

Citizens living under that debacle are subject to “communal” decisions and are no longer referred to as Germans, French, or Italians but rather “Europeans”.

NAFTA wasn’t a “trade” agreement.

It was an agreement to create the North American “Union”.

From the top of Canada, to the bottom of Mexico, tractor-trailers have been rolling for decades unfettered allowing the transport and trafficking of humans, drugs, and weapons.

MS-13 is in every major city in these United States.

Drug addictions including but not limited to opioids are at an all-time high in America.

Islam preaches death to America from Quebec to Mexico City while the Pope, living behind walls and protected by arms, calls for the United States Citizen to have neither.

Tens of millions collect checks for doing nothing while tens of millions work 40, 50, and 60 hour weeks feeling the brunt of taxation without the benefit of representation.

American children die everyday in “progressive” cities across America while Liberals like Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Paul Ryan, and a traitorous media encourage and allow the trafficking, rape, and murder of Honduran, Guatemalan, and Mexican children daily as well, in order to boost their profits and vote totals, current and future.

Many in the “law enforcement” wing of the Executive Branch are willfully ignoring the Chief Executive while others are trying to remove him from office.

The Judicial Branch has overtaken the country and allows for different “interpretations” of the Constitution and Law depending upon the geographical location of the Citizenry.

The Legislative Branch is filled with traitors and/or cowards, no Party exclusion.

These are not people with “different ideas or thoughts”.

They are the enablers.

They are the instigators.

They are the parasitic tumors that must be dealt with.

Some will ask how.

Those that need to ask don’t need to be answered.

Jason Kraus



Two Ways to Conquer and Enslave, Sword and Debt

This was written and published eight years ago right here by your’s truly as the debt ceiling “debate” strikes again.

Wheels on the bus go round and round.


If used properly Facebook and the internet can be powerful positive forces. In my last post I requested my words be shared everywhere, all across the land:) I thank all of you who’ve done so and will do so in the future. One voice at a time is exactly how we will make a difference and restore OUR country.

One Facebook friend made me laugh and smile. He copied and pasted my column onto a page that was extolling the virtues of California Governor Jerry Brown. The people on this page don’t usually enjoy facts or my literary sense of humor. Silly people. Don’t they know Trix are for kids!:)

The group page was called “Thinkprogressive.org.” The “thinkers” were excited because “Governor Moonbeam” (their words) was “calling” for 50% renewal energy in the next couple of decades in California.

Jerry Brown’s quote was this: “the challenge is to build the future, not steal from it”. Wow…that was deep, and if you actually read the sentence again you’ll see how absurd this mindset really is.

Never in my life have I thought it a challenge to “build” the future. The future is coming one way or the other. Besides, common sense tells me (rather than “calling” for things) to work hard, save my money and be generous. Things will be just fine. Did you hear the word “steal anywhere in there?”

The “thinkers” were excited about something that was being “called for”. Universal health care has been called on for years. Now that it’s here it’s neither universal or providing the promised health care. 30 to 40 million Americans supposedly didn’t have health insurance before the unaffordable “Affordable Care Act”. The “thinkers” loved this program.

How many uninsured Americans will be covered after billions if not trillions of dollars have been wasted. Maybe 6 maybe 7 million (less if we take out dental work) out of the 30 to 40 million who “needed” it. Good job “thinkers”. For the cost we probably could have put a clinic in every town across the nation.

Rather than “subsidizing” the individual, then practicing the bait and switch with out of control monthly premiums they cannot pay, we could have offered $10.00 co-pays for 95 percent of the people who show up at the emergency room for the flu! Good job thinkers!

Let’s get excited about a politician “calling” for something he will have no control over nor has any inkling of the scientific process. Let’s get excited about a train no one in California will ever ride.

To all public retirees in California: Your money is being spent on a choo choo train.

Don’t take my word for it. Go ask Stockton. Go ask San Bernardino.

While the “thinkers” were patting Governor “Moonbeam” (again their words) on the back for pontificating, the public retirement systems are barely hanging on due to poor management and promises that can never be delivered.

As we speak right now the public retirement systems are underfunded.

The only reason they have any money is the over leveraged stock market. Borrowed money on borrowed time. Or in other terms. Obama bucks on Yellin lies. To be “fair” it could also be called Obama bucks on Bernanke lies. Heaven forbid the “thinkers” stop screaming “hands up” and go back to the “war on women”. But let us return to our regular programming.

