Don Grogg Was Such a Man

Recently and unfortunately United States Marine, a wonderful person, and my  American Brother Don Grogg passed away.

“Can you see the measure of a man?

Who smiles throughout his pain.

Who always embraced the sunshine

And laughed through all the rain.

I have seen the measure of a man

Whose family hold him dear,

Whose strength was inspirational

And intent always sincere.”

Don Grogg was such a man.

I’ll see you on the other side Marine.


This week in Never Never Land the failing of banks was covered by the “indictment” of Donald Trump.

Hillary committed multiple felonies, Biden and his brethren are on tape taking bribes, Obama gave billions to terrorists, and Bush cost us thousands of our best and bravest but it is President Trump who will now face the “justice system”.

This is beyond a Banana Republic.

This move is treasonous yet the only thing heard on the “news shows” is will this help Trump in his reelection attempt in 2024?


Trump’s “indictment” won’t change any of the votes by the dead people who chose Biden.

It won’t change the votes of those who traded their ballot for cash, beer, drugs, or a sandwich.

It won’t change the “mule” system proved beyond a reasonable doubt by Dinesh D’Souza.

The votes out of Philadelphia who “elected” a guy who couldn’t speak, barely dressed himself and is an overt communist will stay the course.

The ballots “cast” in Arizona that elected a woman who nobody liked and hid in her house will continue.

Same with the votes out of Cartelfornia, OreGone, Chicago, Baltimore, New York City, etc.

These “ballots” are already counted.

Whether anyone believes this or not is irrelevant.

Facts don’t change due to ones opinion or propaganda.

The system known as American jurisprudence is gone never to return.

What now?

That really depends on one thing.

Whether or not the powers-that-be can literally keep the lights on and food moving.

I wouldn’t count on it.

The only thing proven so far is without a doubt Fentanyl will continue to travel throughout.

All the way to the end or the new beginning depending upon your view of life.

Glass half full or half empty.

Either way bottoms up before all the glasses break.

Jason Kraus

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