Is There Really a COVID-19?

by: Daveda Gruber

There is a video that is a must watch! Check it out before it gets taken down.

Natural everyday stress and fear can cause a positive result to say you have COVID-19, so, do you really have it?

Poisoned cells show when your immune system is poor. Cellular toxicity gives a positive result.

China decided there was a virus. Flu like systems show a positive result for coronavirus but is that proving that a person actually has the disease?

If you have a lung disorder, you’ll be diagnosed as having COVID-19 or coronavirus. Who actually has the COVID-19 virus and who just has underlying conditions?

I don’t know the answer but I’ve been rather skeptical. The video shows me that maybe I’m on the right track?

I’m not saying that you should stop washing your hands, but then, I’ve always washed my hands. Should anyone ever really go into a public place and sneeze or cough close to other people? No! Should people send children to school when they’re sick? No! If anyone has a fever, should they be out in public? No!

Virus or no virus, we’ve learned to act in a polite way.

Check out the video and educate yourselves to the possibilities.

Watch the video! You’ll be shocked!



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