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword, the other is by debt.” John Adams.

The “thinkers” believe in “big or centralized government”. In Russia and China this is called Communism. In Germany it was called Fascism. In Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc., it’s called Islam.

They also believe in a consumption economy. They believe in debt. Barack Obama made a statement (yes there is video “thinkers”) that currently our debt isn’t a problem but in ten years it will be. He said this as he added trillions more while screaming the government was being shutdown. Wow.

Ladies and Gentlemen. I actually laugh at things like this now. “Thinking” economists will tell us we have to borrow and spend more money to get out of debt. A five year old will tell you this is ridiculous.

“The economy is about to boom!” Well of course it looks like that to the “thinkers”. When you borrow trillions AND manipulate our currency the items in your “mirror” may appear much larger than reality. Any economy based on consumption will always be joined by debt and will eventually succumb.

The “thinkers” have given us massive over consumption at every level. Drugs, sexual promiscuity, and debt. Sound familiar? “Tune in, turn on, drop out”.

Freedom will always be accompanied by production and equity. To solve serious problems we need serious people. Sober minds will tell you we have a debt crisis that is almost here. Actually, it is here.

The politicians just keep feeding the beast knowing full well the monster they’ve created will consume us all when it isn’t fed (currency crisis via the debt amid eventual rising interest rates).

Paraphrasing Albert Einstein. The organism that created the problem can never be the organism to fix the problem. We all know this to be true and yet we continue practicing insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

But there is a better way and it starts right here. For those of you who’ve read Late Bird you know I detailed specific systems that have to be put in place to derail this oncoming crash. The most important will be to abolish all income tax.

Any and all Federal income tax must be removed including, income, payroll, corporate, inheritance, etc. It is replaced with a consumption tax.

Let me just say this right now. For any of you “thinkers” don’t bother with a long diatribe of wasteful verbiage about how a consumption tax is regressive and hurtful to poor people. It’s you and your lack of ethics that is harmful to poor people! Take your guilt and your race to the bottom Eeyorish mentality back to ThinkProgressive.com.

First off all taxes are REGRESSIVE.

Second. Read the book! Everything is spelled out in there. Do your homework before you open your mouth. Otherwise you will be “BBDed”. Blocked, banned, deleted. I don’t do free therapy anymore. We have a nation to restore.

Abolishing income tax fixes two main issues.

(1) By removing these regressive and oppressive tax systems corporations all over the world will race each other to be in America providing tens of millions of new jobs. This will increase the value of our soil and allow us to rebuild our neighborhoods.

We will lead the world in innovation and production on OUR land. By harnessing our natural resources, specifically natural gas, an energy system can be created where eventually after the debt is paid off we could abolish the consumption tax as well. I will explain this at a later date. I digress.

Real Unemployment (not fraudulent numbers like 6%) will disappear as we free the American entrepreneur, business owner, and hardest working labor force on the planet. Yes we will have to pay a little bit more for our products or services we use, but it will be our CHOICE. That money will also be spent locally by our own hands. Not ripped away from us by politicians who treat our labor as a game of Monopoly that crushes us with debt and sends our bravest around the world fighting and dying for countries who aren’t willing to pay the price to be free.

(2) Belongingness. Again for those of you who’ve read Late Bird you know how important this is to a free society.

In America we get our belongingness need met through our families and jobs. Currently we have more people on Welfare than ever in our history. The “thinkers” will point to the Depression (I will not call it Great. There is nothing great about a Depression) and surmise things were worse.

The only reason we aren’t seeing at least 60 million people lining up for food in the streets on a daily basis is technology. The EBT card replaced the soup lines.

To be a productive member of society and get your belongingness need met you have to have a purpose. Our first purpose is to take care of ourselves and our families. When you do not work you cannot take care of yourself or your family. You have no purpose. You are simply taking up space and our families suffer for this. Our communities suffer for this. Our children suffer for this.

The “thinkers” will tell you all life is precious. It simply isn’t. I’ve dealt with rapists, child molesters, and murderers. They’ve ruined and or taken innocent lives and will do so again given the chance. They are only precious to the “thinkers”.

Talk about progress.

Shoulder to shoulder brothers and sisters. Keep spreading the word. I am ready to serve you. To serve America. When we have enough we will serve her together.

Jason Kraus




Free Will: The Choice Between Freedom and Oppression

I hope all are having a wonderful Sunday. I am closer to a positive conclusion and as this occurs will share the journey.

In the meantime I felt this column is beyond pertinent as too many have no idea how America arrived on the scene and how important the structure is to keeping what many incorrectly believe is their “God given Right” of Freedom.

God provided Free Will.

The rest is up to you.

God bless,

Jason Kraus


I recently had a conversation with an incredibly bright individual about western civilization (specifically Socratic Theory which was introduced through Plato’s Republic) and different types of government.

A question was then asked of me which I answered.

When I finished, a comment was made that my next column should be “exactly what I just said”.

Here goes.

Socrates theorized about different types of governments that started with Aristocracy and eventually succumbed to Tyranny.

In between the two are Timocracy (control by land owners) Oligarchy (control by a small select group) and Democracy (control by the Majority).

With the conclusion and success of Americans during the Revolutionary War a form of Government was needed.

Many voices including James Madison DID NOT want any of the five listed above including Democracy.

These voices wanted a form of government that protected the Individual.

Not just Kings and Queens.

Not just property owners.

Not just a select group based on the whims of the select group.

Not just the Majority.

The protection of every single American equally.

Hence a form of Plato’s concept of a Republic was put into action.

Yes, I am aware every American did not have equal rights as this was happening, but that every American does now shows the power of the concept of a Republic.

Had America been set up as a Democracy, slavery could still be legally protected, with the approval of the Majority.

So could the beating of women and the murder of homosexuals.

In other words Sharia.

Again the concept of a Republic is to protect the Individual.

The question everyone should be asking, regarding the Individual, is what does a Republic protect?

This depends on whether the Republic has any rules or guidelines to follow.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the People’s Republic of China are both examples of systemic oppression.

They are both “Republics” but both of these “governments” treat their citizens as useful idiots to be manipulated, threatened, beaten, enslaved, and even killed.

The concept of a Republic can only go so far.  For it to flourish it must have two things.

First it must have Absolutes.

Very specific items that never change and are beneficial to the protection of the Individual.

Second these Absolutes must be enforced across the board regardless.

Our Founding Fathers created a document of Absolutes.

We call this The Constitution of the United States and these specific items are called Rights.

Constitutional Rights of the Individual American Citizen.

These Rights do not stretch to other nationalities nor do they extend beyond the border of these United States regardless of what oligarchical figures or democratic mouthpieces continue to spew.

In fact to proclaim that the Constitutional Rights of the American are also carried by any non-citizen is ignorant by the private citizen and illegal by the government “servant”.

This began with Reagan, and has continued at least through Obama, that humans from a wide variety of countries have not only been afforded the Constitutional Rights of an American, they have also been given the ultimate gift, through multiple amnesties.

The gift of Citizenship.

For almost five decades both political Parties have literally spat in the face of the American Individual to protect their own oligarchies ( a small select group) by using democracy (majority over minority) to build voting blocks and coalitions.

The Republicans have done this historically to protect what is called Big Business, and open borders are advocated for by the United States Chamber of Commerce.

Big Business wants cheap labor so profits increase.  I am all for profit but not at the expense of Freedom.

Of long gone Justice.

Of the Law.

The United States of America was set up as a Republic.

A very specific set of rules called the Bill of Rights was created to serve all members of the Republic equally.

Today’s America is a collection of oligarchies inside and out of our Local, State, and Federal Government that are using the “vote” (Democracy) to manipulate and control human behavior.

We still have the Absolutes but for them to matter they must be enforced and equal for all.

They are not.

What we do have is Free Will and for those with knowledge, a very real understanding of why our Constitutional Right under the 2nd Amendment was created.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, shall not be infringed.

Shall not be infringed.

Let the removal of oligarchies and democracies begin.

Freedom First.  Freedom Only.

A Republic First.

A Republic ONLY.

Jason Kraus



Here I Am

To give an entire background on this next column would take multiple autobiographical books and that is not happening today.

Those who’ve read Late Bird, been with me for a while and/or believe in the grace of God and the greatness of America, this story is for you.

Due to a biochemistry issue that I will eventually share and address, as I believe it can help a lot of people, this last decade has been quite a challenge.

You’d never know it by looking at me. I’ve attended weddings, funerals, parties, holidays and have run into people I haven’t seen in a long time and it’s all the same.

“You look great!”

“You must workout a lot!”

“There’s no way you are 52!”

I always say thank you and I am appreciative of the compliments but the things I’ve had to do and figure out just to keep functioning has turned me into a mad scientist.

I am not complaining, far from it, but it is important for this story to make sense to give a tiny bit of background.

As those who have been with me have heard me say or write many times “God has done enough, the rest is up to us, the rest is up to you.”

I emphatically believe this and when I speak with God it is simply to say thank you and occasionally I provide some humor.

Every once in a while I believe I hear a chuckle.

Regardless throughout my lifetime from childhood to now when my burden seems too great, or I’m off the correct path, The Big Fella Upstairs sends help or guidance.

It may seem like a small thing to most but if one is paying attention and listening amazing things will transpire.

Another way to think of think of it is this.

When my body is struggling my brain/mind will go to work in an attempt to understand the symptom and fix the issue.

When my body and mind struggle together my soul takes over and opens me to many things, including survival, healing, learning and most importantly listening.

This week due to some of the aforementioned symptoms of the biochemistry issue I didn’t have the energy or ocular clarity to write and planned to use a column from the past, something that may still happen in the future.

This week though God said I’m right here son and sent help.

It wasn’t the first time and I know it won’t be the last and I am beyond grateful every time.

To explain this in the least amount of verbiage I will harken back to high school.

When I left one Trinity High School and started at Nevada Union the transition was difficult for me due to extreme shyness and a very introverted personality.

After a month into my junior year I hadn’t made any friends and although lonely I knew athletics would kick in for me very soon and as always would change my life for the better.

One day I was approached by an older male student, after a class I’d had with his unbeknownst to me, girlfriend.

He asked me if a particular kid in the class had flirted with her.

Looking back on it I laugh now as there was no way he was there to check on that particular kid.

His girlfriend was very cute and let’s just say the other kid wasn’t anywhere near her league.

He was there to check on me.

Look, I said I didn’t have any friends, I didn’t say I didn’t talk to the girls.

I remember looking at him kind of funny. I’d seen the kid talk to his girlfriend but even if I hadn’t I wasn’t going to throw him to the wolves, so I did what I always do. I protected the smaller weaker person by telling him that there was no way any flirting had taken place.

He just nodded and moved on and every day I’d see him after class as he walked her to the next one.

Yes, back in the day high school “couples” walked everywhere together at school as it was the only time you ever saw your boyfriend/girlfriend then as cell phones did not exist.

No texting, Face timing, or swiping.

I digress.

Because of this proximity we got to know each other a little bit and he became one of my first friends as we had athletics in common.

A decade later we worked for a short while for the same company and although things started out great our relationship soured.

Eventually when we both were no longer employed there we ran into each other and had a good heart to heart and moved on although our prior friendship was over.

My friend was a pretty big partier/drinker and unfortunately imbibing of that amount of alcohol over decades took its toll then sadly took his life.

There’s the back story.

About a week ago I heard an old song by Patty Loveless called Here I Am that continued to play in my head. Over and over it continued, which isn’t uncommon for me.

It was the length of time the song stuck.

Over and over for a week I’d sing the same first verse,

“Don’t do it darlin’,

Don’t you dare look in there

You said you didn’t want to see me

But you’ve been looking for me everywhere

and you know that you’re gonna find me

If you keep on drinking’ fast

Cause honey I’m right there waiting’ on you

At the bottom of your glass.

Here I am,

Here I am”

Normally when this happens and I cannot get a particular song out of my head I’ll just listen to the radio or pick another favorite, play my guitar, and that ear worm goes away.

This time I just let it ride and found myself singing it in the shower, outside and driving.

For days this continued until I really started to think about the lyrics and for some reason I focused on the drinking, specifically the attempt to drink our problems away while actually creating ones worse.

“At the bottom of your glass.”

Yesterday as I drove to the store the song picked up again and I sang the same first verse over and over and turned my focus to the drinking.

I didn’t question it and as the act of singing made me feel a little better I continued as any reprieve from my current situation is hung onto with vice like grips.

Turning a tight corner on a mountain road a nondescript car headed towards me in the other lane.

I rarely look at the faces of other drivers but for some reason I peered into the vehicle as it drove by.

It was my deceased friend whom I hadn’t thought about in a very long time.

For those who haven’t been with me for a while I am well aware of what this sounds like.

All I can say to you is God works in mysterious ways and if you are getting a tingling right now the mystery may be with you as we speak or rather as you read.

I’m sure some will ask, “Why didn’t you turn around and follow that vehicle?”

First that thought never occurred and secondly the channel was already opened. I smiled as I felt my entire body start to reverberate temporarily taking away all of my physical pain.

I’ve written about it before.

My nose starts to tingle, my eyes start to fill, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes a warmth cascades through which is incredible because in this current time of my life my hands and feet are always cold.

Then the conversation started.

I apologized about my actions in our twenties when I lost my temper.

He said don’t worry about it and then laughed and I can still hear it because he always had a very distinct laugh, very different from anyone else I’d ever heard.

He told me to hang in there, that help is on the way.

I told him that was good to hear cause I’m hanging on by the proverbial thread.

He told me I had lots of friends up here and then proceeded to throw out names.

Names of people he’d never known.

Some from my childhood and some just recently arrived.

I again said I’m trying and he said he knew and that quite a few would be coming back to provide help but not for me.

“You’ll be just fine,” he said.

“We are coming back to help America and we’ll be there soon.”

He finished with, “I’ll find you when I return” and then the name Don Grogg sounded so strongly it covered for a brief moment my seemingly ever present tinnitus.

Yes again, I am aware of how this sounds, and although I have no doubts, some will and to put the questions of sobriety and hallucinogenics I’m sure will happen to rest, I’ll quote Adam Ant.

“Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?”

Neither of those.

I simply tell the truth.

In today’s world it appears to be okay to believe men are women, women are men, and forced “vaccines” save lives but listening to our bodies, our minds, our souls and most importantly the voice of God, well now that’s crazy.

Regardless the message to me was clear.

Here I Am.

Jason Kraus



Let’s Try Again

I’ve come to the point, at least this week, that I cannot find any subject matter important enough on which to opine.

It’s the same ol world, same ol problems and without something to stimulate my brain it would be a disappointment, at least to me, to attempt to feign concern over the latest “breaking news” debacle.

So I won’t.

Instead I will reach back into the past and use a column that was shared over fifteen hundred times on Facebook before I was shadow banned or cancelled or fill in whatever lib word here.

This was published almost five years ago.

Sadly things have only gotten worse as it appears the more we “give em books the more they eat the pages”.

Nevertheless we will give it the old college try, or junior college try, or heck the ol GED try as yesteryear’s readers have disappeared only to be replaced by “a picture is worth” absolutely nothing but let’s spend all day scrolling.

God bless,



As stated many times over the last few years I’ve stopped watching or listening to most “news” networks.  Beside the fact that they rarely report anything new, the propaganda is over the top.  When I do tune in I have become numb to verbiage like “racist” or “bigot” or “nazi”.

My pulse doesn’t jump, my heart doesn’t race.  I simply yawn and turn the channel. There is one phrase though, or its derivative, that drives me nuts and I hear it constantly from “educated” mouthpieces.

“We are a Democracy.”

“We are losing our Democracy”.

“Our Democracy is under attack.”

I’ve even heard this stated by REPUBLICAN politicians.

Now this isn’t a new phenomenon nor is it something I haven’t addressed many times in the past.

I have, but let me say it again for all the “educators, teachers, media chatter boxes, etc”.

The United States of America is NOT a Democracy.

Never has been, never will be.

Even if America repeats our history and succumbs to another War Between the States (nothing civil about war) we still will not be a Democracy.

I’m not sure what we will be after that but I can guarantee it won’t be a Democracy.

Democracy is the fourth option in a sliding slope known as Socratic Theory.

Not Socratic Method.

Socratic Theory.

Aristocracy, Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy, Tyranny.

Due to time constraints, I’m not going to walk, through them all.  For those who want a more in depth understanding of this please go to our website and find the column titled Article 4, Section 4.

It explains in depth why we are not a Democracy.  It also explains what we are.

A Constitutional Republic.

Of course in today’s society we have the “academicians” and the “experts”.

The “historians” and the heretics who drone on and on parsing words, conflating issues and many times simply lying.

We don’t do that here.

Here, we believe communication is found in clear, concise and truthful statements.

Purity is found in simplicity.

There are, right and wrong answers, in life.

Good and Evil, both do indeed, exist.

The moral American doesn’t live under Fifty Shades of Grey.

To put it simply Democracy is the last stop before Tyranny.

It’s not my theory.

Argue with Socrates and Plato.

Men like James Madison and Alexander Hamilton did not want Democracy so they took some of its positives and created a completely new system we now refer to as a Constitutional Republic.

This system is completely removed from Democracy.

It’s easy to understand.  It’s quite simple.

Democracy allows the “majority” of the group to dictate to the “minority”.

The idea of a Republic was to guarantee certain Freedoms, to the Individual, regardless of who or whom was in the “majority”.

At the time these Freedoms were referred to as Rights, and they were documented in written form on parchment and referred to as the Constitution of the United States.

There’d never been anything quite like it in history, or anything, since.

The Magna Carta was used as a reference point, but just like Democracy, was a completely different system than the Republic now known as the United States of America.

The protection of the Individual known as American, guaranteed very specific Rights, to ensure the opportunity of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness found in the former Declaration, heard around the world.

These concepts and written absolutes resonated across the globe because at their core they tell us what we inherently know.

They reaffirmed the thoughts of Adam Smith.

Life is an Individual experience.

It is, has, and always will be.

Democracy was the rotting molding fruit, found on the ground, and turned into a 1st Amendment fine wine.

Those lucky enough to drink from the cup of Freedom realized that first found fruit came from ever fertile ground gifted by a greater hand than their own.

The hand that granted Free Will also granted the ability to understand the difference between  Freedom and Oppression.

The difference between the Individual and the Group.

The difference between guaranteed Rights and the drunken swaying back and forth of the Majority.

Still, the United States Constitution is only as strong as those Individuals who require it be enforced.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Our country is asking.

It’s time to give her an answer.

Jason Kraus



Don Grogg Was Such a Man

Recently and unfortunately United States Marine, a wonderful person, and my  American Brother Don Grogg passed away.

“Can you see the measure of a man?

Who smiles throughout his pain.

Who always embraced the sunshine

And laughed through all the rain.

I have seen the measure of a man

Whose family hold him dear,

Whose strength was inspirational

And intent always sincere.”

Don Grogg was such a man.

I’ll see you on the other side Marine.


This week in Never Never Land the failing of banks was covered by the “indictment” of Donald Trump.

Hillary committed multiple felonies, Biden and his brethren are on tape taking bribes, Obama gave billions to terrorists, and Bush cost us thousands of our best and bravest but it is President Trump who will now face the “justice system”.

This is beyond a Banana Republic.

This move is treasonous yet the only thing heard on the “news shows” is will this help Trump in his reelection attempt in 2024?


Trump’s “indictment” won’t change any of the votes by the dead people who chose Biden.

It won’t change the votes of those who traded their ballot for cash, beer, drugs, or a sandwich.

It won’t change the “mule” system proved beyond a reasonable doubt by Dinesh D’Souza.

The votes out of Philadelphia who “elected” a guy who couldn’t speak, barely dressed himself and is an overt communist will stay the course.

The ballots “cast” in Arizona that elected a woman who nobody liked and hid in her house will continue.

Same with the votes out of Cartelfornia, OreGone, Chicago, Baltimore, New York City, etc.

These “ballots” are already counted.

Whether anyone believes this or not is irrelevant.

Facts don’t change due to ones opinion or propaganda.

The system known as American jurisprudence is gone never to return.

What now?

That really depends on one thing.

Whether or not the powers-that-be can literally keep the lights on and food moving.

I wouldn’t count on it.

The only thing proven so far is without a doubt Fentanyl will continue to travel throughout.

All the way to the end or the new beginning depending upon your view of life.

Glass half full or half empty.

Either way bottoms up before all the glasses break.

Jason Kraus




As the world turned this week the banking “crisis” was the next thing on the list.

Covid’s over, or at least on the back burner, to be released at later date.

“Climate Change” just isn’t that sexy to the newer generations anymore and they are wary of John Kerry whose jets seems to never be idle.

Yep, this week it was the banks, and because some Liberal money laundering institutions in the Bay Area got caught with their pants down, the entire system was about to fail.

I visited a few branches this week and spoke to different people on different days.

“Anybody pulling all of their money?”

The answer was a resounding no, of course I didn’t deal with banks that harbored money for criminals named Pelosi, Newsom, BLM, and La Raza, collectively known and connected, to the Mexican drug cartels.

You want to see how California elections happen every two years spend a few hours watching Narcos Mexico.

I digress.

After more than a few discussions it appears, aside from the talking heads, no one is too concerned with their bank failing.

Of course those of us with brains know this house of cards has to crash eventually but so far the population seems comfortable with the status quo.

I traveled home and pulled up the internet where everything changed in a New York minute.

Janet Felon Yellen and her cronies announced to the world the banking system is “sound and resilient”.

Go get your money folks.

This is akin to Jim Cramer saying “buy buy buy” and everyone who wants to keep their cash turns and sells sells sells.

It’s comparable to doing the exact opposite of whatever Mark Cuban is frothing while off his Adderall.

Janet Just Stop Yellen is the ultimate jinx, the sure fire time to bet red, when she goes black.

She’s so cursed that if she told you to stay on twenty, with the blackjack dealer showing a six, you better take that card.

Heck, taking a card with 21 would still give you a better chance than listening to Another Planet Janet.

She’s never right.


The only person who has racked up more fails than Yellen is her boss and he doesn’t know where he is half of the time while spending the other half calling a crack addict a genius, his wife his sister and wandering around his daughter’s shower.

Let’s go Brandon, and while Brandon drools his way through the weekend, you may want to load up on a few things, and some corn.

If NostraYellen is at it again a whole bunch of stuff is about to go pop.

Jason Kraus



Always Shoulder to Shoulder With You

First and foremost, and with sadness, I offer my condolences to my American Brother Mr. Mike Vail whose lovely wife recently passed away.

“Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.”

Always shoulder to shoulder with you.



This week found banks failing, bailouts occurring and Janet Blind Melon Yellen confirming for the country that Liberal deposits will be backed but banks in the heart of the country are sh*t out of luck.

My only surprise of this entire endeavor is the surprise of the electorate who still believe things will be “okay”.


Then again I guess it depends upon one’s definition of okay as we know the term sober means something dramatically different in California than in reality.

Sharon Stone and Gavin Newsom both cried and lied about their relationship to Silicon Valley Bank but again no one should be surprised.

This is what Liberals do, I mean come on man, Propane is now the new “green” gas.

Global warming, climate change, California drought, masks save lives, blah blah blah.

This entire charade can be explained simply.

Let’s say you have a friend or relative that doesn’t work and doesn’t have any money. They approach you for a loan to get them out of debt, keep their cell phone on, housing and car from eviction/repossession, etc.

Of course you’ve worked hard, earned your money and saved while your brother-in-law is perpetually collecting some type of government check for doing absolutely nothing.

They beg and plead and finally you give in and loan them a significant amount of cash to get their lives back together.

“Equal opportunity.”

Three months later you try and track them down to retrieve your loan.

The cell phone has been turned off. Their house has been foreclosed upon and you heard their car was towed.

No good deed goes unpunished.

A week later you and your friends head to the lake to relax after a sixty hour work week.

You carpool to save gas, bring homemade food and foldable lawn chairs to chill. No one has a boat or any kind of water vehicle as you and your brethren are smart and continue to put that money in the bank, not aptly named SiliCON of course.

As your group settles in you notice a guy ripping by on a new jet ski and the closer he gets the more you realize it’s your brother-in-law who lost it all and still owes you.

He pulls up, recognizes you and of course without a care in the world asks for a beer.

Stunned you tell him you called but his phone was cancelled.

“Yea but I picked up a free one, one of those Obama phones.”

Getting angrier by the second you ask about the house and car.

“They paid me to leave the house, hilarious because I hadn’t made a payment in almost a year, and the car was towed when it was found in my storage locker that was auctioned for lack of payment. I probably won’t get the car back but I found a lawyer who is going after the storage company for infringing on my rights. He thinks he can get a few thousand out of them.”

Fighting back the urge to throttle him you ask about the jet ski.

“Crazy right? No matter where I go I keep getting credit card offers. I just send em in and the companies keep sending cards with different limits. I used the card to buy the jet ski.”

“How’d you get it here?”

He points to a truck and trailer in parking lot. “It’s my friend’s. Picked it up with Covid money.”

As he bums another beer you ask about the money you loaned him.

“Dude haven’t you heard, banks are failing, we’re in a recession, times are tough. I’m broke.”

Sound far fetched?

It shouldn’t.

I’ve personally witnessed every single thing you just read.

In fact this doesn’t even scratch the surface of how far gone our systems are.

Not broken.


Our country isn’t corrupt.

Corruption can be rooted out.

It’s an entirely brand new world as we speak.

What kind of world you ask?

That depends on your preparation and how much more you are willing to accept.

Affirmative Action 2.0 known as Reparations is right around the corner.

At five million a piece banks will no longer exist.

Neither will freedom.

Jason Kraus